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Comfort In The Dark: There is no big deal with the lights off during sex

Comfort In The Dark: There is no big deal with the lights off during sex


Chances are that there is good reason why you prefer sex in the dark, how about addressing it?

It isn’t necessarily bad. People tend to find sex in the dark good because it allows them to live in their fantasy world, and also concentrate on the sex.

When it’s dark, you can pretend to be whoever you’re or maybe a case of not liking your own body or just don’t trust your partner will like what your facial expressions are.

All these are insecurities that could be holding your sexual life back.

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As guys, we don’t mind the dark sex ourselves because it means you can’t see us either, we could possibly have things we’re insecure about but this is for the ladies.


It is also worthy to note that most of the so-called perfect people we see on the internet or tv have gone through a lot of either surgery or airbrushing on specialised software. Those on the internet are pretty much photoshopped to obscene levels, and they get photoshopped, they’ve undergone several plastic surgeries and rigorous routines of make-up.

So, in the case, you’re not seeing anything remotely real, it’s all made up… not real

Cindy Crawford recently had a photoshopped picture scandal where she said “I know my body, and I know it’s not perfect but maybe I have a false body image; maybe I think I look better than I do”.

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“I think that most women are hard on themselves, we think we look worse than we do” She added. Women are hard on themselves because the magazine and the internet have defined a look that every woman must follow which is unfair to a lot of people.


Granted that you might need to work on your body, but there is no need shaming people into a body type before they can be viewed as sexy.

To overcome compulsory lights off during sex, you can start with hallway lights being on, to bedside lamp. Gradually, you’ll be able to see your body in a good light.

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