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October 23, 2020

Average Joe [Reboot]: Life is Good (S01E07)

Average Joe [Reboot]: Life is Good (S01E07)

She made a pouting noise and looked back at me. “Come on… Show me what- what a bad…” she gave her ass a loud spank and cried a little moan, “…bad girl I’ve been…”

Oh please let me…! “N-no! Get a- get a hold of yourself!” I cried, anxious, and desperate.

Mm… Please don’t… don’t make me beg!” she purred. “I feel like, like such a slut when I- when I beg…”

Every time she opened her mouth, I swear my cock screamed a little harder to be let out. There were only two thoughts going through my head at that moment. First: to escape the kitchen and get the holy hell away from Bisi. Two: … Drop my trouser, grab her hips, and fuck her until I can’t hold it anymore. Put them together, and you get one petrified guy who can’t move either way.

“Uh- Bisi… I’m not- I… I won’t do, uh- this with you…”

“Do what with me…?” she prodded, still pushing her ass out at me.

“We aren’t- I… I won’t fuck you!” I blurted.

She gasped suddenly and let her skirt drop back down. Her body slid back up so she was standing straight again. Turning around, she gave me an angry look, one that tried to hide a cocky smile. “Excuse me? Fuck?” she punctuated the last word as if she was shocked.

The abrupt change in behavior caught me off guard. What the- *now* what!?

She took a step closer to me, a big step. I tried to turn my body, mostly to hide my obvious erection, but she held me in place with her stare. “I never said anything about fucking. What’s been on your mind?” she mocked.

I was angry. “Oh come on!” I tried.

“You naughty boy… I was trying- trying to be nice! And all you can think about is fucking your girlfriend’s little sister!?”

I scoffed, “Don’t… Don’t give me that bullshit! You! You’ve been…” I trailed off, groping for words.

She took one last step and leaned right into me, her body pressing into mine. She brought her face up and said in a low voice, “Maybe you’re the one who needs to be spanked…

As she said it, she snaked her hand down to my crotch and gave my cock a deliberate squeeze. I exhaled a pleasured sigh against my will.

“Better get rid of that before sis’ gets home,” she warned mischievously.

Honestly. What the hell was I supposed to do? I was so embarrassed that she knew how turned on I was. Even worse… More than anything I wanted her to fondle me harder. She took her hand away and I instinctively pushed my hips out just a little bit… just desperate for her to keep touching it. No sooner than I made that movement did her mouth drop open in delight.

“What’s this? Now you want me to help you with your… problem? Isn’t that like, how this all got started?

I ground my teeth. “No.” Wow, great comeback.

Hmm… Why do I have the feeling…” she mused, putting her hand on my leg and tracing her fingers up, “that you wouldn’t, um… stop me?”

I managed to grab her wrist just as she reached my cock. I held her in place… She twisted her fingers around the tent in my pants and gently rubbed. My muscles tensed as she manipulated pleasure to radiate through my body.

My blood was fuming. I hated this little tease for being so goddamn cocky and condescending to me… For making me so confused. For making me want to fucking ravage her. Her piercing eyes pierced into me, looking like she knew she had me. I think she did…

But then we heard footsteps. Then shuffling outside the door… And then it opened. I reflexively threw her wrist away from me and spun around, pressing my waist into the counter. Bisi stepped away from me and quickly opened the fridge, pretending to look for something.

“Anybody home?” my girlfriend called out happily.

That evening was painful. Despite the fact that Bisi played it cool and didn’t let on what happened, I was constantly anxious that she was going to say something. I fretfully hung onto every word she said, making sure she didn’t incriminate me… And always listening for a double entendre. Not that I *wanted* to hear one… Sort of…

Maybe the worst part was Eniola got irritated at me for going out by myself for the day. Why didn’t I stay and keep her sister company? Why couldn’t I have taken her with me? She’s only here for a few days, blah blah blah. I tried my best to make an excuse, but she wouldn’t bite. What could I do? I wasn’t about to tell my girlfriend that her sister was trying to seduce me. And succeeding.

By the time we went to bed, Eniola was still annoyed with me. “You better not ditch her tomorrow,” she warned. I faintly thought to myself, ‘How am I going to get through the day?’ I was still horny from earlier. It was all I could do not to constantly imagine Bisi bent over in that slutty skirt, begging to be punished.

Whether she was being a tease or not, I wanted to fuck her so bad. In my daydreaming, I descended into darker fantasies. At first, I wanted her to want me to fuck her. By the time I was lying in bed, I practically wanted to force her to like it. God, to make that little body quake and come, to moan and scream against her will…

I felt I had to hide my arousal from Eniola. She was already irritated at me. I didn’t want her wondering why, despite her cold attitude, I was practically in heat. But there was no way in hell I was going to be able to fall asleep until I got some relief. Once she finally dozed off, I crept into the bathroom and, as quietly as I could, hectically jerked off to her sister. The guilt I felt was completely washed out by the sheer forbidden lust.

That is until I finished coming and realized what I had done. Finally, for the first time that night, I had a fighting chance of thinking clearly. With my hormones in check, I looked back and scolded myself for being played so badly by Bisi. That little bitch thinks she can get away with anything… I resolved that not only would I not give in to her for the simple reason of ‘not cheating’, but also just to show her that she couldn’t break me. Again.

Once I was back in bed, I tried my best to nurse my anger and disdain for the entire situation. Whether I realized it or not at the time, it was my only hope at drowning out my undeniably indecent desires.

The next morning, I again dragged my feet when getting out of bed. Eniola warned me to be a more friendly host before she left for work. Grumbling a half-assed agreement, I fell back asleep. Each time I woke back up, I cringed at the thought of facing Bisi. I wasn’t positive that she’d really do anything… But I feared (hoped…) the worst.

As I did the night before, I tried to steel myself with anger. If I’m pissed off at her, I reasoned, she wouldn’t seem nearly so attractive. I guess I continued to think this as I rolled in the sheets, hard and horny, masturbating myself under the covers to the little slut’s deception. Well, at least I can take the edge off…

Eventually, I found my way to the kitchen. Bisi was nowhere to be seen. So, determined to not let her influence my every action, I decided to have a normal breakfast. I was eating some cheap cake and looking at the paper when she finally came in. And let me tell you, she wasn’t wasting any time today.

As far as I could tell, she was only wearing two things. A tiny pair of shorts… hell, they looked more like underwear, which clung to her skin and barely hid any of it… Anyway, the other thing she was wearing? A hairband that helped keep her hair standing in a cute ponytail. Otherwise, she was completely in the buff. She walked in the room completely casual as if she didn’t care if I stared at her smooth stomach that rose up to her perfect, firm breasts.

As soon as I saw her, I just stared in blank disbelief. What a little bitch… I was determined to play it cool and not let her affect me. Well, at least not show that she affected me. In a way, her blasé nature thankfully diffused the situation a little. “Morning,” I greeted flatly, and disinterestedly went back to the newspaper.

“Hi!” she chirped.

I knew out of the corner of my eye that she was trying to make a show of her body as she made her breakfast. She wiggled her ass wherever she walked. She stretched her body up whenever she reached for something. I impassively turned the page of my paper, doing my best to tune her out. Part of me was desperate to gawk at her every move… Don’t give in…

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