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Average Joe : Office Dilemma

Trouble always seems to come looking for us whenever we’re having the best time of our lives.

It always happens and whenever trouble comes knocking it’s like my door is the first one it knocks on before going to the next person.

So, there I was enjoying this relationship with Kemi. I know I liked women too much and what we had wouldn’t last because some fine woman with great tits and a huge ass will grab my attention in the not so distant future, but I enjoyed every moment with her.

Somehow down the line, I don’t know how he found out but Segun came into my office to ask me series of questions about my relationship with Kemi. I did my best to deny having anything to do with Kemi until Segun told me how our ‘gist’ had gone round the whole office. I still kept on denying till Segun gave me details of how we were spotted leaving Kemi’s apartment together over the weekend. My eyes widened.

“Joe, what are you still trying to hide? It’s no longer a secret. Everybody knows about it now. I’m sure even Madam knows about it too.”

The thought of my boss knowing about my relationship with her subordinate gave me chills down my spine. I had tried as best as I could to make things as lowkey as possible. The lowest of keys, even.

Whenever we were in the office, we had tried to keep things as official as we could between us, making sure to not reveal that my head had been between Kemi’s lovely thighs the previous night or that I anticipated her sitting on my face later that evening. If by word of mouth or anything of the sort that Madam had heard about us, I surely would have to be looking for another job. It had been a year since that episode with her where I came late to work and she was waiting right there in my office.

After that day, she had wanted us to start seeing each other but I politely refused, giving her the same reasons I had given Kemi before we started dating. Madam had come to respect me so much for it, knowing that most other guys would’ve jumped at her but I didn’t. And if after all that, she found out that I was now dating within the office, I surely would be doomed.

I asked Segun to tell me all what he knew concerning the matter and he laughed. He laughed so hard for so long before standing up to leave. I held him back and begged him, something I’d never done before.

“But just now, you were telling me you had no idea what I was talking about.”

“Segun please, I’m sorry. I never knew it would come to this.”

“Alright, I will tell you all what I know. First you must tell me how you did it. some of us have been trying to nail her for years, man.”

I sighed, and told him everything, leaving out some details he really didn’t need to know. Segun was awed when I was done. He clapped. “Guy what do you tell these women that they fall for you so easily?”

“Segun please leave that one and tell me what you know jor.”

“Ehh… I’m sorry Joe. I don’t know any more than what I’ve already told you, it was Gloria that saw you guys on Saturday so go ask her.”

Gloria? That bloody gossip? What the fuck was she up to? Christ. If Gloria knew, then everyone knew. And if everyone knew…

A call came into my office phone and it was from Madam. I backed away from the phone and let it ring till it ended. Then she called again. I picked. She wanted to see me privately in her office for a few minutes. I told her I’d be there shortly.



“You and Kemi? Really?” she asked after we’d finished discussing some official matters.

I had arrived at her office expecting the worst only to find out she only wanted to know about a client who had called concerning some issues. I was so relieved that she hadn’t found out anything even though I’d already cooked up a lie to deny all allegations.

“I’m sorry?” I asked, pretending bemused.

“Enough with the pretence, Jonathan. I asked her, and she told me. Kemi would never lie to me. She’s my cousin.”

I gulped a couple of times and starred at my hands. I kept quiet, I had no bloody idea they were related. Kemi never told me such a thing. Jeez. I wouldn’t have dared if I knew.

“You’re not going to defend your strong morals against office romance anymore?” she asked with a hint of sarcasm in her voice. I just sat there in her office couch, keeping my face as straight as possible.

“Er… it just…happened. I guess, I kinda like her too much and didn’t care about the morals.”

She chuckled. “Where’s all this coming from? The Jonathan I know can’t be so struck by a girl.”

I hated being in this woman’s presence. I was actually older than her, but her stupendous wealth made me feel so week and fragile beside her. She was my employer but that really wasn’t what awed me about her. She knew how to grind my gears and at the same time, stir my loins.

I looked at her, and smiled.

“Very few ladies have struck me like this. No wonder you both are related.”

Her face lit up at that last bit and for a split-second I saw desire flash across it. Suddenly she stood up, walked to her large table and spoke into the intercom.

“Gloria, my meeting with Mr. Jonathan isn’t as short as I had planned it to be. Cancel all other meetings for the day and wait for my call.”

With that she locked her door and started to walk towards me, unbuttoning her blouse and giving me a look that was quite familiar…


To be continued.

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