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September 3, 2020

Average Joe [Reboot]: Life is Good (S01E03)

Average Joe [Reboot]: Life is Good (S01E03)

I realized with some shame that as soon as I was alone in the bedroom, my mind still reeling and replaying some of that recent exchange of words, that my mild excitement had zero trouble growing into a full-blown problem. Admonishing myself, I realized that at least my earlier anxiety helped to mask something of what I was really feeling. The problem is though, that I was really feeling something in the first place due to Bisi.

I tried to squelch my guilt and just put the entire thing out of my mind. Readying myself with some haste, I escaped the apartment and told Eniola that I was heading into work for the afternoon, hoping to clear up most of the loose ends so I could relax away from the majority of the week. Bisi was in the guestroom, presumably getting dressed for the day, and so I avoided having to say anything to her.

Regardless of my clean getaway, I found myself nearly obsessing over my breakfast that morning during my drive. I reran her comments in my head and tried to come up with witty comebacks instead of my pathetic stuttering. Then I recognized I was fretting over sounding stupid to some‚Ķ young bitch of all things. What did I care what she thought about me? It’s not like I need to impress her for any reason.

Well, that’s what I tried to tell myself anyway. But the truth was, I felt like an idiot for coming off like an inexperienced mumu.

Maybe the worst part was that I knew that’s not who I was. Cockily I thought, ‘I could definitely show her a thing or two’. It wasn’t long after that when I had arrived at the parking lot at my office. I then realized I just daydreamed the entire journey away, imagining different ways I could fuck Bisi and impress her.

Shutting my eyes with a grimace, I took a deep breath. Get a hold of yourself! I forced myself to think about some of the more routine things I was about to do at work in order to will my erection away.

I was doing okay for the next hour or so. My mind was mostly occupied by my work, and I only found my thoughts occasionally drifting to Bisi. I wondered what she and Eniola were up to. I wondered what they were talking about. I wondered what Bisi was wearing‚Ķ Her tight, ripped jeans again? It was a nice day out, maybe she will be wearing shorts… Maybe I’ll even see her in a bikini if she goes out to the pool‚Ķ

I shake my head and try to refocus again. And again, I would eventually drift off to fantasizing about her body. God, her wet skin in that towel‚Ķ If she was such a flirt, why didn’t she just fucking let it drop‚Ķ I was doing one of the worst things possible. The more I pictured her body, the more I found myself loving it. I started falling into the trap of building up her looks in my mind. She’s like a younger, sexed-up version of Eniola‚Ķ

This went on for the next few hours. Intermittently I would actually scold myself, or at least convince myself I was being crazy. After all, she was practically a kid! No, she’s in university. Well, she’s a woman anyway! With a perfect, ripe body. She comes off pretty immature‚Ķ Pretty fun too‚Ķ She’s uh, my girlfriend’s little sister‚Ķ That’s supposed to be bad‚Ķ why am I so hard?

The whole building was almost completely empty; as I said, most colleagues were on vacation. I had been so lost in my thoughts that I actually jumped a little in my seat when someone stepped in my office, knocking on the door to get my attention. It was my manager.

“What are you doing here?” he asked.

“Uh, just getting some workload sorted out.”

“Hm. You don‚Äôt really need to do that.”

“Well, there’s not too much else to do so far‚Ķ”

“Right. Why don’t you just head home for the day?”

“I could just finish this‚Ķ”

“Mm. Okay. Do that, then go home. No point in stressing yourself this week. Don’t need to come in this week, really.”

“I uh, don’t have vacation yet‚Ķ”

“Huh, yeah well, think of it as a perk. Don’t let me catch you here tomorrow. I’ll call if I need you for anything.”

“Uh, okay.”

He left and I finished up my task, a little perplexed. I guess I was pleased that he said I didn’t need to come in. I was planning on it anyway‚Ķ But I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about it anymore. It dawned on me that Eniola was still going to be working most of the week, which I suppose I already knew‚Ķ But, well, there was Bisi. Was this going to be a problem?

No, it wouldn’t be. At worst, she was just a flirt. What the hell was I worried about? It’s not like I would actually make a move on her. Never mind the fact that two days ago, I wouldn’t have even registered the thought that, at some point, I will even consider it… All I had to do was relax. So she’s cute, big deal. I was just a little shell-shocked from her outgoing behavior.

Well. Easier said than done. Seeing my boss did a nice job of extinguishing any arousal in me, but it wasn’t long after he left that the fire started burning again. I tried to picture my own girlfriend to push Bisi out. It wasn’t much use. Of course, I thought Eniola was beautiful. Duh. But it’s always hard to compare the familiar with the new and exciting. I imagined Eniola in Bisi’s outfit; tight ripped jeans and a tiny shirt. It was kind of hot, but it ultimately just didn’t fit. She’s just too mature for it. Not like her little sister. She’s young enough to make it work, old enough to make it too damn sexy.

I got home that evening; they weren’t back yet from their day out. I wandered around the apartment, feeling particularly restless, both anxious and nervous for them to return. Eventually, they arrived and were kind enough to bring dinner with them. I went to work setting the table while Eniola went to the restroom to freshen up.

I tried not to pay too much attention to Bisi‚Ķ She was wearing a pair of leggings and a tank-top. Yeah, she looked good‚Ķ But not too good. I was both relieved and secretly a little disappointed that she didn’t wear something sexier. Standing around the kitchen and watching me, she started up a conversation.

“Soooo‚Ķ How was work?”

“Oh, fine. Pretty slow week. Did you have fun with Eniola today?”

She absently twirled a strand of her hair. “Sure. We mostly just went out shopping, you know, girl stuff.”

“Oh yeah? Go to the mall or something?”

“Yeah, we were there for a while. But you know how it is. Bunch of girls dressed like sluts, competing for attention.”

I shook my head and let out a little laugh, bringing the food over to the table.

“I guess it’s not that much different than university,” she added on, “But in university, at least the girls get laid.”

I briefly paused in my tracks, shocked at the comment. I felt a nervous flutter in my stomach, which promptly flew down to my cock and gave it a little life. Goddamnit. Before I could react, Eniola came back in.

“Food is ready!” I announced and quickly took a seat, desperate to hide any potential tent in my trousers.

The evening proceeded fairly calmly then. Bisi’s comments were significantly less offensive, if not less sarcastic, while her sister was with her. This was a relief, although I could have sworn she was laughing at me with her eyes from time to time.

After dinner, the girls informed me we were going to have a ‘pajama party’ and watch a movie. They picked up some comedy movies about fun in the university. “So you can see what I have to put up with these days,” Bisi smiled.

I wasn’t really in the mood, but I knew better than to go against two women when they had their heart set on something frivolous. Eniola and I changed into pajamas; they were nothing special. Just your typical check trousers and a tee-shirt. We came back out and put in the movie. Eniola immediately stole one side of the couch.

Then patting the middle cushion next to her, “You can sit next to me!”

I gave her a dry smile and sank in next to her. Honestly, it didn’t occur to me right then that I will be sitting in the middle. Not until she came out. Bisi’s pajamas consisted of a pair of extremely tiny, pink shorts and a little top that cut away at the stomach in the shape of a triangle. It would cover her skin or reveal it depending on the way she moved. She also went through the hassle of putting her hair up in a pair of ponytails.

My eyes popped when I first saw her, and I’m positive that she knew it. I dropped my stare away as quickly as my wits would allow and grabbed the remote for something else to concentrate on. Eniola made a harmless comment about her sister’s ‘cute’ outfit. More like dead sexy.

Bisi made a display of not knowing where to sit.

“Get on the couch! Don’t worry, he won’t bite,” Eniola teased.

Pulling her arms back for a little stretch before sitting down, her top was pulled back to reveal a tantalizing display of her toned, flat stomach. I couldn’t help myself and tried desperately to watch out of the corner of my eye, without my girlfriend noticing. Next thing, Bisi casually flopped down into the last cushion next to me.

She pulled her knees up to her chest in this cute little position. In a way, it made her look younger. But the fact that her gorgeous, bare legs were drawn up, right next to me… My mouth went dry as I did my best not to drag my eyes along the length of her body. Those little shorts did nothing to cover up her thighs…

I brought one leg up and rested my foot on my other knee, then placed my hands in my lap. Looked natural‚Ķ I panicked that one (or both) of them would see the start of an involuntary erection forming in my loose trouser. My goal for the rest of the evening was to not tear my eyes away from the television, except to look at Eniola. Just pretend Bisi isn’t even there.

We watched about a half-hour of the movie before Eniola paused it. So far, it turned out to be your typical sexed-up teen movie: Lots of beautiful young people running around, getting into stupid problems while wearing next-to-nothing. Normally I could have appreciated the eye-candy without much fuss, but tonight I couldn’t help but associate everything I was seeing with Bisi. It drove my anxiety through the roof. And my hormones.

“I just realized we’re missing an essential ingredient for this‚Ķ popcorn!” Eniola declared as she got off the couch. “I’m going to microwave a bag up real fast.” She hurried out of the room and into the kitchen.

Bisi shifted onto her knees and turned her body to face me. I hesitantly looked over to return her gaze. “So, how do you like it so far?” she asked harmlessly.

“It’s all right, pretty funny,” I answered.

“Yeah‚Ķ I was thinking about our conversation. You know, about the university,” she muttered quietly. Suddenly I felt her slide one of her hands onto my leg. My body twitched at the touch.

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