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March 5, 2021

Crazy Lenny: Adanna, the sex of a lifetime (18+)
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Crazy Lenny: Adanna, the sex of a lifetime (18+)

I love pornography. I regularly download videos and pictures from the Internet and love reading erotic stories. I am particularly drawn to pictures of women with their smooth skin, nearly hard nipples and smooth pubic hair. I am in my thirties. I’ve been married for about ten years and my wife and I enjoy an adventurous sex life.

She gets turned on watching pornographic movies and reading erotica as much as I do, but doesn’t understand my fascination with busty women.

I work as a consultant for a financial firm and my wife is a lawyer specializing in business law. She travels a lot and is frequently out of town for several days at a time. Whenever she’s gone, I surf the web search for pictures and videos of beautiful women. Most of the models on the websites I’ve found look like prostitute instead of models.

Where are the gorgeous babes? I have this fantasy of taking matters into my own hands and inviting a young female over to the house for a photo shoot. My wife worked her way through law school as a photographer and still has all the camera equipment, lights and backdrops. My ultimate fantasy is that the photo shoot leads to hot sex with a beautiful, young woman.

The current star of my fantasies is Adanna, a sexy, 20 year old IT student working in our office for the holiday. She is the daughter of one of my clients and this is her fourth week working for us. She does filing and general clerical duties for the accountants working in my office area and we interact frequently with good rapport. She is a beauty. She has shiny black hair hanging down to her shoulders, beautiful big eyes set between high cheekbones and a smile made more inviting by a thick, pouty lower lip. She’s tall with long shapely legs. She wears short skirts that fit tightly across her round ass cheeks that gently curve up to her slender waist. Her full breasts push out her clinging tops creating perfectly round globe high on her chest. Everyday I watch her walk around the corridor and imagine caressing her naked ass or sucking on her nipples.

I fantasize taking her home with me and photographing her in a variety of lustful positions before pounding my hard dick into her tight pussy. I have to stay behind my desk whenever she’s around to hide the bulge in my trouser.

“Hey, Mr. Lenny, I’ve got a few documents for you today. Looks like some papers to sign do you want me to wait for them?” Adanna has walked into my office with a folder. She’s wearing a white blouse with the top two buttons undone giving me a generous view of the top of her breasts as they disappear into a black, lace bra. She’s wearing a black skirt with across her flat stomach.

“That would be great, Adanna. It should only take a minute or two, have a seat.” I motion her to one of the chairs across from my desk. She sits down, her skirt riding halfway up her thigh even before she crosses her legs. I’m trying not to leer at her as I open the file.

“Going back to the university?” I ask,

“When do you leave us this time?” I’m staring at her lovely legs as I sign on the designated lines on the documents. I watch her uncross her legs and catch a glimpse of bare thigh above her black nylons.

“Two more weeks, then I’m back to the academic environment. I’m going to miss it here.” Her smile is enchanting and it pulls my eyes away from her legs.

“We’ll be the ones missing you, Adanna. You’ll be too busy studying and partying and living the wildlife to miss us. I almost envy you, although I must admit there are aspects of my university days that I wouldn’t want to live over.” I say laughingly.

“Really? Like what?” Adanna asks, leaning forward to listen to my answer. Her blouse gapes open on one side giving me a clear view of most of her left breasts. I am mesmerized at the sight of this smooth breasts and my dick reacts accordingly creating an even bigger bulge in my trousers.

“Well, for some of us the freedom of being away from home for the first time was a little more independence than we could handle. Let’s just say that my first couple of semesters didn’t make my parents proud.” My mouth is dry and I’m hiding a raging hard on as I finish signing the papers. It’s not the head on my shoulders that’s driving my actions when I impulsively ask Adanna to have lunch with me.

“I suppose you should deliver the rest of the documents rather than sit her and chat with me. Would you like to continue our conversation over lunch? I usually just go downstairs to the deli, what do you say?” I ask, as I finish addressing the envelope and hand it to her.

“That would be fun, Mr. Lenny.” Adanna gives me a dazzling smile, stands up and walks toward the door.

“I get my break at three, okay?”

“Perfect” I say, “I’ll meet you there.” I watch her firm, round ass jiggle back and forth as she goes down the staircase from my office. It’s eleven-thirty and I don’t get any work done for the next half hour as I plot how to make my fantasy come true. I realize that I need a scapegoat to avoid being seen as a dirty man when I propose a photo session to Adanna.

My idea actually seems believable by the time I reach the elevator and push the button for the first floor. Adanna is waiting for me at the corner, reading the menu when I arrive. I sit across from her and thank her for having lunch with me.

“No. Thank you, Mr. Lenny. Being the only IT student in an office of executives, I usually eat alone. This is a real treat for me.” Adanna is sharing that intoxicating smile with me again and this time her whole face is lit up in a smile that extends up to the sparkle in her eyes. I definitely want to capture this girl on film or I should say on memory card.

“A beautiful girl like you should never have to eat alone.” I say, reading the menu.

“Why Mr. Lenny. Are you flirting with me?” She laughs, playfully batting her eyelashes at me. “It’s not everyday a girl gets invited to lunch by a handsome consultant.”

“Why Adanna, are you flirting with me?” I laugh. “If so, you should probably drop the ‚Äėmister‚Äô and just call me Lenny, okay?”

“Okay, Lenny and please keep calling me Adanna, all my friends do.” The waiter comes by and we both order orange juice. After the waiter brings our drinks and some smacks, I decide to broach the subject of my fantasy.

“Adanna, There’s something I want to ask you, but I’m afraid I might offend you or lessen your opinion of me by asking it.” I’m looking directly in her eyes and wait for a response.

“Nothing would lessen my opinion of you, Lenny. You’re the nicest person in the whole office. My dad speaks very highly of you. Just ask me whatever you want.”

“Well, this isn’t something I would ever want your father to know about. So what I will like to do is ask the question, but if you’re offended or uncomfortable, we can forget I ever asked it and get back to discussing university life. Is that alright with you?”

“Wow, you really have me intrigued now. I can’t wait to hear what this mystery question is so I’ll agree to your terms, but I doubt I’ll be offended by anything that you say.” Adanna is smiling again and leans forward in her seat.

My eyes are again drawn to her cleavage visible through her gaping blouse.

“I have a photography business that I work at part time out of my house for a selected group of clients with specific requests.” I speak slowly and stress the specific requests. “I photograph models and provide pictures to my clients strictly for their individual use.” This is where the “client” becomes the scapegoat for my own desires. It’s not me it’s the client that wants these pictures.

“And these pictures. I assume they are nudes or semi-nudes.” Adanna seems more curious than offended. This could go better than I thought.

“Yes. My clients provide specific requests including the model’s age, appearance and even the exact poses they want. Sometimes they request video, but usually it’s just still photographs. Now for the question.” I pause and take a bite of my snack.

“Yes, I can hardly wait for the big, mystery question. I have to say that you’ve already taken me by surprise. I can only imagine what comes next.” Adanna picks up her glass of juice, her big eyes smiling up at me as she sucks the ice tea through the straw.

“I have a client who has requested pictures of a young woman. He specifically wants a 20 year old who is not a professional model and has not previously posed nude for anyone. That means I can’t rely on my usual sources and I don’t know any young woman besides you. So I thought there might be a remote chance that you would know someone willing to do this. The pay is quite lucrative but she would have to be very attractive. Maybe not as beautiful as you are, but as close to your look as possible. There that’s the question. If it offends you, please accept my apology and we’ll forget I even asked it.” I stop talking and look at her. She has her head tilted to the side and is studying me intently. I take a bite of my snacks, still looking at Adanna.

“How lucrative?” Adanna asks, raising her eyebrow and speaking slowly.

“I usually pay N180,000 ¬†per four hour session. It normally takes one or two sessions to get all the required pictures. Anyone you suggest, I would have to interview and make sure they have all the qualifications.” I had decided before lunch that Adanna naked in my bed was worth about N300,000. I could see on her face that she was considering it. It took a few minutes before she spoke.

“Would I do? Do I meet the qualifications for your photographs?” She’s looking at me timidly and I’m trying not to show how excited I am by her answer.

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