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July 10, 2020
Average Joe (18+): The Obsession V

Average Joe (18+): The Obsession V

I woke up in the middle of the night to a familiar sensation. I was in bed, the room was cold because of the air conditioning and I was under the warm duvet then I felt the slow and rhythmic movement of her wet, warm mouth around my dick and I could feel all the memories from the previous night return to my head.

Karen had gone wild on me.

I never knew how kinky she could be until she had asked me if I’d been handcuffed before. I had never really liked the idea of being handcuffed because I always liked to dominate over every girl I had sex with.

I wanted to make them feel my power and scream my name, make them arch their backs as I drove into them from behind. The idea of submitting myself to the whims of a lady-dominator in bed had never been something I’d been eager to do.

But Karen, the girl who had just concluded a 3 day intense fasting and prayer conference at her church was the person trying to make me to indulge in it for the first time. Where the heck had she gotten handcuffs?

“Look at what you’re asking. Where do you think girls get their dildos and vibrators from?”
“I dunno. The internet?”
“Yeahhh. Online shopping is wonderful, Joe. You should try it sometime.”
“What exactly am I gonna get from the internet that I can’t get at the mall?”
“These handcuffs for example” she said swinging the purple fur-coated tool with her index finger.

I looked at them with raised eyebrows. I could already feel my dick begin to stir at the thought of being subjected to the mercy of Karen’s pussy. Dicks have never agreed totally with their owners that was how I made Karen cuff both hands to the bed posts.

“Have you tried this with someone else?” I asked looking at her curiously
She giggled, her boobs jiggling with the movement of her chest, and said I was the first person.

“So you bought these specifically for me?” I asked feeling a bit scared as she was cuffing my other hand.
“I bought them a long time ago…on a whim. I was never sure if I was ever going to use them.”
“So what if I hadn’t agreed to this and every guy you met never agreed to it?”
“I’d throw them into the bloody ocean.” She said and I laughed.

She brought her face towards mine and kissed me deeply and passionately. At times like this, I always had the urge to reach for her ass and squeeze but that urge died when the cuffs held my hand in place. I just pushed my face and my tongue into her, wanting the kiss to last for longer but unable to.

She kissed my chest, licked my nipples, used her tongue to trail down to my navel and I could feel my dick throbbing with pain.

It needed its fix badly!

Karen wasn’t even going to touch it yet. She spent a long time teasing me with her lips and her tongue and all I could do was squirm beneath her. She sat on my groin and moved her bum slowly over my enrage dick.

Moaning slowly as her crotch rubbed against mine. She still had on her bra and panties and I still had my boxer shorts on but the sensations that passed through our bodies felt like we were already having sex.
As a guy with a healthy sexual libido, there is only so much you can take while in bed and during foreplay before you want to get down to the business of fucking.

Girls can spend an hour on foreplay or even more depending on how patient their guy can be, but guys are not usually patient. Our brains are wired in such a way that once we feel the slightest of sensations, we want to get down to business real quick.

So being handcuffed to the bed while Karen did these things… was pure torture.

I had never been so frustrated in my life before. Karen enjoyed this, she even got high of it. she asked me if a girl had ever eating ice cream of my chest before.

My face suddenly changed from one of passion to one of confusion and terror. She wanted to fucking eat ice cream off my chest? And that she did.

She excused herself and then she went out of the room. In the few seconds she was away I tried as best as I could to free myself from these handcuffs but it was futile. Due to my intense workout sections my arms had grown bigger thereby making the cuffs tighter than they should be. I was sitting duck. Karen returned with a plastic cup. She used the spoon and placed icy scoops of the cream on my chest, my abs, my navel… and my clean shaven pubic area after getting rid of my shorts.

I just hoped it wouldn’t spill to my balls because the damn thing was so damn cold and the room temperature wasn’t helping.

Karen climbed back ontop of me then, she slowly removed her bra to expose her wonderful boobs. Boobs that I couldn’t squeeze and nipples that I couldn’t suck suddenly appeared in my face, I wanted to die,and this was just the beginning.

Karen tied her braided hair into a knot behind her head and proceeded to eat ice cream off me starting from my pube. She paid no attention to the dick standing at attention right next to her face as she worked her way up from there.

All I could do was moan when her warm mouth and her wet tongue licked up all of the cream from my body. After licking up the last scoop, she brought her lips to mine again and put some of the ice scream inside my mouth.

On a very normal day it would have been too disgusting but my present predicament required that I do every damn thing to make sure she didn’t get angry and leave me handcuffed to that bed till whenever she wanted to.

“Arggh…Karen. My dick is throbbing so hard. You’re gonna have to do something to calm it down or I might burst a blood vessel.”

She giggled again, kissed me one more time before slowly gliding down towards my groin.

She held my throbbing member and stroked it twice, then she pursed her lips and pushed the tip of my dick into her mouth. I was expecting it to be warm but instead I felt ice cold cream all around the tip of my hot rod and I screamed.

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