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September 2, 2020

Awful Day, Wild Night & Awkward Morning (18+)

Awful Day, Wild Night & Awkward Morning (18+)


Clara has been having such a terrible day, when the day is over, she decides to stop by her friend’s party where things start to get really interesting then awkward within a couple of hours.

Written By Anonymous

Whoever says the corporate world is easy for a woman is full of shit.

Have you ever tried presenting a new product to the board and the only thing they are looking at is your generous chest?

Of course, it didn’t help that my shirt left nothing to the imagination but still… okay, let‚Äôs start this all over again.

My name is Clara Ahmed and I work as a manager for a private hospital in Lagos, my job ranges from difficult cases to lazy Saturdays.

Today, it so happened that the legal implications of the giving a patient blood without their permission had not sunk into my boss’s head and this led to an altercation that ended with me storming out of the hospital raging mad and decided, to cool off, I remembered my friend‚Äôs party so I decided to stop by, and support my friend at the party he was organizing.

The party was in full swing when I arrived, bottles littered on the floor, drugs on every surface and bodies gyrating to each other in the almost darkened room, the atmosphere was like a whispered touch against my skin and I took a relaxing breath and it felt like the first one in a long time.

The nasty row I had with my boss had put me in a bad mood and all that anger burned away leaving a dull throb behind, I noticed some chocolate edibles on the table, I walked across to pick some and with a cup of beer in my hand, I made my way into the room.

After a while, I saw Tunde across the room and headed over to him. Tunde is a beautiful male the definition of lanky being the new sexy, lean and ripped, he was an only child and thus entitled to everything and he was my best friend that I occasionally tested the bed springs with.

Sex with Tunde was like eating chocolate dessert all sweet, bitter and incredibly decadent.  He was my immediate cure for a bad mood and as quickly as that thought came up it went straight down, judging by the looks the pretty girl stuck to his arm was giving me she was not in the mood to share and with a brief smile and nod to them, I took my eyes off them.

Unto the next one, I made my way upstairs, such a sad pity for Tunde’s date, there were so many things I would have shown her in the bedroom.

The edibles were already doing the magic so I made my way upstairs being very familiar with the house and I quickly located the master bedroom and entered locking the door behind me I proceeded to strip, after a quick shower I quietly moved to the bed and went under the covers turning to go to sleep, my arm brushed something firm and long I traced it down and discovered a palm, just as I screamed and switched on the light and I came face to face with a much older version of Tunde.

I studied his face, muscular shoulders, he had a jawline for years and, all in all, a really fine specimen. My eyes trailed down and saw a visible tent in his trousers raising my eyes to look at his face I smiled at him he was definitely very interested in the naked woman who slid into bed with him.

I can’t remember who moved first but I saw myself leaning over him as I traced his cock with my lips and tugged down his zip with my teeth palming his cock I was impressed with the size this right here would fit so well inside me.

I swallowed his cock into my mouth taking him down to my throat whilst maintaining eye contact coming back up to lick and suckle the cap I gagged on his cock and he stiffened in my throat pulling out. The look in his eyes while I worked his dick was my reward, to see how much pleasure my mouth was giving his dick. The tip of the dick is riddled with nerve endings. Tip for the ladies; concentrate on that. Don’t forget that. More pleasure in that than the shaft.

He yanked me up and his fingers found its way into my pussy while his mouth had captured a nipple already sucking and laving the areola with his tongue, I scooted up his chest and he trailed kisses down my abdomen picking up the hand that was just inside me.

I licked each clean and his cock seemed to jerk in reaction climbing up, I placed my pussy above his lips and lowered it down his tongue flickered and licked round then he placed an open-mouthed kiss on my pussy lips and proceeded to take my clit between his lips and gently but firmly flick with his tongue dimly.

I was aware that I was fucking a total stranger but the tongue doing things to me made that thought so worth it sliding down, I took him into me in one hard deep thrust and it hurt but it hurt so good his hands circled my waist and he began to move with me pressing down to make sure my clit grazed him while he relentlessly thrust into me from below.

I moved with him jerking down to meet his every move,  he tried to kiss me and that was a no so I turned my head, he seemed surprised and tried again but I avoided him this seemed to anger him as he pulled out and turned me to my knees and entered me in a violent thrust and he fucked me.

I moved back to meet him thrust for thrust he moved as if wanted to make it hard and punishing but I loved every moment of it and I arched my back to take him deeper the harder his thrust the more little moans slipped out of me at this point, he began mumbling incoherently he reached down to fondle my clit but to his surprise I didn’t show any sign of cumming, reaching down I took his balls in my hand and fondled.

He muttered a curse stiffened inside me and began to cum, pulling out and turned me around just in time to see the tear slide down my cheek and I began to laugh, Mr. Anonymous Dick was surprised and then a range of emotions flitted actions his face before finally settling on anger picked his clothes off the floor, he muttered frigid bitch and stormed out of the room lying back and pulling the sheets around me I fell into a deep sleep with his cum wetting my thighs.

The buzzing effect of the weed was still in my system as I woke up the next day, tired sleepy and angry with the day, I went to work picking up the morning after pill from the pharmacy.

My boss summoned me and gave me a file before giving him the stink eye, he ignored and told me to go address the new doctor that was employed the previous week, old bastard couldn’t even look at me.

I left his office and without looking up from the ¬†CV in my hand, I walked into the next door and began my memorized speech, the sudden intake of breath accompanied by the expressive curse ¬†had me raising up my head to see the problem and well, look who we have here, if it isn‚Äôt Tunde’s lookalike or as the paper said Dr Femi.

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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble
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