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Average Joe : Sticky Scenario II (18+)

Ugochi had already pushed me back to the bed and positioned herself on top of me, the length of my dick inside her warm, sweet pussy as she slowly bounced on me. Her body glistened with a sheen of sweat even though the air conditioning was on and I just couldn’t stop myself from looking at her and admiring her for the goddess that she was.

Her pelvis moved on top of mine, her pussy walls occasionally tightened around my dick and gave me such sensations that I totally forgot that trouble was just seconds away from knocking on my door.

People say sex is just sex. Yeah, maybe. I’ve had so much of it than I probably should in one life time. Different girls, different times. Some of the girls were awesome, others were just okay. There were girls you had sex with and you know the only pleasure was gonna come from putting your penis in her vagina and that was all. But Ugochi had become more than that. I anticipated being with her. She is way younger than I am, yeah but she is exceptionally different.

Kemi is the cool headed lady with a good job who you want to start a life and a family with. Despite the earlier issues I had with her sister and my boss, Funmi (which has become a thing of the past) we had come a long way as friends and I’m probably sure she had been waiting for me to ask her to marry me but the issue I had with Kemi was because the sex drive she had earlier on when we met had waned.

She didn’t even wait before marriage to lose that much interest. Most times when I tried to initiate it she pushed me away or gave one excuse or another and it frustrated me. I wasn’t dating her just for the sex but if I couldn’t get from you that one thing which I usually get so easily if I were single then I really didn’t want to be tied to you.

Yeah that’s me being selfish and all but I don’t fucking care. I made known my frustrations to her one night and just as I expected she blew it out of proportion, saying a lot of things that night that really got to my head. I had to keep my calm to keep from lashing out.

Ugochi had turned and positioned herself in a reverse cowgirl, placing her feet on the floor while she gave me the full view of her ass as she bounced on my dick. Her moans were getting even more sensual and all I could do was grunt and say “yeah baby” while my mind still raced and wondered how I was going to handle Kemi.

I grabbed Ugochi’s waist and fucked her from beneath, feeling the desire in my body begin to peak just as the same time my phone began to ring again. I didn’t let it stop me. Nah. I stood from the bed and placed Ugochi in a doggie just by the edge and I fucked her, slamming my pelvis against her butt with such intensity and making her scream.

She stifled her screams with one of the pillows as I continued to thrust into her with all my brute strength. She reached behind her to try to slow me down but I held her hand and increased the intensity of my thrusts… Feeling my climax approach me just as the same time my phone began to ring again. I growled with desire and Ugochi jumped away from me. I grabbed my dick tightly just before my cum shot out.

“Aim for my mouth” she said as she crawled on the bed towards me, her mouth ajar.

“Really?” I asked, and she nodded.

I did exactly as she asked and watched her swallow the contents that had just been deposited in her mouth. She even licked her lips and then my dick, sucking out the rest of it and making me wish I could just stay here with her and not give a fuck about the lady waiting downstairs.

When I cleaned myself up and went down, telling Ugochi that I had to go pick something, I got to the gate to see her standing just beside her parked car and typing furiously into her phone. Probably a message for me. She saw me and folded her hands. I hadn’t even walked up to her and apologized before I heard…

“Who’s she?”


“The girl you’re with inside? Don’t lie to me Joe.”

“What are you talking about? There’s no girl.”

“And I’ve been calling you for over five minutes since I got here. At least you knew I was coming. Why did it take you so long to come out and see me?”

“Kemi. Is this the reason why you came here? Because you’re suspicious? Is this really the conversation you want to be having right now?”

“Just be honest with me. I wouldn’t care less.”

“I’m being honest with you.” I said calmly.

“And you’re lying.” she said with anger.
“So for these past months we haven’t been together, you didn’t even care enough to know how I was doing-“

“But I sent you messages…”

“Fuck that Joe! You didn’t care enough to call? To come see me? Why? Because you’re fucking another girl. That’s what you like huh? Sex. So just because I wasn’t providing you jumped at the next ass the wind blew at you. That’s just fucked up, Joe. You’re fucked up. You need help. And neither me or that bitch in there can solve it for you. You better go get yourself checked before you end up in jail for being a sexual molester.”

She finished her rant, got in her car and drove off even before I could even bring up an argument to counter hers.

Maybe she was right. Maybe I needed to get myself checked but before that I had to go get myself another taste of Ugochi’s pussy. Hahaa.

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