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March 3, 2021

Crazy Lenny: Adaora & Oluchi’s Massage Therapy III (18+)
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Crazy Lenny: Adaora & Oluchi’s Massage Therapy III (18+)

“You’re welcome, Ms Adaora. You beautiful, nice woman. You deserve passion and laughter,” Wale smilingly said.

Eventually, they separated and Adaora sat up butt naked and totally unself-conscious with a little grin on her face from the separation of their bodies.

Wale wrapped a towel around his waist and secured it. He then wrapped Adaora in a large, fresh bath towel and said, “Follow me: we clean up.”

I heard later from Boma that Adaora and Wale shared the shower and Adaora’s cries as Wale pleasured her once more with his tongue and then with his once-again aroused cock could be heard well outside the shower room, echoing off the tile walls. Several male customers remarked to their girls that someone was sure having fun. She said both sexual activity and tips went up thanks to Adaora’s erotic cries.

Oluchi’s Massage

Unlike Adaora when Oluchi was asked to lie nude on the shower table she found she was a little more self-conscious; she was after all only 24, whereas Adaora was in her mid 40’s and had been married for years and had two children. So after a couple of stalled attempts, Esther suggested that they retire to the stand-up shower so Oluchi could clean herself up before her massage.

Esther stood outside of the two-person shower stall as Oluchi lathered up. Mind you, Oluchi was still butt naked in front of Esther but I guess the stand-up shower with its shower curtain was more than what she was used to, like in a women’s locker room setting.

At some point, however, after Oluchi had lathered up and rinsed, Esther suggested that she wash Oluchi’s hair for her. Oluchi has long hair which she keeps straight. Esther said Oluchi could sit on the plastic stool in the large shower stall facing away and she would lather, rinse and condition her hair. She convinced Oluchi that she would like the pampering.

As Esther placed a clean washcloth on the seat under Oluchi’s bare butt, Oluchi sat down facing away from Esther. Esther, not wanting to get her clothes all wet, stripped down to her tiny bra and g-string panties. She stepped into the shower and soon was lathering up Oluchi’s long hair and massaging her scalp, her neck and her shoulders. Esther soon had Oluchi relaxing to her touch.

As Esther rinsed off her hair the first time her hands moved far down Oluchi’s back and over the tops of her breasts, even once touching one of Oluchi’s exposed nipples. Oluchi didn’t object; she was getting used to the attention and the pampering. The touches seemed incidental to Oluchi, a part of washing her long hair, but in fact they were really meant to get Oluchi used to the sensual pleasure of being touched in certain ways on her naked skin.

Then when Esther applied conditioner to Oluchi’s long hair, she suggested that while waiting for the conditioner to set, Esther could scrub Oluchi’s skin with a loofah sponge lathered up with soap. She convinced Oluchi that she would enjoy it and it would make her skin tingle from the rough surface of the glove.

Having grown comfortable with Esther being in the two-person shower stall, Oluchi stood up and let Esther vigorously rub her naked body all over. Esther took liberties with touching Oluchi’s bare behind, her bare breasts, and her naked stomach and thighs; she wanted to see how far she could go without Oluchi baulking.

She then rinsed Oluchi off all over, towelled her off, and took her to the dry sauna to thoroughly dry off. Instead of leaving, however, she asked Oluchi if she could join her in the sauna so she could warm up. Oluchi said yes, but was surprised when Esther grabbed a towel, stripped her bra and panties off and sat down on the bench right next to Oluchi.

Esther’s pubic hair was shaped into a trimmed diamond patch high up on her groin; her pussy lips and the rest of her groin were smoothly hairless. Oluchi’s curiosity got the best of her and she asked Esther if it hurt to shave and was it hard to maintain.

She related that she had been thinking about doing something like that to surprise her new husband. Her girlfriends talked about it all the time as if it was nothing, but she wasn’t sure.

Very matter-of-fact-like Esther parted Oluchi’s legs and asked her what pattern she would like. Esther told Boma she traced different patterns on Oluchi’s pubic hair and over her hair covered lips: landing strip, tiny triangle pointing at the groove in her pussy, diamond pointing at the groove in her pussy, heart shape with the tip resting at the base of her clitoral hood, trimming the lips and groin and leaving just a narrow beard on the edge of her lips, or shaving it all off so she looked like a little pre-pubescent girl.

Oluchi was so fascinated by the forwardness and knowledge of Esther that she let her touch her in her most private spot and let her tell her about how her future husband would view the different ways to ornament her womanly parts.

By the time Haruna showed up to give Oluchi her massage Oluchi was already sexually aroused; her clit was fully engorged and has pushed her hood back. She was even boldly touching Esther’s pubic diamond and bare pussy lips in order to see how they felt. Quite an awakening for a young, inexperienced woman.

As Oluchi and Haruna came into her room the first surprise was that Oluchi had not wrapped the towel around her breasts. Her large, young breasts stood out. Unlike her mother she was well-developed and had a pair of heavy, but firm breasts; they were tipped with a light tan, large nipples.

As Haruna asked her to lie face down on the massage table Oluchi wrapped the towel around her waist. Haruna said,

“We replace the towel with a new warm towel to both warm your skin and relieve tense muscles.” He removed the towel she had come in the room with and for a brief moment I saw the figure of a young woman: the narrow waist, the full hips, a full, round firm bottom, and those little dimples that sometimes a woman has just above her backside. She had the physique of a young athletic person with the rounded softness of a fertile woman. In a word her naked body was beautiful.

But then Haruna covered it all up to her shoulders in a heated, large bath towel. How disappointing!!

After Haruna had her all tucked in and settled on the table he asked Oluchi, “Would you like lotion or oil?”

“What?” responded Oluchi. “You like me to use lotion or oil on your skin?” Haruna clarified.

“Lotion, please. Oil will be too sticky.”

Haruna’s fingers and hands worked Oluchi’s neck, then her shoulders, her arms, her hands, and then, rolling the towel down to her waist, her back and her waist muscles. From a side camera Oluchi’s large breasts pushed out to the side of her chest and Haruna’s hands massaged the soft mass of this tissue as he worked on her back. Oluchi accepted his touch without objection.

Haruna shifted to Oluchi’s feet, her ankles, her calves, her knees, and her thighs. Again he rolled the towel, which was covering her ripe body, up to just below her butt. As part of his work on her legs, however, Haruna bent her legs forward at the knee and leaned into them. This succeeded in exposing more of Oluchi’s round butt.

The bottoms of the cheeks of her ass were peeking out when he was done with this move, and when he placed her legs back down on the table they were wide apart. She didn’t close them up.

Haruna now worked on Oluchi’s right side and then left side. With criss-cross strokes, he rocked Oluchi’s body first standing on her right side and then on her left side. On her thighs and calves, his hands crisscrossed back and forth down and up one leg several times, then when he switched sides he would work her other leg the same way.

This vigorous motion succeeded in dislodging the towel so that the towel was now only resting on one cheek of her butt.

The other beautiful, round butt cheek was quite bare. But Oluchi didn’t reach back to readjust the towel. She seemed to be enjoying the physical attention without guilt. The rocking motion loosened up the muscles of her torso, her hips and her legs. You could see her body soften and yield as he worked her muscles. She wasn’t stiff or tense. Her skin was now flushed with warm blood.

Using both hands Haruna now cupped and encircled Oluchi’s one exposed buttock and firmly pushed it back and forth and in circular motions. His fingers grabbed that rounded butt cheek with his fingers deep in the crack between her butt cheeks.

This vigorous motion succeeded in pushing the towel further so that it fell to the floor. Now both beautiful, sculpted butt cheeks were quite visible to the cameras. Her young body was absolutely gorgeous and firm.

Once Haruna finished massaging both butt cheeks he massaged her left thigh and then her right thigh, pushing Oluchi’s body back and forth and ensuring that his fingers were right up against the hairs of her pussy. He even pressed his thumb tight against her butt crack as a part of this move.

“Whew, it is very hot in here,” remarked Haruna. He was clearly sweating from the activity of giving Oluchi a vigorous massage.

Oluchi leaned her head back and said, “If you need to take some clothes off, go ahead. You’re cute and I’m naked. What do I have to object to,” she laughed. Her remark surprised me. I had always thought of Oluchi as quite modest. Clearly, she was enjoying the sensual attention. This environment seemed to make it safe for her to be a little wild.

Haruna removed his top and removed his shorts. He was wearing a boxer, but the size of his cock was not hidden by his briefs. Boma had personally coupled with her complement of male masseurs in order to find the two who would give maximum pleasure to her women clients.

Haruna got up on the table and knelt between Oluchi’s legs. Leaning far over he said to her, “Now we do light touch massage. Make skin feel wonderful, very stimulating. Let me know, please, if it tickle. I no want to tickle Ms Oluchi. That not relax; that make tense.”

“OK,” Oluchi responded. Now mind you Haruna was kneeling between Oluchi’s wide open legs so all of her female parts were clearly visible to him and yet she made no objections. The sensual massage was working its magic and she was now very comfortable with having a man massage her nude skin…all over.

Haruna began to lightly caress Oluchi’s back, her waist, her sides, her butt, her hips, her thighs, and down to her calves. Soon you could see her breathing becoming deeper, just as it had happened to her mother, Adaora, and had happened to countless customers of the massage spa.

Haruna reached up to her arms folded next to her head and caressed her from there down to her calves. Each time he did this his thighs pressed Oluchi’s thighs that much farther apart. Soon his engorged cock was touching her naked butt crack, nestling just so between those luscious round cheeks.

It was not his naked cock against her naked skin, but she must have felt the slight pressure of his hardness pressing between her butt cheeks.

Oluchi didn’t move back into Haruna’s contact. She acted as if to lie there was the most natural thing, but resisted the temptation to overtly encourage a sexual move by Haruna. She was more controlled and shy than her mother, Adaora.

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