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Average Joe (18+): The Obsession

When I was younger I always wanted to date a nymphomaniac. A chic that would always want sex. It was a fantasy that I wished for… and almost prayed for. A lady who would make sex become boring for me. I never got that wish and as I grew up later in life I knew that such kind of girls were rare, very rare. Even if they weren’t, bruh, you really can’t handle that kind of chick, realistically.

I met Karen at the mall somewhere down the line. I’d gone to get some groceries for the kitchen and I was standing behind her while she made her payment. She didn’t buy much, just some hair cream and body spray. I had a whole lot of stuff to carry to my car and she offered to help me. Usually it’s the guy who does that, offer to help a lady in need. A lady offering to help a guy was something I wasn’t quite used to. She noticed my surprise and asked me if it was the first time a girl was helping to do anything and I laughed and said no.

She dropped my bag in the trunk and smiled at me. She was about to go get a cab when I offered to drop her off, as my way of showing thanks. She hesitated, like I expected, before accepting.

I took her number and later that evening we spoke. She wanted to know everything about me. I just wanted to know if she was down for dinner tomorrow. My call credit got exhausted and she called me back. I had to use my Bluetooth headset because the call dragged on for an hour and 43 minutes. At the end of it all she agreed to dinner but not the next day. She had choir practice, so we agreed to Saturday.

Saturday came and she couldn’t make it. She said something about her church having a seminar. Another church girl, I thought but when we spoke over the phone she had told me about her ex boyfriend and so I assumed she must have had sex with that guy so yeah… she couldn’t be all churchy.

After her failure to show up on Saturday I decided to not call her again until whenever she felt like it was necessary for her to call me. She called me a week later when this fine babe named Rosanne I had met some time ago at a club was sucking my dick. My dick was being sucked so passionately that I wondered how I managed to answer the call and not sound like my cock was being sucked.

“Hello” she said

“Hey” I answered. “You…uhh..you called.”

“Yeah, I did. Well, since you’ve decided not to.”

Rosanne’s tongue swept down the length of my cock to my cleanshaven balls and I suppressed a moan.

“Oh, yeah. I felt maybe you were busy with your church seminar…and other things”

“Really, Joe? It was just for that day. I already apologized for that.”

“Okay, I’m…sorry. I should’ve called”

“So what are you doing right now?” Rosanne was removing her panty.

“Uhm… nothing really. You?” Rosanne was putting a condom on my cock.

“I’m just sitting at home, bored. Can we have that dinner this evening?”

“Dinner?” was the only thing I could ask as Rosanne, squatting with her fat ass towards me, used her hand to guide my dick into her cooch and began to move.

“Yeah, the one we were supposed to have a week ago?”

“Ooooh, dinner. Yeaahhh… I remember now. Cool. This evening yeah?” Rosanne was fucking me so good that I could feel my voice begin to quiver and my body temperature begin to rise.

“Yeah” she said “are you alright? You don’t sound alright.”

“really? No. I’m fine. I’ll call you at 5:00pm. Is that okay?”

“Yeah, 5:00pm is good. Don’t forget.”

“I won’t.” I replied and quickly ended the call and threw the phone away.

To be continued…

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