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Blue balls

Happy new year everyone!

Today’s post is supplied by someone who would rather remain anonymous. Thanks for all your support. Let me know your thoughts on the story in the comment box after the story. Thanks.


She eyed the queue for the BRT buses, it looked like she was going to miss her daily elevator encounter with her neighbor whom she dubbed Mr Big on account of having come out of her apartment one day and seeing him in his briefs. Damn! that brother was packing something serious and she had vowed to get herself some of that.

She prayed the mechanic finished with her car soon. The queue eventually thinned out and she boarded the bus. Getting home, she rushed towards the elevator saying a silent prayer that he’d still be here and that he would finally take the hint and ask her out today. Lo and behold there he was. “Hey”, he said flashing those perfect teeth. “Hi” she replied smiling. “Long day”?he asked. “You have no idea”she replied.

They got into the elevator and began their ascent to their various apartments. Suddenly,the light flickered off in the elevator. Her breathing became labored.

“Are you alright”? he asked in concern.

“I’m a bit claustrophobic”, she replied panting.

She swooned and he caught her, everything was unclear for a second, then he was there. She could feel him. He hugged her close and whispered into her ear

“I can get your mind off this situation”.

“How? ” she asked.

He put his lips on hers. He licked her lips and commanded gently “open for me”. She obeyed. He slipped his tongue into her mouth and kissed her and went on kissing her. His lips were soft, silky flesh. She wanted to raise her fingers and touch them but she couldn’t bear the thought that this kiss would end. While her hands were limp at her side, his weren’t.

He was holding her close with one hand while the other undid her blouse. When he was done he pulled out of the kiss and looked at her exposed flesh. She could see the lust in his eyes. He bent his head and kissed the top of each mound with those lips, exquisitely soft. He let her go for a second and lifted her breasts out of the confines of her bra.

He toyed with her nipples, one after the other, slowly, whilst licking his lips and making eye contact. It was torture. She couldn’t take it anymore, her hands found life and made their way up his torso, stopping to feel beneath that silk tie. He had broad shoulders. She pulled him into another kiss, grabbing his head. His hands left her boobs as she pressed against him. He let them slide down her back and cup her ass, then he squeezed.

She pulled his head towards her breasts. He complied and put his mouth on her nipple. He licked in circles over each nipple, then sucked on the bud and bit her gently. Her thong was soaked, she could feel some of the wetness on her inner thigh. While he found new ways to tease her, she searched for her package. Finally. It felt bigger than it looked. Thick.

Suddenly, he turned her towards the wall with her ass to him. He hiked her skirt up to her waist, she heard it rip as it passed her hips and shoved her panties down her thighs. She bent over before he needed to ask. He entered her from behind slowly, letting her get used to having him there. He pulled out and filled her again, the moan tore out of her lips before she realised it. He was finding it easier now, she was dripping. He quickened his pace. He was at it fast and hard and she wanted more. He grabbed onto her hips and pounded into her, she could feel pressure building with each thrust till she couldn’t contain it anymore. As she tightened around him she felt him stiffen and experience an explosion of his own.

He helped her adjust her clothing and they both sat on the floor. She was still gasping for breath when he said

“ That was amazing!”

“Yes, it was” she replied.

“Hey”!! “Hey”!!!

Someone yelled into her ears. She jerked and woke _up. She sat upright and looked around.

“What happened”? She asked.

“We got stuck in the elevator and you passed out on me” he replied.

I’m sorry, she said.

She couldn’t believe the dream she had been having! “I’ll have management look into the elevator issue,this is the 2nd time this month this has happened” he said. “Yeah” she muttered non comittally. “Hey,would you like to have dinner with me sometime soon” he asked with a smile. “Yes” she replied grinning, Of course she’d like dinner with him. He’d be dessert!

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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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