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September 2, 2020

Average Joe (18+) : The Obsession VI

Average Joe (18+) : The Obsession VI

You think you can handle whatever a girl can throw at you while fucking her until you actually meet a girl as crazy as this one. With my hands still cuffed to the bed posts and the rest of my body and my dick at the mercy of Karen, I knew I had to handle whatever came like a real nigga.

Karen changed my whole views concerning meek and quiet woman that night. I had always avoided them because I was too impatient to wait and know what lay beneath the quiet and reserved nature. Better to go after those ones you know are down for whatever you have in mind. She has shown me the other side of her that I would never have known was there.

I was just only looking to have sex and leave her in my wake as one of the girls I’d given good dick and who won’t forget me in a long time, but naah. I was the one who wouldn’t be forgetting about her in a very long time.

While I lay there, dick throbbing and seeking some wetness, Karen faced the other direction, her head turned back towards me while she wiggled her ass in my face. It was too much. My hands were cuffed and I couldn’t get them out. I screamed at her to stop but she wouldn’t. She only giggled as she shook her ass even harder in my face. Whenever her booty got close enough to my face I would lounge my face at it with hopes of trying to bite her soft asscheeks but she would giggle and take it away from me.

I wanted to die for real.

This was the height of everything. I had never been treated like this ever before. I’d been drugged once, tied to a chair while I watched some chick have sex with her guy, been made to watch while two girls had sex, been subjected to the sounds of a couple having sex in the other room… and I had gone through all that and thought I’d been through the worst of it all but this was the fucking height of everything.

I could do nothing right there and then but beg and Joe begged.

I begged Karen. With every ounce of pride I had drained out of me… I begged her to free me from my misery, I should never have let her cuff me. I only thought she was being a bit kinky. But this was surely me being punished.

“Now you’re begging, Joe?” she chuckled.

“Please, Karen. I’m sorry for whatever I did. For not calling you after that night or treating you like you were just any other girl I’m sorry! So sorry!! Now I realize that you’re the girl I’ve been waiting for all my life. Pleaseeee just unlock these cuffs, please.” I said pleading and shaking my arms that had already began to ache and bruise.

“Not so soon, Joe. I’ll probably never see you again after this night… so allow me to have my fill.” She said with the darkest smile I’d ever seen across a girl’s face.

With that… she slowly stroked my dick and used her mouth to have me once more. Despite all the horror I must’ve been feeling my cock welcomed the warmth of her mouth.

I stopped myself from moaning as my erection got bigger and bigger in her mouth. She spat on my dick and licked it all up, and she went for my balls while still stroking my dick. I couldn’t hold back my moans anymore. She looked into my eyes when I moaned and I could see the satisfaction she got from my moans.

After a few more seconds of licking up my rod she turned around again and slowly directed my turgid penis into her waiting pussy. I so much wished I could reach for and grab that ass as my dick went slowly into her. I could only watch as her pussy engulfed every inch of my dick. She moaned deeply at the same time I felt my dick at her cervix. Then as slowly as she could, she rode me.

She made sure her chubby buttcheeks wiggled with each movement of her hips. My mind had already been fucked and I could feel my climax coming. She felt the movement of my hips as I thrust into her from behind and must’ve guessed that I was trying to cum. She abruptly got up from me and left my dick hanging.

“AAAARGGGHH” I screamed. “Don’t fucking stop now!”

“You’re not going to cum inside me, Joe” she said, smiling, and went to get a durex from one of her purses. She tore it open and put it over my throbbing rod.

“ARE YOU FUCKING KIDING ME?” I asked. Who the fuck puts a rubber on the dick in the heat of sex? Well, Karen did. She just kept confusing me when I felt I had begin to understand her.

Immediately after putting the rubber on me she was on top of me again facing me this time. She sat she put my dick inside of her once more and began to ride me once more, using two fingers to stroke her clit furiously as she rode me. I had been on the verge of my climax a few seconds ago and it didn’t take time for me to cum, my seed exploding out of me as I used my hip to push her up into the air. She came a few seconds after I did, her cum spilling all over the rubber and my groin and I could feel her walls clench on my dick. Karen moaned. She moaned so loudly that her voice drowned the sound of my phone ringing.

Karen didn’t care at all as she continued riding me, my tired dick still inside her, and soon enough she came again. Her body vibrating all over, her eyes shut tight and her hands still stroking her clit furiously. After her second cumming she fell on top of me, breathing hard.

“Are you going to uncuff me now so I can answer my phone?” I asked in a not so happy tone.

She giggled again. “You don’t sound happy Joe, you just had the best sex ever. You should be happy.”

“Naah. I didn’t plan to have the best sex ever with my hands cuffed to the bed.”

“Hey, come on. Don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy it.”

“Actually no, I didn’t.” I lied.

With that she got up and looked me dead into my eyes. “Really?” she asked.

My next answer was either going to decide if I spent the rest of the night handcuffed to the bedposts or not. Answering ‘Yes’ could mean I enjoyed it and so I wanted more. Answering ‘No’ could make her want to prove to me that I had to enjoy it, seeing as she was one very crazy bitch.

There really wasn’t a way out of that predicament no matter what I answered. What the fuck have you gotten yourself into, Jonathan? The good voice in my head asked me. I just want to be out of this cuffs, get the fuck out of this house and go home and never ever see Karen again in my life.

My phone rang again before I could answer and Karen reached for it from the bedside table and looked at it.

“Who is Joy Baridam?” she asked me.

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