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September 3, 2020

Average Joe [Reboot]: Life is Good (S01E04)

Average Joe [Reboot]: Life is Good (S01E04)

“And I was feeling kinda bad… that… Well, you said you didn’t experience certain things…” Her hand pressed lightly into my thigh as she pushed it up the length of my leg. I was completely taken aback and barely had any time to react. I reactively shifted my body away from her a little bit, into the empty cushion beside me.

Without missing a beat, she just crawled along the couch, keeping up with me.

“Uh, Bisi… I, um…”

Her fingers trailed up to the base of my cock. I realized with utter chagrin that I was almost completely hard.

“I just thought it’d be nice to give you some of… you know… what you missed out on…” She pressed her fingers down into me, through my pajamas. It sent a jolt of pleasure into me and had the effect of pushing my erection up even higher. I knocked her hand away with awkward fear.

“N-no! What the- what the hell are you thinking!?” I frantically whispered to her, wild-eyed. She bit her lower lip and gave me a shy, seductive smile as she reached her hand out again, this time brushing her fingers along the length of my hardness. She started to wrap her hand around it, causing me to gasp in both shock and desire.

I heard the microwave beep and turn off in the background. Oh god, what if Eniola sees this… I grabbed both her wrists and pushed her back rather forcefully. She let out a surprised ‘ooh!’ that sounded a little too pleased.

“J-just… quit it! Okay!?” I stuttered as I retreated back from her. She gave me a pout.

“I was only trying to be nice…”

I couldn’t believe this was happening. I stared at her in astonishment, trying not to get even more turned on by blatantly checking out her hot body without my girlfriend in the room. I couldn’t find the mind to say anything else to her. Then I saw her pout turn up into a knowing grin. She brought her hand up to her mouth to stifle a giggle.

I realized she was looking at my still-hard cock, trying to break out of my pants.

“Popcorn  in a bucket, coming right up!” Eniola called from the other room.

Oh shit! I anxiously leaped over and grabbed a blanket that was folded over on a chair, then sprang back onto the couch. I threw the blanket over my lap just in time for my girlfriend to return with a bowl of popcorn.

“Oh, I didn’t know you were cold,” she inquired, getting back on the couch.

“Uh, yeah, just thought it’d be comfortable if we shared a blanket,” I offered.

She smiled and pulled up a part of it over her legs. “Bisi, you can take some too, you know!”

Her sister smiled too and tugged it over her bare legs. There wasn’t too much slack at this point, so she shyly slid her body closer to me in order to make it cover her appropriately. Oh great… I felt her leg cozy up against mine. She knew it and rubbed it up and down my calf to show it off.

Eniola started the movie up again. My heart was racing the entire time; I could barely pay attention to what was going on. All I could think about was my hard-on that would not go away. And Bisi. 

That sexy fucking look on her face as she tried to grab me. What the hell do I do? I can’t tell Eniola, can I?

It wasn’t long before, to my dismay, Bisi made another move. I felt her hand gently rest along my thigh. She left it there, but softly squeezed and massaged it to make sure I knew about it. I did my best to push her hand away from me without causing much stirring under the blanket. 

I was petrified of Eniola knowing what was going on. Even though it was Bisi coming on to me… I knew I was fucked if Eniola saw the effect it had on my dick. There would be no innocence on my part either.

Maybe five minutes later, Bisi’s hand slithered up my leg yet again. This time though, she didn’t stop until she was at the base of my erection. Like before, she gently pushed into me between my thigh and cock, making me squirm under the blanket. I bit my tongue and pushed her away again. Her eyes never left the television, but I could see the small outline of a smirk on her lips. I tried to give her an angry glare, but she ignored me.

“My, you’re restless!” Eniola remarked at me, a little annoyed.

“Uh, sorry… Just trying to get comfortable. My leg was uh, cramped.”

I ground my teeth a little bit. When the fuck does this movie end? It couldn’t be that much longer. What was worse is that it only got more blatantly sexual as the plot went on. One of the female leads, a hot little seductress, was trying to get with some other boy. 

She was wearing progressively less and less as the movie continued, as those things tend to go. It wasn’t helping the situation.

My hands rested on my lap over the blanket, trying to protect myself from Bisi. It didn’t take much time for her to try and snake her way to my crotch again. First, she ran her fingers under my left leg and tickled the backside of my knee. I wriggled again. Eniola shot me a stare. Just focus on the movie… Ignore her…

The starlet on the screen was just in her underwear. The boy was about to cave in. She took off her top. My cock was actually pulsing, it was so hard. Okay, maybe ignore the movie… My mouth went dry. Then, out of nowhere, and I honestly don’t know how she did it, but Bisi’s hand slinked past me and found my hardness yet again.

I pursed my lips shut and tried to push her away, but it was no use. She was determined to stay, and the more I tried to move her, the more attention I brought to myself from Eniola. I panicked, not knowing what to do. For whatever reason, I decided if my girlfriend knew what was going on, I was a dead man. I can’t stop her without giving myself away…

Confused, resigned, and hopelessly turned on, I allowed myself to give in. Bisi’s fingers expertly teased the base of my cock through my pajamas. Somehow she was gentle enough to never cause so much as a stir above the blanket. I swallowed hard and tried to ignore her. Yeah right.

After maybe a minute of that, her fingers walked up to the waist of my pants and started to tug at them a little. I closed my eyes and quietly took a long breath. She tickled my pelvic bone and slipped underneath my boxers. I grimaced as her soft hand darted down along the entire length of my member. I had to bite the back of my tongue not to make any noise or twist in my seat.

She held me between her thumb and other fingers, slowly squeezing and pulling me in just the right ways. I couldn’t believe how amazing it felt despite the fact that she was barely moving her hand. This can’t be happening. The movie was reaching the climactic scene where the title characters would finally consummate sex. It was only a movie, but it bordered on soft-core porn at this point. I noticed Eniola was pretty engrossed in what was going on.

Shit, I would be too if I wasn’t being masturbated by her little sister… As this went on, I at first assumed she was going to tease me for the length of the movie, and then once it was over, I would somehow take the blanket and make my escape, hiding my hardness along the way. 

It didn’t dawn on me that Bisi might actually make me come. And it didn’t take long for me to realize that there was no way I could hold out until the film was over. Whether it was actually her skill or if it was just the charged situation and my unrelenting horniness of the day, this girl was fucking amazing.

After playing with me for a few more minutes, teasing the head, and forcing me to tense all my leg muscles not to react to her manipulations, she went to focusing solely on the base. She firmly tugged and jerked me there, and it didn’t take long to figure out that this was gonna be it. 

She was unrelenting; the more she did it, the more I felt an orgasm building up behind my cock. Jesus, how is she so good at this… I tried to hold it back, but it was pointless.

The urge kept rising and rising. I kept biting the back of my tongue. My breathing was shallow. This was THE most twisted moment of my life. As I sensed myself approaching the point of no return, I ashamedly felt my hips faintly thrust to Bisi’s rhythm. 

I glanced over at Eniola; her eyes were still glued on the screen. Look forward. Don’t look at her.

I couldn’t help it. I cautiously turned my gaze over to Bisi. I noticed her chest was slightly heaving from excitement. Her lips were parted open as she breathed. She noticed me and slyly turned her face to look into mine. 

Her eyes bored into me with a look of sultry confidence. I swallowed hard, trying not to tremble from the building crescendo between my legs. Her face broke into a toying smile and she pursed her lips and blew me a silent ‘shh…’

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