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October 23, 2020

Average Joe [Reboot]: Life is Good (S01E09)

Average Joe [Reboot]: Life is Good (S01E09)

Despite myself, I flushed into a stupid smirk. I could easily imagine the excitement of the poor boy. God, I could barely contain myself just hearing Bisi talk about it. At that moment, I was wishing to all hell that I could see her with some other young slut, making out in front of me… I realized she paused in her story. Reflexively my head swung up to see why she stopped. She had this curious look on her face that broke into a smile.

“So you are interested!” she sang.

Yeah, interested in grabbing your perfect little body and fucking you over the table… I cleared my throat and looked back into her eyes, realizing I was blatantly checking her out again.

Mmm… Well anyway, I was there on her bed with my shirt off. Chioma smiles at Ike and asks,

‘Do you want to see them?’ Of course, he said yes, but I was still surprised! I couldn’t believe we were going to go through with this! So she…” Bisi bit her lower lip for a moment before she continued, dragging out my anticipation, “…she reached around and undid my bra, so then I was like, completely topless…”

I swallowed hard and shifted in my seat, my erection actually hurting at this point.

“He was totally staring at my, um… chest… It was so weird! Then Chioma leaned in and kissed, um, this one…” She reached up and cupped her right breast. I helplessly watched her and for the first time stared at her nude form without trying to hide it.

“Then she kept giving me these slow kisses, to uh, really turn Ike on, you know? I knew she was going to do that, I mean, it was our plan… But I didn’t know she was going to like, drag it out so long! Then she started to suck my…” She paused again and looked down at her chest. Her fingers trailed up her breast and rolled around her nipple, squeezing it a little.

She closed her eyes and continued that for a moment. Her lips parted open and I noticed she was breathing slightly heavier. “Ohh… Umm- Ike was looking about ready to explode… Then Chioma… she uh… She stopped and looked at him… And she said, ‘Do you want to join me?’…”

Holy shit…! My heart was pounding; I hung on every word.

Bisi’s eyes suddenly fluttered open. “So, he leaned forward, nodding his head ‘yes‘… And then Chioma, she smiled at him and said, ‘Well, too fucking bad, because any guy I fuck can only want me!’…”

I think my mouth dropped open. Bisi had this devilish look on her face. “I know! He was totally confused! He didn’t know if she was, like, joking or serious! But then Chioma basically told him to get the hell out, and he ended up leaving, totally heartbroken!” she almost laughed as she said it.

You bitch! I felt disappointed just hearing about it. “That’s, uh- that was it?” I managed to croak.

“Umm, yeah. You weren’t… hoping for more, were you?” she teased.

It occurred to me I was actually leaning forward on the table. I sat back and pretended indifference, “Um- no. It just uh, was an odd story.”

Hmm… Well, that’s how we got him back anyway. It was totally weird, but I was like, completely turned on afterward!”

“Huh!?” I nearly coughed.

“Well, he was pretty hot… And the whole thing was, I dunno… so steamy! I mean, once she started to, uh… suck on me there? God!” She actually groaned a little bit. “I was actually hoping we would, like, let him… You know? I mean, I know it was supposed to be revenge but, I totally wanted to! I never told Chioma that though…”

“I uh… see…” You fucking nymph…!

“Umm, I guess maybe it’s because my, uh, nipples get really sensitive…” she reached up and grabbed both her breasts, shivering a little bit. “Gosh, I feel so… mmm… Even talking about it makes me kinda… tingly…”

I shut my mouth and swallowed. Fuck, I’m practically drooling! Her eyes lit up and she looked sneakily around the room. “Do you, um, I mean… would you like to… to suck them? Like she did?”

Good god yes. “Uhm- N-no…”

She pushed her chair back and slowly stood up, running one hand down her stomach and fondling her left breast with the other hand. “Are you… sure?” She took a step closer to me. “Not even a lick?

I almost trembled in my seat as she came nearer. My eyes jumped up and down her body, staring at every perfect curve. I could fuck her right now… I need to do something…

“Bisi, you know I- I won’t…”

She took another step closer to me; my face was level with her abdomen. Her lower hand trailed down to her tiny panties, her fingers tickling back up her inner thigh. “You wanna lick something… else?”

I could practically feel the heat coming off her. “I… N-no!” I can’t do this, I can’t do this…

She was right next to me now. She leaned over in front of me, her tits pushing out in front of my face. My whole body twitched back, completely afraid of what I wanted to do to this girl. She rested one hand on my shoulder. “Oh wait, I forgot… We’re all family here…” she mocked sarcastically.

I breathed hard, resisting the urge to lean forward and suck on those perfect, firm…

“But just remember…” she persisted, “…Tonight? When you’re fucking Eniola? Because I know how bad you want it right now…” She ran her other hand down along my shirt, running past my chest and stomach and shooting straight to my lap. Surprised, I pushed the chair back and forced myself up. Without missing a beat, she pushed her body into mine, wrapping her arm around me and keeping her other hand on my crotch.

With a forceful squeeze, she grabbed my cock through my trousers, and said, “We both know which sister you’ll be thinking about…”

I grunted involuntarily and felt my hips push into her, drawn to her touch. I need more… I put one hand on her stomach and pushed her away. “S-s-stop it…”

She took a step back and stood in front of me, her hands rested on her hips and slid back to her ass. She glared at me as she posed, showing off. I’ve never wanted to fuck someone so bad… With a bitter smile, she said, “I mean, if you can manage to wait and fuck her instead of me today…”

I ground my teeth and clenched my fingers. I don’t care*how* pissed Eniola gets, I can’t stay here with Bisi. I *will* fuck her. Wordlessly, I passed her and walked out of the kitchen. Grabbing my car key, I heard her call out, “I thought you were supposed to keep me company!”

I refused to look back at her. As if her body in my brain already… Swinging the front door open, “My boss just called. He needs me to come in today.”

The last thing I heard was an angry sound as I slammed the door behind me and went to my car.

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