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Average Joe: The Christmas Reunion II (18+)


Ugochi didn’t even try to hide the fact that she had the hots between her thighs for me.

She began to send me nude pictures. At first, I was uncomfortable with them but not complaining because they weren’t totally filthy. In some, she wore nothing on but panties or shorts, others she wore no panties but didn’t show her cooch.

Her nudes were so provocative that wherever I was, my dick bulged and remained like that for a very long time. Ugochi didn’t just send me nudes, she also called me and we talked about a lot of things and each conversation made me appreciate her more as an intelligent young lady.

I never expected that I’d be so captivated by a 19 year old girl and it made me feel so old at times but I’ve heard about younger girls who liked older guys in the past and even watched movies about them.

So, I felt I wouldn’t be doing anything out of the ordinary if I decided to be with her.

On the 31st of December, I didn’t have Kemi anymore. We had issues that I couldn’t bring myself to dealing with and we decided to give each other some space although she sent me New Year wishes which I replied.

I was free to do whatever I wanted. Ugochi came to mind but I decided not to call her thinking that she would surely have traveled to her family home to spend New Year’s Eve with them. I already made plans to spend that night at some night club, drinking and celebrating into the new year with drunks, strippers and hookers.

I’d already called my mom and told her not to be expecting me even if it took a lot of effort in convincing her, she finally let me be. I had gone out to get some fuel for my car amidst the unending scarcity and it was expensive and making me mad and angry and at that same time a call came to my phone.

It was Ugochi, I picked the call while I glared at the fuel station attendant who was telling me not to make calls in the station.

“Heyyyy, Jojo” I hated when she called me that seeing as I’m way older than her and she made me feel childish.

“Don’t call me that. How are you?”

She laughed. “I love calling you that, and I’m fine. So what’s up for tonight? Spending it with family or your wife and kids?”

“What wife and kids?” I’d finished my fuel purchase and gotten into the car.

“The one you’re probably hiding from everybody.”

“Wow. How the hell did you find out about that?”

She laughed again. “I’m suspecting you. You might really have a wife and some children hidden somewhere. You seem like the type of person to do such a thing.”

“Well… I wish I did, to be honest but it’s going to be a very lonely night for me. I’m going to a bar and after that I’ll be clubbing till the new year. Dancing and grabbing boobs or assess into the early hours of 2016”

“That’s so awesome. I wish I were you.”

“Don’t make such wishes, young woman.” she laughed once more “So what will you be up to yourself?”

“My parents want me home with them but I just can’t. I was there over the weekend and it was fucking hell. Don’t think I can go through that again. So I’ll be home, watching movies on my laptop or watching TV. Nothing much.”

And now I knew the time had come. She had just told me that she wasn’t doing anything for the night. She had left the road clear and open for me.

She had given me the green light, It was up to me to either acknowledge that green light and drive straight through or just stop and turn around. What was I going to lose anyway? Kemi? She was being unreasonable with her emotional problems and I couldn’t be arsed to bother about her. If what we had didn’t work out then so be it.

Here was a young, intelligent lady telling me that she wanted me to have her and I was going to be a magnificent idiot to not accept the offer she was making.


That evil voice in my head had achieved purpose once more.

“Hey, maybe I can come pick you and we could go to the bar or the club together.” I asked.

“Naah” she said and my world was about to fall apart.
“I don’t like clubbing. How about you come pick me and we go to a nice, cozy hotel with some weed and a bottle of vodka?”

I was dumbfounded once more. What kind of girl was this?

“Okay. That sounds nice.” was all I could say and we made the rest of the arrangements before she hung up.

A few hours later and I’d arrived at the hotel address she’d given to me. It looked like an expensive hotel and I wondered how she even knew about it. But that didn’t bother me as I took the elevator to the 8th floor and walked up to room 815.

I pressed the bell button by the door and Ugochi peeped at me through the peephole before opening the door.

My first thought when I saw her was… Oh my goodness.
She was dressed in black lace panties and brassieres with a robe hanging off her shoulders. The room already stank of marijuana and there was an open bottle of Red Square vodka on the reading table but my eyes couldn’t stay away from Ugochi’s body.

Her boobs looked so full and sexy and her toned thighs were magnificent. She wasn’t thick or chubby but she had the right amount of flesh in the right places. I’d seen most of this in the nudes she sent me but being up close with her and anticipating a long night of fucking her, my body temperature increased exponentially.

“Stop staring. You’re making me shy.” she said covering herself up.

“Who wouldn’t stare? Even the gods would be captivated.”

“Hahaha. Don’t be so corny and act like you’ve never seen a girl in lingerie before.”

“But… You look like you just dropped out from an unknown erotic heaven.”

“Wow. Now you’re just being an asshole.”

I laughed, she laughed with me. I walked up to the table where the vodka sat, took the cap off and took long swigs. My throat burned but when I dropped the bottle… I could feel all my inhibitions flying out the window.

Ugochi who had been looking like a sex goddess a few seconds ago suddenly looked like…

I couldn’t finish my thoughts because she’d dumped the robe and jumped into my arms, her legs around my waist and her arms around my shoulders as she crashed her lips against mine. Her kissing was ravenous.

Like she wanted to eat me up. I grabbed her and held her tight, returning her kisses while I found my way to the king-sized bed. I placed her gently on it and fondled with her boobs. I got off her, turned her around, grabbed her waist and made her ass shoot out backwards, before I pulled her lace panties to the side, dove right into her crack and went straight for her pussy.

She whimpered at the same time her body shivered.

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