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Average Joe : The Christmas Reunion III (18+)

Ugochi couldn’t handle what I was doing to her with my tongue. She continued to pull away from me each time my tongue flicked on her clitoris. I put both my hands between her thighs and grabbed her hips from beneath to keep her ass in place while I slurped and licked up the sweet juices of her cooch.

“Ooooh my Gawd. Joeeeee. Aaah. Yesss. Mmmm yes b.”

She tried to push my head away while still moaning and urging me on but my grip on her was so strong that she had to just lie there and accept all the pleasure that I was giving to her. Soon her buttcheeks tightened and her whole body began to shiver. She raised her feet up to reveal curled toes as her climax came over her. I dipped two fingers into her then and vigorously finger-fucked her while my tongue continued to flick on her clitoris. Ugochi suddenly jumped away from me, screaming and giggling while trying to catch her breath.

“Why did you jump away like that? I wasn’t even done yet.” I said to her.

“Oh my god. Are you fucking serious?”


“I… I just couldn’t handle it anymore, felt like my whole body was going to explode.”

“You’ve never had an orgasm before?” I asked, quizzically.

“Not like this.”

I could feel me patting myself on the back. I smiled. Stood from the bed and got the bottle of vodka from the table.

“Here. Have a drink. You’ll feel better.”

She laughed. “You’re crazy. You make it sound like this is my first time.”

“Who knows? It probably is.” I said, joking with her.

“Oh really?” she said. She drank from the bottle while looking at me before handing it back to me and cat-crawling towards me. She got to where I was and pushed me back to the bed while she straddled me, both her knees beside me.

She didn’t speak a word as she undid the buttons of my shirt one after the other and taking it off to reveal my buffed up torso. She caressed my chests and pinched my nipples. I smiled. Then she used her tongue to lick at them.

I usually didn’t get any pleasure from that but I moaned to make her think that I did. She moved her lips down my chest towards my navel and licked it, using her tongue to tickle me down there. My dick which had been turgid and erect for the whole duration of me giving her head suddenly kicked and she felt it with her boobs which was resting on my groin.

As she licked and tickled my navel she reached for my groin and squeezed at the bulge. I tried to unbuckle my belt but she pushed my hand away. So I grabbed a pillow, rested my head on it and proceeded to watch the show.

She came back up, her lips kissing every part of my torso till they met mine. I tasted the vodka in her mouth as my tongue found hers and we crashed our lips together. She was undoing my belt at the same time and taking it off. I helped her in getting read of my trousers and she reached for my bulge inside my Kleins. Stroking it while she kissed me. She replaced her lips with her hand and I sucked on her tender fingers while she held my cock and squeezed. It throbbed in her hand as she held it tightly, admiring it for its enormous length.

“You’re huge” she said

“I know” I replied feeling proud.

I suddenly feared that my dick was probably too huge for her and made a mental note to go slowly on her just as not to hurt her in anyway. But that was just me thinking. Ugochi took me in her mouth and I closed my eyes and appreciated the warmth of her palate.

Just as I lay there, expecting her to take it in slowly, maybe stop halfway and bring it out… She took in my whole length until I could feel her lips at the base of my cock. I opened my eyes, visibly shocked, to find her looking at me with such a seductive glare that my senses tingled. She closed her eyes and bobbed her head slowly. I moaned, letting her know that she was doing an exceptional job.

She had mastered her gag reflexes. She wasn’t choking on my dick. It was marvelous to behold and a magnificent experience. Ugochi had achieved an expertise that very few women could.

She finally raised her head to reveal my glistening cock with her spittle all over it. She stroked it three times before putting it back in her mouth and taking it all in once more, twirling her tongue and around it and driving me nuts. Then she sucked so hard on it that I could feel my balls began to spasm.

“Ooooh fuck”I said. I hadn’t gotten head this good in a while. Ugochi sucked me so good that I wished I could spend eternity with her doing just that.

“Do you still think it’s my first time?” she asked, Stroking me while she climbed on top of me.

“Absolutely not” I replied.

“I don’t think you’ve been totally convinced” she said. She straddled me and slowly took the whole of my length inside of her till she sat comfortably. She had already gotten rid of her panties but she still had her bra on.

I reached for and squeezed her boobs with both hands while she unhooked the bra from behind. When she took them off and set her mounds free, I got up from the bed and put my arms around her, sucking on her nipples. Making her moan with pleasure. She put her hands around my head and held me close to her bossom while she twirled her hips and fucked me. Her walls tightened around my dick and sent sensations into my body.

I grabbed her ass as she continued to twirl and whine on me. Then I stood up from the bed, holding her in my arms while I walked towards the mirror. I turned my back towards it just so she could see herself as she moaned. I put one arm around her waist and the other grabbing her buttcheeks as I fucked her from beneath. I was glad that she wasn’t so heavy.

Made it easier for me to hold her in the air while my dick pummeled her from beneath. Her moans got so loud that I was sure a keen listener would’ve heard her from the hallway or the next room. Ugochi held me so tight, her fingers digging into me as I continued to thrust into her. Her moans became cries and soon her pussy walls tightened around my dick as she climaxed again, screaming as she did so.


She held my face in her hands and kissed me while I continued to thrust. Her juices flowed freely from her pussy and I could feel it dribble down my thighs. Our sex made the familiar squishy sound that showed that we’d gotten very messy.

Ugochi’s legs loosened around me and I knew that she’d become weak from her climax. I took her back to the bed and made her lie on her stomach. I squeezed her ass and kissed it, giving her nimble bites and making her squirm.

“You screamed so loud that hotel security could probably be knocking on the door any minute from now.” I told her.

She giggled. “I’m sorry. But it was your fault. You wanted to kill me there. I’m sure.”

“I haven’t even done anything yet.”

” You’re evil, Jojo” she said and we both laughed.

Outside we could here the sound of fireworks and fire crackers as people went out to celebrate the approaching new year. I checked my phone. It was 11:48.

“Time for you to cum” Ugochi said as she pushed her ass into the air and played with her overly wet pussy, inviting me to dive in. I licked up most of the juices and played with her clitoris once more, giving her shivers all over her body before placing my cock inside of her.

Ugochi backed up against me and bounced her booty on my groin. She really wasn’t new at this. This was way beyond expert level now. This was legendary. Who spoiled this young girl?

I held her hips as she fucked me, slapping her ass against my crotch as my dick got creamed by her wet pussy. I moaned my approval of her deeds as the fireworks continued to get louder outside. Then I placed both hands besides her and proceeded to give her the “machine gun thrust”. Thrusting into her at such speed and vigour that she could only moan and wail and plead and ask that I fuck her even harder than I was.

With each thrust my grunts increased and I shut my eyes. I could feel the delaying of the vodka wearing off and my body fired up as I geared up for my climax. Ugochi just lay on the bed now and accepted the pummeling I was giving to her.

The sound of my groin slapping against her buttcheeks mixed with her moans and my grunts and the fireworks and the countdown which had begun outside. Suddenly I felt my whole body lose control as I let my climax take over me. My thrusts became faster and more violent as I fucked Ugochi with such an intensity that she screamed louder than before.

Her scream coincided with the shouts of HAPPY NEW YEAR and a conglomerate of fireworks even more louder than ever and my seed shot into the air and landed somewhere between the portrait of some artist and two flamingoes playing in the water which hung on the wall above the bed.

Ugochi raised her head and traced the shooting of my seed to where it had landed.

“Wow. Nice shot.” she said.

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