June 26, 2022

Crazy Lenny: Adventures of Edet & MIL III (18+)

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Crazy Lenny: Adventures of Edet & MIL III (18+)

Edet was only too happy to oblige because he loved eating pussy, and he had always wondered what it would be like to eat this particular pussy.He kissed the insides of Kemi’s thighs and just left her waiting for a minute.

“Please don’t make me wait Edet. I need you!” Kemi whimpered.

He liked to tease Folake until she was ready to explode but was too eager to explore the gorgeous body in front of him. He bent to his mother in law’s glistening pussy and ran his tongue between her labia from her vagina to just below her clit.

He decided to tease her just a little bit, running his tongue along the sides of her hood before gently running the tip of his tongue over her shiny, swollen inner labia. Pausing for a second to look at the shiny pearl of his mother in law’s clit, he stuck out his tongue and gently touched it with the tip of his tongue.

“Ohhhhhhhh” Kemi groaned with satisfaction.

Edet began to gently flick the sensitive bud with his tongue, running his tongue over her hood and between her labia occasionally. Kemi continued to moan her satisfaction and shuddered each time he touched her clit.

She had never experienced the worship that Edet was lavishing on her. Kemi was in heaven as Edet gradually spent more and more time on the sensitive pearl, applying more and more pressure as he felt her body respond to his touch.

Meanwhile, his finger was gently teasing the opening to Kemi’s vagina. Slowly and carefully he slipped a finger inside, feeling the slick walls tighten against as he began slowly finger fuck his mother in law.

“Ohhhh yeeeaaaaahhh” Kemi moaned

“Oh Edet, please honey, please, please, oh god yeeeeesssssssss!!!!!!”
Kemi screamed as she arched her back and her vagina spasmed around his finger as she orgasmed.

She bucked two or three times before Edet removed his finger. He slowly licked his finger, savoring the taste of his mother in law’s arousal.

“In me, now,” Kemi said weakly, barely able to raise her head off of the pillow. Edet paused for a second, and taking his cock in hand nestled the head between her labia. Pausing for just a second, he gently pushed forward and the head popped in.

Pressing harder, they both moaned as his cock slowly penetrated the warm, silky depths of Kemi’s vagina. Then he could go no further and Edet just froze, his cock completely buried in his mother in law.

He looked at her face, and she was wearing an expression of lust, satisfaction and, he thought, love. He bent to her and kissed her soft lips before he began to gently remove his cock from her depths.

He broke the kiss and raised his head so he could look at her. Kemi was smiling and nodding her beautiful head with her mouth open as he slowly thrust the full length of his cock back into her.

Kemi moaned each time his cock slid into her, and as gradually picked up speed her moans became continuous.

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