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September 2, 2020

Average Joe [Reboot]: Life is Good (S01E01)

Average Joe [Reboot]: Life is Good (S01E01)

I don’t know if you’ve got a guestroom or a spare bed. If you do, maybe you’ll know what I’m talking about. So you have the bed there, right? Nobody sleeps in it, and it’s really just that room that you keep good for emergencies.

It’s there, just in case, you know? So, the sheets are clean. Maybe the one on top has some dust, but who cares? So why is it, when that rare circumstance comes along that somebody else does come to stay at your place, that you’re forced to change those sheets out for a fresh set? I swear; people just have sheets on the bed for the sake of it looking nice. Same reason why the apartment keeps the pool filled with water all year, even though you only have access to it three months out of twelve.

Anyway, there I was, changing the sheets out in the second bedroom (previously the “office”). Eniola, my girlfriend of some years, was driving out to pick up her younger sister from the university. It was a holiday, and Bisi (the sister) apparently had no place to go. With no car, and no excess of cash, but a definite desire to get away from her hostel while all her friends went on holidays‚Ķ Well, she and her sister apparently thought it’ll be fun if she stayed here.

Oh, how “lucky” to live in the same state as her school.

Now don’t get me wrong. It isn’t that I had anything against her per se‚Ķ I had only met her once during an excursion to “meet the family”. All I really remembered was she was excited about being able to get a driver’s license. I realize that’s not a lot to go on‚Ķ But the point was that I was planning on having my own little slice of relaxation for the week.

The firm I work at is largely composed of thirty to forty-somethings. This meant that they regularly took off for family vacations with their kids, naturally, during their school breaks. What did that mean for a comparative youngster like me? It meant a minimal workload. I have to go in for a few half-days at most; the rest I could phone in from home.

But now I faced the threat of having to entertain a guest. Eniola tried to put me at ease, “Oh don’t worry, she’s twenty, she’ll probably just want to lie around all day. She won’t bother you.”

Uh huh. I remember being a fresher in university. I did a lot of lying around too. Hell, I was anticipating doing just that this week! Basically I didn’t want my vegetation time infringed on by another. But that just wasn’t in the cards. They were on their way back and would arrive any minute. And so there I was, changing the sheets.

I saw Eniola’s car pull up from the window and I went out to meet them, figuring a young lady (well, any female actually) probably brought plenty (which is to say, too much) luggage with her. Eniola was already out of the vehicle when I got out there.

“Oh good, the help has arrived!” Eniola cheerfully greeted. She was standing behind the trunk with a duffel bag in hand. I had no sooner walked up to her than she happily dumped it into my arms. I smirked at her and looked to an open door and into the back seat.

All my mind recognized at first was a nice, bubble ass sticking out of the car as its owner struggled inside to pull something out. She was wearing jeans that were fashionably torn, so slivers of one thigh were visible through the tears. Having heard my arrival, I guess she gave up because she slithered out of the car empty-handed to look at me.

The knees were worn out too, among other areas casually ripped to reveal the skin beneath. The waist of her jeans was frayed at the top, and it hugged so low on her hips that it almost gave the illusion that someone came along and stripped off the top inch of the denim. Wearing a tight tee-shirt that probably wouldn’t have covered her entire stomach anyway; she showed off a long, smooth section of her bare stomach.

I tried to take down my raised eyebrows with a furrowed brow as I managed to stop checking her out and look at her face. I felt a pang of odd surrealism as I recognized the eyes looking back at me, at least a little bit. Her features had definitely matured from when I saw her those years ago. Although she still looked young to me, there was an edge now that I found difficult to reconcile with the kid I remembered.

Her lips curled into a harmless smile and chirped, “Hey there, handsome!”

I chuckled back, “Oh you can drop the flattery; my hands are already full.”

Her bottom lip jutted out slightly in a mock pout. We both stood there for a moment, and if I didn’t know any better, she was trying to size me up. Does she think I’m going to bend over backwards to help her? Suddenly I wondered if she was spoiled type at school.

Next thing I knew, Eniola was pulling the bag back out of my hands. “Oh don’t be so helpless!” She rolled her eyes playfully at her sister, “Sometimes boys need to be coached.”

Looking back at me she smiled, “Now be nice to our guest.” She let herself into the apartment to drop off the bag, leaving her sister and me to take the rest.

I looked back at Bisi and gave a dry smirk. “Guess you’re in luck!”

Moving toward the door, she slid in front of me just as I stepped up to it. “No no, I’m not helpless. I wouldn’t want the man of the house to be upset with me!” Her eyes sparkled irony before they were hidden away from her ducking into the back seat.

Her backside pushed out and pressed against my leg. I quickly stepped back to give her room. If she was trying to flirt with me just then, it didn’t register. In my mind I just thought she was being smart. Anyway, I stood there by the car and waited while she continued to tug at whatever bag was apparently stuck in there. She made these cute grunting noises and I couldn’t help but to notice her ass wiggle as she struggled.

Finally, it came free and she dragged it out of the car. She stood back up and looked at me, huffing slightly. A long strand of hair had fallen in front of her face and she blew on it, flustered. Looking back at me, she gave a triumphant, if sarcastic, smile. “Whew! Do you have this effect on all the girls?”

I cocked an eyebrow at the comment but didn’t have time to reply before she shoved the overstuffed bag towards me. “Show me what else you can do!”

I lifted the bag and turned to the door. Eniola had just come back out and saw me. “Ah, is he being obedient now?” she called out laughingly.

“A perfect gentleman,” Bisi replied sweetly.

“Well, that’s good to hear! I’ll make us up some food. Lock the car up and come on in!”

I rotated back around to bump the car door shut with my body, but Bisi stood between me and it. “Could you, uh, get that?”

Her lips parted open as if she was positively delighted to have been asked. “Oh! I love to!” She then unceremoniously kicked the door shut behind her with her foot.

She is something else. “Thanks.”

I brought the bag into the spare room and dumped it onto the bed. Then I returned back into the kitchen to rejoin the girls.

“I was thinking we could make up a nice dinner for her first evening here, but I just realized we don’t have any real food!” Eniola complained as she dug through the fridge. She shut the door and looked at me for an answer.

I tilted my head. “Indomie isn’t real food?”

She gave me a flat smirk. “Okay, okay. I’ll go to the supermarket.” Turning to her sister, she gave an exaggerated shrug, “So hard to find good help these days!”

Bisi gave a forced laugh, then looked at me and pursed her lips shut. Batting her eyes at me, she soothed, “Don’t worry, I think you’re good help.”

“Fine, I can go to the super‚Ķ” I groaned.

“No, no. I wouldn’t want to put any strain on you. I’ll just go drive some more, nobody worry about me‚Ķ” Eniola pulled her keys out.

I walked with her back up to the front door. “Can you at least try to be nice to her while I’m out?” she whispered under her breath.

I gave her an angry look, as if to say, ‘what did I do?’

“I won’t be too long. Make yourself comfortable!” she called back to her sister before opening the door. “Keep her company ’till I get back at least,” she hushed before she left.

She shot me an annoyed look but was soon on her way out to the car. I shut the door behind her and turned around to see Bisi looking at me expectantly. She stood there with her arms stretched behind her, leaning back against the counter. The pose had the effect of pulling her shirt up her tummy and exposing skin all the way up to her navel.

“I hope I didn’t get you in trouble,” she said sympathetically.

I shrugged, “Nah, not your fault your sister doesn’t like soup.”

She giggled lightly. “Yeah, she can be hard to please sometimes. Don’t worry about me though‚Ķ I’m easy.”

I couldn’t help but flash a smile at the comment. “Oh, I meant‚Ķ” And suddenly she relaxed into a timid smile. “Well, I guess I meant I’m fine with soup. Even if I am a slut.”

Now it was my turn to be embarrassed. Completely caught off guard by the comment, “I- uh‚Ķ”

She interrupted me with a laugh. “Sorry, that was blunt. Sometimes I think I come off a little weird‚Ķ”

I tried to chuckle it off. “Well, I guess we just uh, don’t know each other yet.”

“Oh, don’t um, just throw away all our history!”

I gave her a confused look.

“We did meet a long time ago when you first met my family.”

“Ohh- yeah, yeah,” I nodded. “But uh, we didn’t talk much. I think you were too cool at the time,” I smiled.

“Ha, yeah right. More like too shy! I had a total crush on you for one whole weekend!”

I was stunned again and shifted my weight awkwardly.

“Well, I mean, you were older and my sister brought you home to show off‚Ķ You know how it is‚Ķ”

“Uh, yeah. I was a young girl like you once, I guess‚Ķ”

She laughed at the joke. “Okay, anyway, Eniola was so pretty and I was just a bony little thing. I couldn’t hope to catch your eye!” She looked down at herself and shrugged, “Then again, not much has changed!” and she shrugged a smile.

“Huh, I think you’ve changed at least a little bit,” I replied obviously.

“Yeah? I’m taller now, at least!”

“Not so bony either,” I suggested helpfully.

“But could I catch your eye?”

Awkward pause‚Ķ “Um‚Ķ S-sure, I gue‚Ķ”

She cut me off, “Ha! Okay, anyway, I guess now we can catch up. So I got my driver’s license‚Ķ no car though‚Ķ graduated secondary school, and am now at university. Life story over!”

I was relieved she changed the topic and gave her a brief rundown of my job and the things I did for fun. We continued making small talk for a while and I showed her around the apartment, stopping in the room she will be sleeping in.

“So you can just go ahead and make yourself at home in here,” I informed her.

“Cool, thanks.” She unzipped one of her bags and started taking out some of her things.

“Sorry if the bed is a little small, we normally don’t have anybody who actually stays over‚Ķ”

“Oh, it’s fine,” she replied nonchalantly, “I’m sure we can both fit.”

I was standing behind her as she rifled through her bag and realized I was admiring her ass in those jeans, particularly paying attention to the skin peeking out through the ripped areas. My mouth went dry as I registered what she said. Wait, *did* she say that?

“Uh‚Ķ W-what?” I croaked.

“Oh!” she said, turning around to face me. She had a mask of exaggerated innocence. “Now you must really think I’m a slut! I meant me and Lala‚Ķ”

She reached behind her and pulled a small, worn teddy bear out of the bag. “Don’t worry‚Ķ It’s a‚Ķ um, completely platonic relationship. We won’t be keeping you up at night.”

I had a little laugh and shook my head. She* is* something else. No sooner than the moment passed, we both heard the front door swing open. “The food has arrived!” Eniola called out.

We trotted out to the kitchen and rejoined her as she pulled some meat pies out of a grocery bag. The rest of the evening was fairly uneventful, with the two sisters chatting each other up, mostly recalling stories about when they were both younger. I followed the tales with some interest but constantly found my mind wandering off to the thought of Bisi.

Was she really flirting with me, or was I reading into something else? Well, she had definitely grown up‚Ķ Then I inwardly scolded myself. How could I be thinking about my own girlfriend’s little sister like that? I tried to just push it out of my mind, but despite my best efforts, I kept finding myself stirring a little bit at the sight of Bisi’s great figure.

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