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April 20, 2021

Average Joe [Reboot]: Life is Good (S01E14) (18+)
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Average Joe [Reboot]: Life is Good (S01E14) (18+)

My knees sagged slightly in disappointment. “Ah- bitch,” I cursed under my breath.

She slowly brought her body back up, slithering along mine. “Me? What did I do?” she said playfully. “All I did was come here to visit my sister…”

Her banter made me steam in frustration and lust. My eyes dropped down to her tits; her nipples were prominently visible through her soaked bra. “You fucking tease,” I whispered harshly.

She saw what I was looking at and smirked. “Oh– I’m sorry…” Her hands reached up and unclasped it. She effortlessly peeled the wet fabric off her chest and I took a big breath of anticipation as she revealed her naked breasts. I pushed a hand up her stomach and grabbed one, almost forcefully. She stifled a gasp, “Ah! I thought you- you liked them…”

They were so firm… I rolled her nipple between two of my fingers as I groped her.

“I especially um…” she pushed her chest toward me pleasingly, “…liked how you tried not to look at them when, um, your girlfriend was around…”

I squeezed her hard as she patronized me. Fucking bitch!

“Don’t worry… She didn’t notice…” she mocked.

In a flare of passion, I spun her around and pushed her back against the wall. Her eyes went wide in surprise as I glared into her. My conscience was barely a whisper now; I was mostly animal. She actually looked vulnerable like that, her chest heaving in expectation. It made me want her even more.

I bent down and kissed her hard on the neck, then down her chest. I wanted to suck her tits. She pushed herself up on her toes to help me, but I was frenzied and impatient. I grabbed her hips and pulled her up, still pushing her against the wall for leverage. She squeaked and wrapped her legs around my waist, her arms around my neck. “Oh my!”

With better access to her chest, I eagerly kissed against her breasts. I licked around her nipples, flicked my tongue against them, then took one into my mouth and sucked eagerly. Bisi’s body shuddered as I held her and she pouted a quiet moan.

Ahhh… Where have you been!?” she sighed excitedly.

I took my mouth off of her tits and slowly lowered her back to stand on her own. She looked wildly into my eyes. “God… You know how I like my- my nipples…” she trailed off.

“How could I forget that slutty story?” I growled.

She bit her tongue provocatively and shot her hand down to my crotch, grabbing the base of my cock and tugging at it. “You liked it… You like me being a slut, don’t you?” she demanded.

The sudden attention on my dick forced me to lose my balance and lean forward against her, into the wall. I gasped in pleasure as she excitedly jerked me more. “Ohh…” I groaned out.

She was relentless. “Why do guys like that so much? Huh?” She manipulated my erection so perfectly, it was like she wasn’t even trying. My hips ground against her as if I was her puppet. “I guess it’s- oh– ’cause we like to fuck? Or is it because we’re so naughty? Mm… good boys like you always want the… the bad girls…”

I ran my hand down her stomach and forced my fingers beneath her panties, finding her pussy. She took a sharp intake of breath. “Ah… Take them… Take them off…” she pleaded.

Her fingers grew lax and trailed off my cock. I pulled out from her underwear and grabbed the waistband with both hands. I had to pull it down, inch by goddamn inch because it was so wet that it stuck to her body. Desperate, I knelt down to get a better angle to just pull them off. She helped kick them away from her feet once at her ankles.

I looked up at her and suddenly realized I was staring straight at her pussy. Before I knew it, a frantic urge overcame me. I needed to taste her. I dove my face forward and wrapped my mouth over her slit. She quickly grabbed the back of my neck, digging her nails into me. I laid my tongue against her pussy and ran it along her for a moment. Her excited gasps encouraged me to slide my tongue into her and lap at her clit.

She draped a leg over my shoulder and I had to help her keep her balance by grabbing her hips. Her body rolled against my face, shamelessly fucking my mouth. I looked up at her tight body as I ate her out. Her eyes were shut and her mouth hung open; her back arched and her tits pushed out as her body tensed. I could not think of a sexier sight than to see this teenage slut lost in her own bliss.

“Oh… Oh! God this is- fuck! So bad- so bad…” she started in whispered pants. “Tell me- tell me do you- ah! Do you jerk – ooh! Jerk off to me?” She was looking down at me now.

I couldn’t help myself. I nodded yes and mumbled ‘Mmm hmm’ into her pussy.

She let out a shaky sigh in amazement. “God! You motherfucker… Do you… ahhh! Do you think- oh- think of me when- when- shit… When you f-fuck her…?” she whispered.

It was so wrong and twisted, but I had lost all control. Finally being honest with myself made me that much hornier and excited. I shoved my tongue as far into her as I could and mumbled another ‘yes’. She clamped her mouth shut and dug her nails into my neck so hard it hurt. Her hips suddenly bucked against my face erratically and I felt her flush with wetness. Holy shit, I’m making her come!!

I didn’t want to stop; I wanted to keep giving it to her. Make her feel the uncontrollable heat that I felt. But she pulled her leg off of me and took a step back. I got up from my knees, breathing hard to catch my breath. Her chest was heaving too, and she looked at me hungrily. Without a saying a word, she turned away from me and leaned over, pressing her hands against the back shower wall. She looked back at me behind her, her ass pushing out at me.

She’s giving it to me. I grabbed onto her and guided my dick into her still-wet pussy. The shower water poured against my back and I groaned, pushing my cock into her as far as I could go. She made a wailing sound at the sudden force of filling her up. My eyes fluttered close as I finally felt the satisfaction of sinking into this week-long tease.

I gave her long, slow, luxurious thrusts as I lost myself in her body. Nothing else mattered to me anymore. I needed this so badly. My nerves were so on edge that I knew I could come any minute if I wanted to…

I enjoyed the sound of Bisi’s muted moans as she let me fuck her. Finally, she interrupted my reverie by whispering again, “How- how long have you- oh… w-wanted this…?”

My body tensed at her voice and I pushed into her harder, holding the deep position and staring at her body, looking so submissive for a change. She hung her head down and looked back at me, mouth dropped open as she gasped. I didn’t move, shocked, and turned on by the dirty question.

“Tell me…” she insisted, “When was the- hummm… first moment when- ah- when you knew you w-wanted- oh! Wanted t-to fuck me?”

She ground her ass against me in little circles, forcing pleasure along the entire length of my cock, right down to the pressure against my pelvis. I grew hot from the question… I was embarrassed, angry… Hell, it almost made me come. My hands clenched into her hips and tried to force her to remain still. I didn’t realize the trouble I was really in and was being flat-out selfish, trying to make this fucking last!

Bisi smiled at me deviously, knowing she had me on the edge.

She’s the one bent over and still, I’m weak for her…

I saw her run her tongue across her teeth as she closed her eyes in an exaggerated expression of passion. It looked like she was going to say something else… but then things got really fucked up.

We heard the doorknob turn, then felt cold air as the bathroom door swung open. Both of us froze in place, my heart stopping for a second. Then I felt it pounding, curiously almost all my senses focused on my dick, still pulsing in Bisi’s pussy.

“Hey, how you feeling?” my girlfriend called out.

Bisi’s eyes shot wide open and her mouth made an ‘O’ before she closed it, biting her lower lip and staring at me expectantly.

“Uhh… Okay…” I tried not to sound nervous. I’m dead.

“You’ve been in here since I’ve been up!” Eniola called out.

“Oh, um… Sorry… I was- uh…” I caught my groan in my throat. Bisi had silently pulled her ass forward and slid it back, sending a jolt along my dick and into my stomach.

“Just soaking up the… steam… Um, trying to clear my head…” I groped for an excuse.

“Still feeling a little sick?” she asked concerned.

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