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Average Joe : Sticky Scenario

I was at the office on a Monday morning trying my best to do the work that had to be done without getting mad at anybody despite the fact that I had every reason to be seeing as my weekend had been shitty and I had come to work and received more than my fair share of the workload for the day.

I was in such a foul mood that I could probably have lashed out at my boss if she walked into my office and decided to contribute to the total fuckery that was my Monday morning but it was my job and I had to fucking do it.

Did I mention the part about my weekend being shitty. Yeah. So here’s the fucking story.

You all know about Ugochi and I and how things kicked off between us during the festive period of Christmas and New year. At that same time Kemi and I had pushed the pause button on our relationship and decided to part ways for a while to clear our heads.

Apparently she missed me more than I missed her seeing as I was quite busy fucking another lady at the same time when she was trying to decide if being with me was worth it or not. Ugochi didn’t have a lot of time to come around as she had to study for her finals so the very few times she did we made sure to do a whole lot of fucking at every opportunity we could find to.

She was a bit reserved but could be quite mischievous or adventurous when she wanted to be. The best moment I shared with her had to be when we went to see a movie, we were sure a lot of people wouldn’t be seeing and took me all the way to the furthest end of the last aisle of seats and fucked me while the movie was on. The hall was so cold but her pussy was so nice and warm and the way she sat on my lap while slowly moving her hips around my crotch and making my dick feel the gloriousness of her walls while the antagonist antagonized the protagonist on the big screen was magnificent.

I’d never fucked in the cinema hall before and immediately wrote and scratched it off my mental bucket list. Ugochi was awesome and I could really see why I hadn’t been missing Kemi.

When Kemi finally decided to reach out to me she was pissed that I hadn’t even tried to pretend like I missed her or even wanted her back. I’d already told her the kind of guy I was. I wasn’t into goading  ladies in making their decisions. If she wanted to come back, my door was always open for her but I hadn’t told her that. I expected that she knew. So when she called, she made no mention of coming back nor did she even talk about us having a meet anywhere so I was surprised…

I was very fucking surprised when in the middle of Ugochi, on her knees and giving me one helluva blow job while I sat on the eddge of the bed, Kemi called me. I refused to pick the call at first but she continued and I finally answered it, just as Ugochi was trying to sit on my cock.

Kemi was on her way to my place and expected to be there within two minutes. Was I at home?

I should’ve lied. A straight, simple “No… I’m not.”

But I’m sure the” yesss” that escaped my lips wasn’t an answer to Kemi’s question.

It was me acknowledging the fact that Ugochi’s pussy was the best pussy I’d had in a very long while.

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