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April 22, 2021

Average Joe [Reboot]: Life is Good (S01E12) (18+)
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Average Joe [Reboot]: Life is Good (S01E12) (18+)

I think I dreamt that I was floating or something. My legs felt exceedingly heavy, and it was upsetting me because I felt really confined. Finally, my legs broke free and I felt good… Like, really good. I remember getting more and more excited, and then my eyes opened. Awake.

It was dreamlike even though I was no longer asleep. First, I forgot that I had dozed off on the couch, so my bearings were confused. Then I realized I was hard as a pole, but I felt like a million bucks. I was puzzled because something was tickling my thighs… Then it all hit me. My body tensed up and my eyes shot wide. Bisi’s hair draped down across my pelvis, her mouth wrapped around the tip of my cock, and one of her hands tenderly gripping the shaft.

Oh my god! Impulsively, I tried to back away from her. It was no use. All I managed to do was scoot a couple of inches backward, pushing my neck against the arm of the couch. I realized my legs were confined in a tangle of my pyjamas and boxers, which had somehow been pulled down and bunched around my ankles. Bisi raised her head up and smiled triumphantly at me.

“Jesus!” I cried out.

Mmm- you’re awake!” she purred. With a brief lick along her teeth, she eagerly squeezed my dick and drew me back into her mouth.

I gasped in agonizing shock and pleasure. She was still in her undies, kneeling on the floor and leaning over to suck me. This girl is insane! As thrown as I was, I couldn’t help but feel my arousal surge at the utter hotness of the sight. I had never been woken up by something so sexy in my life. My body jerked as she quickly flicked her tongue under the head.

Uhnn… Q-quit it!” I stammered.

She pulled her head up again and looked at me wide-eyed. “I thought this is what you asked for?” she said in a little girl’s voice. Her eyes continued to look up at me innocently as she moved her head down and licked up the length of my erection. My cock visibly pulsed with each heartbeat.


“But you said…” her words were broken up by long, hot licks, “…last night… that this… is what… you wanted…” She punctuated the sentence by wrapping her lips around me again and taking in more than she had before. My mouth dropped open and a groan caught in my throat. Oh, fuck that’s good…

Ah… I- I… Gah… You s-said that! N-not- ah… me!” I could barely speak from wanting to cry out in pleasure.

She stopped sucking me again and tightened her fist around it, gently twisting her hand. “Oh… Well, you didn’t- um, say you didn’t want it…”

I stared back at her desperately, my hips involuntarily rocking to her movements. I felt pinned; she was pushing against me, completely dominating my most vulnerable area. There was no receding away; the back of the couch blocked me. I couldn’t even move my feet comfortably without feeling snarled by my own clothes. And every time I moved, Bisi deftly stroked, jerked, or licked me into scared ecstasy.

“I- I… I don’t- ohhh… don’t w-want it…”

She brought her hand down to my balls and gave me a tickling squeeze. “Hmm… You don’t have to pretend…”

She slowly rose her body up from her knees, moving her hand back to my hard-on and holding me in place. I stared helplessly at her naked body, too dumbfounded to say anything back to her. Her eyes stayed locked onto mine, “I was at the pool… There was a boy…”

My body trembled as she brought one leg over my body and rested her knee between me and the back of the couch.

“I laid down on one of the chairs, on my back… He was in the water, but I saw that he kept staring at me. I, um, pretended not to notice…” She raised her other leg onto the couch and straddled me over my knees. My head started to feel light from the anticipation.

“After a while he got out of the pool and… I got his attention. I asked him if… if he would cream my back for me…” Her body hovered over mine, still expertly tugging on my cock. Once she had her balance, she brought her other hand to the tip and ran her soft palm around it in tiny circles. My breath shuddered from her touch.

Mm… He was so excited! I laid down on my tummy and he rubbed it all over my back… and my sides… He kept trying to wrap his fingers around to my front… especially near my chest…” She looked down knowingly at her tits and bit her lower lip. Returning her gaze to me, she continued, “Then he did my legs… His hands were all over me… He kept going- um- up my thighs…”

I was so lost in lust. She spoke so effortlessly, forcing me to imagine rubbing her body down with lotion… My right hand found its way to her hip, nervously grabbing onto her. This is too much…

“He was… cute… But I had my eyes closed…” She pulled her body up my legs, closer to my lap. One of her hands moved to the armrest behind my head as she leaned over me. The length of her stomach stretched as her breasts hung over my chest. “I pretended it… um… was you…”

Good god. My head was buzzing. “Bisi…” It came out as a weak whisper.

“When he was done,” she interrupted, “I made him leave… He was so sad…” She smiled teasingly, “Well, part of him wasn’t so sad…” Her legs were around my hips now, one hand guiding my cock between her thighs, rubbing against the fabric of her panties. I clenched my eyes in frustration.

“But um… I kept thinking about it and… I had to come back here…”

Her chest was lowered down to mine and I felt her breasts push into me. I could even feel her breath along my neck and cheek as she talked. This has to stop now…

“This is- is- wrong…” I muttered.

She breathed along my neck and played my dick against her body. “Why?” she pouted quietly, pressing her lips against my jaw line.

“God I- I have a… a girlfriend…”

Mmm… So?” She drew her tongue down and along my neck, very slowly. I sighed and angled my head, shamefully enjoying her touch.

“She’s… ohh… she’s your- your sister…” I reasoned.

“Oh, right… Your girlfriend’s…” she kissed up my neck, “…little…” she squeezed my cock, “…sister…” The last word was a sultry sigh right in my ear. My body shook as she said it.

I anxiously opened my eyes and looked down to see her amazing body pressing into mine. She finally pulled her hand off my dick, but I felt her fingers slightly move down to her panties. I realized in awestruck horror and lust that she was pulling the material to the side, away from her pussy… Oh no…

“I bet that makes it so much worse…” she murmured piteously. “And I bet that makes it… so much better…” She moved her hand back to the base of my cock and raised her hips up.

Oh my god. I’m going to fuck her.

Her lips moved away from my ear and she drew my stare to hers. She had a wild look in that young face. It looked so pleased. She positioned my cock along the length of her pussy. Her hips lowered, dragging me along her opening. My hand clenched urgently on her hip, then slid down her thigh and back up to rest on her ass.

“I… I can’t…” I sighed, almost to myself.

My cock was teased by her sliding it along her pussy. I wanted in. I needed it. Not bearing to look at her face, her jaw hanging open in raw animal heat, I shut my eyes again. She slid the very tip of me inside of her… just an inch. My hips tried to buck, but she kept one hand pressed down on my pelvis, forcing me to stay. She let out a soft moan as she teased herself by rocking her hips and fucking just the head.

I thought I was gone. I didn’t care that I was caving into the manipulations of a twenty-year-old anymore. All I cared about was the perfect, ripe body over mine, and how bad I wanted her to sink my entire cock into her naughty, tight cunt.

Thump. My eyes flew open. Bisi’s gyrations came to a sudden halt and her head jerked up. Oh fuck! “Shit!” I inhaled. My left hand flew to her body and I grabbed her hips, pushing her off of me. I slid out of her with ease, but Bisi tried to lean back down.

“It’s not her…” she whispered, “It’s too soon…”

How the fuck do you know that!? For once I could feel something besides my dick. My chest felt like an earthquake and my stomach flipped sideways. It was enough to break Bisi’s hold on me. I rolled my body off the open end of the chair and Bisi practically had to jump off me to keep from falling onto the floor. As soon as I was free, I jerked my boxers and pants up to my knees and hopped onto my feet.

“Relax!” she almost hissed.

“Fuck off!” I cried, pulling my clothes up and leaping away from the couch. I briefly stopped in the hall and spun around, glancing at the door, completely terrified. Bisi had stood up and looked too, then swung her head back at me. She couldn’t decide whether to be scared or irritated.

Flustered, she sighed and went to the window. Taking no chances, I hurried into the bedroom and swung the door closed. A moment later I heard her call out, “It’s just some guy!

Oh fuck, what have I done… Did I do anything? Am I safe!? I sat on the edge of my bed and buried my head in my hands, breathing hard. I was going to fuck her… Oh god, I needed it so bad…

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