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July 10, 2020
Average Joe (18+) : The Obsession VII

Average Joe (18+) : The Obsession VII

Explaining who Joy Baridam is to Karen last night had seemed easier than I’d have thought. I just cooked up a lie and gave to her and she swallowed it.

She asked me to promise not to leave if she uncuffed me. The time was past 1:00am and I was just too exhausted to drive at that time of night all the way to my place. I made that promise and she removed the unlocked the cuffs, kissing my bruised wrists to lighten the pain.

After a few minutes of meaningless talk we both drifted to sleep, her before me. While still awake I thought about the several scenarios that would arise from me telling Karen that I never wanted to see her again and I couldn’t think of one which wouldn’t involve her reaching for her kitchen knife and stabbing me in the stomach. I later slept off thinking about starting a new and faithful life with Ms Joy.


Waking up to my dick being sucked was the last thing I expected that morning. I couldn’t even be angry at Karen anymore.

The warm softness of her mouth around me was so damn wonderful that I reached for her head beneath the covers and caressed her face to let her know that what she was doing was the best thing ever.

After a while I brought her back to me and made her sit on my face, returning the favour. She must’ve been in the shower already because she tasted so clean and fresh and I could perceive a scented fragrance on her. My alarm rang off for 6:00am and I knew I had to start preparing for work but Karen’s moans drowned all thoughts of that. I fucked her while she lay on the bed, pounding into her with such brute force that she screamed into the pillow that she’d buried her face in. I came deep into her, not caring about fathering a child with a woman I was never going to see again.

We exchanged morning kisses after I’d dressed up and was about to get to work. I promised her that I’d call or text when I get to the office. I probably would… but it was going to be one of those texts no lady wanted to see.

It should have been the end of everything but it wasn’t. After calling and sending her the text and expecting her to get the message, three days later Karen came to my office.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” I asked her in the reception area.

She smiled, looking dressed for work in a jacket and trousers. “I just wanted to see how you’re doing. We’re still friends aren’t we, Joe?”

Even after that day were more days of un-announced visitations, calls and text messages, It would never end. She just kept trying to force her way into my life up to the extent that I really considered getting a restraining order against her. I asked some of my guys what to do and they first laughed at me before giving me suggestions which didn’t help.

It’s been four months now and I still get messages from Karen. She tells me she found a guy who likes the freak in her but he isn’t me. She also tells me that if I ever want her back in my life, she would always come back.

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