February 5, 2023

Average Joe: The Cruel Let Down II (18+)

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Average Joe: The Cruel Let Down II (18+)

It quickly became a non-issue. She was so graceful that I actually didn’t feel like a complete fool. We wheeled around the dance floor like we had been doing it for years. Every man in the bar must have been envious of me. She looked amazing, and the way she moved was breathtaking.

I’ve always loved talented women. Musicians, artists and especially dancers have always affected me differently than most women. There is an elegance to their movements that goes far beyond sensuality. As the night wore on, I took almost as much pleasure in watching Ebere dance as I did in dancing with her. I felt an uncomfortable feeling in my gut and realized I was falling for her faster than I thought was possible.

Afterwards, we went to my place. She sat down on the living room couch, and I put on some music. I touched her face with my hand, tilting it slightly so I could kiss her. She closed her eyes and let me take control. As our lips met, her mouth opened, and I could feel her tongue softly enter my mouth.

After a few seconds, I dropped my lips to her neck and began nibbling up and down the side. I moved to the front and let my tongue slowly trace from the top of her chest up to her chin, then back to those wonderful lips.

I was going slowly, wanting to be patient and let things build. I moved my hands to her blouse and began unbuttoning it starting from the top. When I reached the bottom, I stopped kissing her to watch as I slid it off her shoulders.

She had small breasts like most dancers. I unclasped the bra in front and moved it away. I loved her breasts. There is no hint of sagging, she has the most perfect pink nipples that were erect, and her areolas are about the size of a silver coin. They look a little large because of the size of the breasts, but I found them to be very sexy.

I guess I was a little too intent on the view because she startled me by saying, “They don’t bite, but you can.” I looked back at her face to see her grinning, her dimples making her look even more precious.

I lowered my face and took a nipple into my mouth. As I nibbled lightly, she moaned, and I felt the urge to be more aggressive. I pulled her tightly to me, increasing my aggression with her breasts. After a short time, I stopped and suggested we move upstairs. To my delight, she eagerly agreed.

Once in my bedroom, I had her stand at the foot of the bed while I unbuttoned her jeans. I pulled them down her legs, dragging her red panties with them. I got surprised when I noticed that as they moved down her hips, no pubic hair appeared. When her pussy finally came into view, I couldn’t help grinning at the sight.

“Do you like it,” she couldn’t help but notice my smile.

“All the better to eat you, my dear,” I joked.

“Promises, promises.”

My hands were shaking as I pushed her to a sitting position on the bed. I already felt so strongly about her; I wanted this to be great. I pushed her legs apart and tentatively kissed my way up her thigh.

She put her hands on the back of my head, letting me know I was on the right track. I finally let myself make contact with her labia. I began licking around her lips, trying to find the spots that I’d need to remember later. When I felt like she was ready, I urged her down until she was lying on the bed with her legs off the end. I put one leg on my shoulder and attacked her clit enthusiastically. I could feel her juices already flowing.

The movement of her hips against my face signalled her arousal, so without removing my mouth, I took a finger and slid it back and forth across her lips. After making sure she was wet enough, I sank it all the way into her with one smooth motion. She moaned louder and lifted her hips off of the bed, encouraging me to penetrate her faster, this time while sucking on her clit.

I could feel her legs quiver and felt pride in my ability to drive this beautiful woman so wild. I added a second finger and softly turned my hand as they pushed into her. The noises she made changed to short, uncontrolled bursts, and I suspected she was close.

After a few more seconds, she cried, “Yes, yes!” and pulled my face hard against her while thrusting her hips wildly. I removed my fingers and stuck my tongue as far as I could into the opening of her pussy, savouring the way she shook as I touched different spots inside of her.

When she finished cumming, I moved up her body, dragging my tongue softly all the way. When I reached her face, she didn’t hesitate to kiss me deeply. I began moving my cock up and down her now-drenched pussy, searching for the entrance.

She tried to stop me, “Isn’t it your turn now?” She was smiling, which gave me the feeling she was very proud of her oral skills. I couldn’t wait to find out later, but right now, I just wanted to be inside her.

I caressed her cheek, “Trust me, this is what I want.”

I lodged the head inside her, but she put out her hands to stop me from entering further. When I gave her a questioning look, she wrapped her legs behind me and slowly pulled me inside of her. It was the single most erotic feeling I’ve ever had. She was tight, warm and unbelievably wet. I suddenly wished I would have let her go down on me. I hadn’t had sex in a long time and didn’t want to disappoint her.

I moved slowly, getting used to how she felt and how she responded. As I felt more comfortable, I began kissing her and rotating my hips, trying to touch every inch of her. She rocked her hips up to meet my thrusts, making me feel like she was fucking me, even though I was on top. I returned my mouth to her breasts, trying to find a way to return the sensations I was feeling.

I reached behind one of her legs and brought it up high, allowing me to penetrate slightly deeper. Although I know I’m not hung in a way that women tell their friends about, I was just right for Ebere. I heard her moan when I finally got all the way inside of her. Her pussy gripped me snugly, accentuated by the contractions her muscles made. Again I reflected on how perfect everything seemed to be between us. My random thought almost betrayed me as I felt myself reach the edge of an orgasm.

I stopped moving and put my head down between her breasts. “Ebere, we need to change positions or this is going to be over way too quickly,” hoping she would understand.

She didn’t say a word but slid out from under me. I got onto my back in the middle of the bed as she kneeled beside me. She gave me a couple of seconds to gain control again as she lazily dragged her tongue over my stomach, then down my leg.

When she made the return trip up, she took my cock into her mouth for just a second, nibbling on the head. She looked up at me and flashed me a nasty smile that made me realize the adventures were just starting. I had no doubt that she was going to challenge me constantly.

She straightened up and swung one leg over to straddle me, taking me by the shaft and rubbing it slowly back and forth across her opening. I grabbed the sheets with both hands and squeezed as the sensation made me want to thrust hard into her. She took her time, teasing me as she slowly lowered herself. She let the head and about a couple of inches slide inside of her, then smiled as she raised herself up and almost off, then slid down just a bit further.

I took the opportunity to admire the rest of her body. She had slim hips with an even slimmer waist. I thought she was an incredibly beautiful woman. I couldn’t imagine how she could possibly be sexier.

She let go of me with her hand and leaned forward across my body. As she licked and bit at my chest, she continued moving her hips, pushing me inside her. She would go halfway down my shaft and then, on the next thrust, would only go an inch. After several minutes of this maddening teasing, I grabbed her hips and tried to push myself deeper.

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