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Average Joe: Best Friend’s wife II

A few days later Emeka invited me to his place. He told me he needed my advice on a few issues concerning the wedding which was fast approaching. I asked him if he didn’t have a wedding planner and he said he did but just wanted to hear my opinion seeing as I’m his best man. I finally agreed to visit him. When I got there, Tolu opened the front door for me.

I was awestruck by what I saw, She had on one of his T-shirts, her boobs pushing out vehemently against the material, my eyes strayed down to find her wearing the skimpiest of bumshorts.

Those thighs! bruhhh. Those thighs!!

They glistened in the afternoon sun, sleek and spotless as ever. I suddenly felt an urge to squat and lick her from the feet up till I snuggled my face into her crotch. Tolu had greeted me twice already before I regained my senses.

“Joe… are you coming in or not?” She asked with a glint of mischief in her eyes.

I cleared my throat and offered her a handshake. She instead gave me a side hug and the feel of her left boob on my chest gave me sensations. This was somebody’s fiancé for fuck sakes, Joe! Better behave yourself!!

I stepped into the living room and fortunately Emeka wasn’t there so I sat down and crossed my legs to appear calm and collected and at the same time hide the slight bulge in my crotch. Tolu asked me what I’d take and I told her a can of beer would be nice.

She went inside to let Emeka know I’d arrived.

While I sat there, I thought about the best way to avoid doing anything that would lead to ruining the friendship I had with Emeka by banging his fiancé. The only way would be to give up on being his best man and staying as far away from him as possible because every time I saw Tolu, my mind and body could never be at peace.

Emeka, Tolu and I sat in his living room sipping drinks and chewing smallchops. Occasionally my eyes would drift to Tolu’s boobs… or her thighs… or her ass… or her lips. I imagined those lips on my dick. The thought of it made my dick start to come alive once more while Emeka asked me if I had a navy-blue suit. A what? My expression showed that I hadn’t been paying much attention, but I tried as best as I could to keep my eyes away from Tolu. But bruh, it was hard, I just wanted to be done and out of there as fast as I could before I did something drastic.

Tolu excused herself and took our dishes into the kitchen, I volunteered to be of help as I grabbed two dishes and followed her into the kitchen. With every step, her bum jiggled and wiggled, inviting me. Telling me to damn all consequences and grab at it. I cracked a joke as we walked to the kitchen and she laughed, her laughter gave me so much joy.

We got to the kitchen and I dropped the dishes in the sink… and as I turned around from it… what I saw made me wonder if the world was suddenly about to come to an end.

Tolu was bent – her fat round ass shooting out – while she tried to get something from a low cabinet. If it was at my house this had happened… I wouldn’t give a fuck in hell whose wife or fiancé or girlfriend it was. I’d walk straight up to her, pull down those shorts and ram my hard dick into her pussy but this wasn’t my house and I wasn’t exactly sure what was happening. Was this the same shy Tolu who had accompanied Emeka to my house that Sunday afternoon just a few days ago?

As Tolu made to stand up I opened the fridge to grab another can of beer, popped it open and took one very long gulp.

“You might also want to get another for Emeka. I still don’t know who’s worse between the both of you.”

“Hahaa. Please, I’m not much of a beer guzzler. I prefer wines and spirits. Emeka looks like he can finish a carton of beer in one sitting.” We both laughed.

Loud enough for Emeka to hear from the living room then she looked at me, still smiling. I looked back at her. We were locked in a gaze. Then our smiley faces disappeared as I slowly walked up to her, beer in hand.

I stood, my face inches away from hers, my eyes unflinching, my heart beating so hard, smelling her sweet fragrance… and waiting for her to make that first move just so my conscience would be clear but she didn’t.

Neither did she back away and right there, right then… in her eyes, I saw something. Emeka’s voice finally broke the silence as he approached from the hallway.

“Joe… were the smallchops so delicious that you’re still back here trying to make more?”

I backed away from Tolu who quickly walked to the sink and turned on the tap.

I laughed as Emeka approached and said “Bro, I’m only trying to find out how you managed to swindle this fine lady into accepting to marry you. Maybe I could use your techniques to swindle my own future wife.” We all laughed.

Before I left that evening, I shared a hug with Tolu, and lingered for a second or two… taking in her warmth. I gave her a peck on the cheek, making it look as harmless as ever and wishing them a wonderful night. As I drove home, I picked up my phone several times and thought about “whatsapping” Tolu to ask her the meaning of what had happened between us in the kitchen.

A voice in my head kept telling me to wait, even when I got home… I had to put my phone on silent and keep it far away from me while I watched movies just so that I wouldn’t be tempted to text her but she kept entering into my head. And as I was about to sleep that night, I picked up my phone to check for any calls, mails or messages that might have come through. 9 whatsapp messages from 3 contacts.

One of them was from Tolu. A ‘”Hi” with a blushing emoji. I replied with a “hello” and that was how our private discussions began.

We chatted about everything…but in all our conversations, we never mentioned Emeka.

Until one day, when – as usual – our conversation led to matters concerning sex, and Tolu told me she didn’t know what “great sex” felt like. She said she’d only ever dated two guys in all her lifetime. One Fred from her secondary school days who never really knew how to make love to a woman. Emeka, who she said could be romantic and gentle and caring, but couldn’t last long enough in bed.

Of course, it felt quite odd that I, the best man to my best friend, was chatting with his future wife about his sexual prowess. It felt very odd. But I didn’t ask myself why she was telling me those things. She had confided in me and told me things she would never tell anyone else. She told me she loved Emeka with all her heart, but sex with him was just average and below average most times. I felt sorry for her. I proceeded to let her know of all the things a guy should offer his girl during sex, making sure to be as detailed as possible. By the time I was done, it took her quite a while to reply. She replied with a “Hmmmm”. I smiled to myself and waited for her next words.

“I have this funny thought in my head, since I’m getting married soon and won’t be allowed to break my vows when I’m married why don’t I just give my self one night of great sex? Because I may never get the opportunity again”

And right there… my brethren… was the moment that I had been waiting for all my life.

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