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April 22, 2021

Average Joe(18+) : Meet Lizzy & Kemi
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Average Joe(18+) : Meet Lizzy & Kemi

“Jonathan, please nau…” Lizzy begged

Anytime she called my full name, i knew it was a very serious issue at hand. Nobody ever really called my full name.

Everybody knew me as Joe.

Most people didn’t even know what the full name was. Joseph or Josiah?? They didn’t bloody care. Neither did I.

Lizzy was naked, on my bed. We just finished having sex and she was asking me for a ‘little’ money to get some girlie stuff. I had told her I had none, but I knew she wouldn’t relent. Girls in desperate need never relent. I had to give in to her ‘request’.

“Ok Liz, I’ll send you the money tomorrow. I really do not have it on me right now.”
She made a face. The face.

The one girls usually do when they want you to tickle them and make them laugh and then promise (and give) them the whole world.

I smiled and looked into her eyes. Then I used my finger to trace a line all the way from her laps, up her stomach, made a circle around her belly button.

A very sensual spot on her body. She giggled and playfully tried to remove my hand then I pinned both her hands to the bed while I proceeded to use my mouth on her belly button. I tickled it with my tongue…she laughed harder and tried to wriggle free from my tight grasp.

I managed to use one hand to hold her pinned to the bed while the other one slowly found its way to her coochie lips. It was still a bit moist from our love making. While still tickling her button, i fondled the coochie as well, parting the lips and using my index finger to rub gently between them.

Doing both things at the same time was beginning to have a new effect on her current mood.

Her ‘hahahaha’ had now turned into ‘ooh..aaah..uuuh yeah’

My dick had already become fully charged and prepared beneath me…ready for another round of pumping and slamming action. But it was gonna have to wait a while longer, because i wanted Lizzy to go home happy tonight, and maybe forget about the money she was asking me for…I laughed at myself for that thought.

Meanwhile, my index finger was already inside her honey-pot, the other hand was playing with her nipples…just as she twisted with pleasure beneath me.

She pleaded then..that she wanted me to eat her coochie up. Yeah…i always loved it when they asked. I used my tongue to lick all the way down her belly, kissing the few inches down to her coochie lips, which were swollen and glistened with her juices.

Her smell filled my nostrils, the scent driving me crazy…inviting me. I licked her up real good, then using my hands to hold her thighs still so she wouldn’t break my neck while I sent her to seventh heaven.

I sucked her coochie really hard, really put so much effort into it. Lizzy was almost wailing.

Her voice wasn’t really a sonorous one…but when she was in this mood, Adele couldn’t compete with her.

She sang grammy award winning choruses when she was getting sucked like this. I don’t know how many other guys could take her to these heights, but I was glad and proud that I could.

Her juices filled my mouth as she came…and came again. The princess of multiple Orgasms I called her (she didn’t know this tho)…

Then without further ado…I threw my dick in the mix. The penetration was smooth and sweet, and when the thrusting began, and her body began to move with each pounding movement, her boobs wobbling here and there, her voice still singing…it didn’t take long for me to cum. My seed pouring into her.

Thank the Good Lord for Postinor2, my evil mind said within me.

She didn’t forget about the money as i hoped. When we were done, and she had showered, and dressed, and was about to leave. She reminded me again.

I told her I’d keep to my promise. She blew me a kiss and left. Closing the door behind her.
I picked up my phone then and called Kemi.

She picked almost before the last ring.

“Hey baby, howdy?” I said

“I’m not so good boo. I miss you so bad. I’ve been lonely all day. I need you so bad right now. Can you come over?” I asked

“Aww baby. Alright, alright. Just gimme a few minutes, i’ll be there. Okay?” Kemi said

“Okay boo. Please get me a cup of chocolate ice-cream on your way over will you?” I requested

“Okay dear. Love you. Mmuaah” She said

“Love you too, boo” I ended the call and grinned a very devilish grin.

Then I got up from the bed, changed the sheets, and cleaned up the whole room. Making sure to get rid of any evidence that Lizzy had been here just a few minutes earlier.

But you just fucked one girl just now and now you wanna fuck another one.

Are you not satisfied already?

It was the good part of my crazy mind speaking to me.

But I hardly ever listened to it. So I wasn’t going to now. I didn’t have to explain myself to anyone…not even myself.I showered then, went to the sitting room, put on the TV and awaited the arrival of Kemi. My newest ‘catch’…

To be continued next week…

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