February 9, 2023

Average Joe: The Club Escapades II (18+)

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Average Joe: The Club Escapades II (18+)

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As I finished and closed the case, I looked up in time to see a flash of pink. My mystery woman stepped by me and said something to Kike. After they laughed for a second, she stepped away from the booth and quickly looked in both directions, then pushed on the back door, stepping out into the night.

Before it shut, the breeze from the motion of the door caused her skirt to blow up, giving me a perfect view of her ass cheeks, barely covered by the lacy panties.

I knew no one was supposed to be out there, but after thinking about it for a moment, I decided it wasn’t my job to tell her so. Just as I was getting ready to walk back to the bar, the image of her dancing popped into my head. Something about the way she was behaving just didn’t add up.

I’ve seen plenty of women just out for a good time. Often the really beautiful ones are trying to hook up with a good-looking guy or someone with money to splash around. There are also ones who look for a good guy who’ll treat them right. She didn’t seem to fit into any of those categories I had grown accustomed to seeing.

An idea started forming in my head. I took a second look at the door, thinking about how amazing her legs and ass looked as she walked outside. The more I tried to tell myself I was crazy, the more I felt myself being drawn toward the door. I felt hot and had trouble thinking about anything except how sexy she was and how she had been acting. There was a pounding in my head, drowning out the cautious voice I usually listened to.

I reached forward and pushed the door open, then stepped outside quickly before I lost my nerve. It shut behind me, causing me to jump at the sound.

She was standing just before me, facing the backroom, leaning against the railing. I could see all of her legs except for the last few inches hidden by the short skirt. Her legs were crossed, and her hips arched out in an exaggerated pose. I thought she was the most fuckable woman I had ever seen.

In the wild days of my youth, I did many stupid things and was lucky to have gotten through it without disease, a stalker, or a kid. I wasn’t interested in quickies or one-night stands any longer.

Looking at the incredible sight before me, all that changed. All I wanted was the chance to be inside her, experiencing the amazing passion and heat that seemed to emanate from her.

Without thinking, I stepped forward and softly touched her shoulders, letting my thumbs rotate against the muscles in her neck.

“Mmm,” she moaned, making no effort to turn around.

I realized she probably thought I was one of her dance partners, following her outside for some privacy. Her shoulders slumped, and I felt her relax against the railing. Encouraged by her reaction, I massaged a little deeper, moving forward until my hips touched hers.

“So do you like that?” I said in a throaty whisper.

“Oh yeah,” she murmured, her voice barely audible above the noise inside the club.

“You were putting on quite a show in there,” I said softly, not knowing if she would realize my voice was one she didn’t recognize. I continued my massage, beginning to work my fingers forward to the front of her shoulders before sliding my hands back to again use my thumbs on the back of her neck.

“Yeah, fuck him and his opinion,” she slurred, sounding a little drunk. “Prim and proper my ass,” she said angrily.

I smiled to myself as her words confirmed my suspicions. Instead of replying, I just increased the pressure on her shoulders, drawing a deep moan from her that I felt more than I heard.

I leaned against her harder and moved my hands to the sides of her head, massaging her temples. Within seconds I could feel her hips moving slightly, brushing against me. I didn’t know if it was intentional or not, but she was definitely turned on, and now I believed I knew why.

Moving my lips closer to her ear, I pressed my body against her completely. “You want to show him, don’t you,” I said, not stopping the motion of my fingers against her skin.

She moaned again, and I moved my hands back to her shoulders but continued to lean against her, careful to keep the contact light. I felt her body reacting to my touch. There was a slight shaking, and her movement against me became more pronounced. The pressure was causing me to become erect, but I resisted the urge to grind back against her.

I leaned back a little to give myself some room and moved my hands lower down her back. She made no move to stop me as my hands reached down to the midpoint of her back, then moved toward her sides. My fingers reached around her ribs and brushed the edges of her breasts through the top. I felt her stiffen and knew that this was the moment that would decide how far this would go.

I ground my erection against her as softly as I could manage. She started to stand, and I let her, taking the opportunity to slide my hands the rest of the way around her chest, cupping her breasts with my hands and rubbing her nipples with my thumbs.

“No,” she moaned, making no effort to stop my touches.

“Shh, I thought you wanted to show him,” I answered, hoping to tap into her anger.

She was quiet for a moment while I continued my touches, slowing them to a soft tease.

When she didn’t respond, I said, “I don’t think you want to show him at all. I think you want to prove something to yourself.” With that, I deftly unsnapped the button keeping her breasts bound in the shirt and slid my hand inside. I pinched the nipple softly and kissed her behind her ear, just at the top of her neck.

She sighed, and her body shuddered, but then she started to pull away. “I can’t,” she whined.

“You can and I think you want to,” I said, squeezing her breast more firmly and grinding my hips against her, no longer trying to hide my intention or my arousal. “You’re afraid he’s right, that you can’t let yourself go. That’s what the show on the dance floor was all about. Trying to prove who you really are.”

“Please stop,” she said so softly that I could barely distinguish the words.

“I will if that’s what you want,” I said teasingly, “but we both know you came here for something else.”

While massaging her breast, I used my other hand to undo the remaining buttons until her shirt hung free. I took the opportunity to take both breasts in my hands, roughly rubbing the nipples and bringing louder moans of pleasure from her.

I knew she was too far gone to turn back. She was grinding against me much harder and made no effort to cover herself. I kissed the back of her neck, letting my tongue glide back and forth, searching for the areas she reacted to the most. My hands slid across her skin and pulled her shirt back until it slid off the back of her shoulders, and I pulled it down her arms.

“We can’t,” she protested, trying to turn as her arms came up reflexively, preventing the shirt from falling off.

“Don’t turn around,” I told her. “You want this . . . you need this to prove you’re not the mousy little girl everyone says you are. This is your chance to do something you’ll never forget. No names, no faces, just me fucking you out here where anyone could see you.”

I felt a shiver run through her body as she looked down, realizing how exposed she was. There was a light overhead, and anyone driving or walking past could clearly see us. I used her moment of surprise to return my hands to her breasts as I pulled her firmly against me. Tilting my head forward, I took her earlobe between my lips and began nibbling and running my tongue across it and the top of her neck.

She relaxed her body against me. “Put your hands on the rail,” I said in a soft but firm voice.

Her body stiffened for a moment, then she leaned forward slightly and put both hands against the metal rail. I moved my right hand down her skin, relishing the feel of her skin until I reached her navel, teasing it with a finger and drawing another shiver from her.

I slid my hand lower, pressing against her stomach to get past the waistband of her skirt. I pushed under her panties, feeling the soft pubic hair with my fingers before moving the last few inches and reaching the top of her pussy. My middle finger slid across the top of her labia, then pushed in slightly. She was already so wet it easily slid in. I slid the finger back up, drawing it across her clit.

“Now tell me,” I whispered into her ear.

“What?” she asked, her voice quivering.

“Tell me what you want.” I rubbed my finger back and forth across her clit several times, then pushed it between her outer lips, letting it sink deeper inside her. “Tell me.”

“I want you.”

“That’s not enough,” I scolded. “Tell me what you want.”

She made a high-pitched whining noise as her body shuddered again. “I want you to fuck me,” she answered.


“Right here,” she said louder. “I want you to fuck me right here where anyone could see us.” Her hips moved back and forth, trying to force my fingers to touch her where she needed.

“Why would you want something like that?” I asked, stopping my touches for a moment. “Unless you’re a slut.”

She groaned in frustration, leaning back to try to force me to touch her.

“Are you?” I asked more firmly.

“Yes,” she said loudly. “I want you to fuck me right now, please,” she begged.

I smiled, knowing this night would be amazing for both of us. “I want you to make yourself cum first,” I whispered.

“No, I can’t,” she protested.

My finger pushed back inside her pussy, as deeply as I could reach. I gently took her left hand and guided it across her breast, forcing her to squeeze. I let go, letting my hand slide up her arm, softly grazing her skin and I could feel her muscles clench as she continued to knead her breast on her own.

Closing my eyes, I leaned my head against her back, revelling in the sensation of being so close to such an astonishing creature. I was thrusting my finger inside her, then pulling it back, letting it drag across her clit, then repeating the motion. It was incredibly difficult not to take her right then, but I knew it would be so much better for us both if I was just patient a little longer.

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