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May 27, 2020
Average Joe: The Stripper’s Affair II

Average Joe: The Stripper’s Affair II

Charles couldn’t contain himself as the music changed to something slow and sexy and the strippers started to move their bodies to its rhythm.

In total, we were eight guys and three ladies sitting down around the centre where the strippers were dancing, Charles kept whistling and making funny sounds. I was just captivated by the sight of the beautiful women in skimpy clothing and lithe bodies gyrating slowly to the beat of the music, then the ladies started taking off their clothes.

The lightskinned one was the first to remove her blouse, then her bum-shorts. The second girl followed, and the third. The fourth girl, a tall dark-skinned goddess in heels taller than Tyrion Lannister was the last to take off her gown.

She slid her hands down her body very slowly and reached for the edge of her gown… she even more slowly, dragged it up, still dancing, and took it over her head to reveal a magnificent body.

My jaw dropped again.

My dick had already begun to ache.  The girl suddenly looked towards me and our eyes met, she smiled at me and right then I knew something was definitely going down between us that night.  Four of them danced, in panties and bras. Hips flared, boobs full. They appeared gorgeous even in the dimly lit room. Charles slapped my back and told me

“Joe… I know say you don dey plan which of them you go fuck this night.”

“Bruh, Charlo. I have already made up my mind before you even thought of that. You see that dark-skinned one in white panties?”

Charles nodded. “Yeah…that one. I’m having her for the night.”

Charles laughed hard, told me that they weren’t hookers but strippers. I told him that it was just a thin line between both and enough drinks in her system would blur that line.

Besides, I didn’t plan to pay her for sex. I hated that.

Gbenga came to where we sat and I gave him a big handshake and asked him how he’d managed to get those girls to come dance in his crib. And just as he was about to explain, the girls had started to take off their bras. I lost all interest in what Gbenga was saying as lively breasts jumped out from their bondage one after another.

The dark-skin’s boobs were so lovely, I almost wanted to stand up from where I sat to go suck on her stiff nipples. Gbenga had finished explaining and was sitting with us when the light-skin walked towards him and proceeded to give him a lapdance. Gbenga smiled from ear to ear as the girl used her big booty to twirl around his crotch while the rest of us watched in amazement.

The other girls then took the cue of the light-skin – who appeared to do everything first – and started to give lapdances to guys seated around them. And then, lo and behold, Ms. Dark-skin walked towards me. She looked into my eyes as she walked towards me, and I looked back at her.

Charles was already saying my name in high regard as he knew that what I told him about banging the chick that night might probably happen. On the other hand,I had all my attention fixed on her hips as she walked towards me in those heels. It felt like Venus herself was walking towards me.

The swerve of her hips, the jiggle of her boobs,  the sway of her arms,  the flow of her hair.

My world seemed to stop until she reached where I sat and place both hands on my knees in her stooped position, she brought her face closer to mine and I could smell her fragrance. It was a damn inviting perfume she wore. She smelled of candy, I wanted to eat her.

She whispered these words to me in the sexiest voice ever… “The name’s Kimberly, and you can have me if you want me.” She turned around, stooped down and shook her ample butt right in my face for ten seconds. That alone had my whole body raging with fire and I wanted to grab the butt and bury my face inside it but I managed to keep my cool.

She proceeded to sit on my lap and gave me the best lap-dance I’ve ever had in my entire life. By the time she was done and moved on to another guy I was speechless for five minutes or more. Kimberly had me, whatever jazz she used to capture me worked without stress. All the other girls didn’t matter to me anymore, just Kimberly and those words she told me. “You can have me if you want me…”

Next thing I started hearing claps and voices hailing and I looked around to find the cause of it. Apparently, the girl that came with Gbenga was seriously kissing one of the strippers and even had a hand inside her panty.

Oh boy… it was too much for me. Watching two girls make out is something you don’t get to see a lot. Everybody was very tipsy and I’m sure she’d had more than enough drinks that night. Charles later told me she was into girls and had heard about the gig so she wanted to be a part of it. She was even ahead of us guys in having all the fun.

Later that night, after all the stripping and lap-dancing and kissing and squeezing of boobs and asscheeks, we all got up to dance. Of course, I made sure to dance with Kimberly who used that fine ass of hers to kill me even more. I just wanted to drag her to one dark corner and do some spectacular things to her. I whispered in her ear as we danced… “You told me I could have you if I want you, yeah?” she smiled and nodded her head. I slid my right hand down her belly and cupped it around her crotch, caressing her pussy lips which still stayed protected by her white panties. She squeezed her thighs and moaned. Then she removed my and whispered back… “not now, honey. I don’t even know your name yet.”

I smiled at her, planted a slight kiss on her ear and told her. “My name is Jonathan… but you can call me Joe.”

To be continued…

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble
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