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April 20, 2021

Average Joe (18+) : The Obsession II
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Average Joe (18+) : The Obsession II

I had only known Karen for 3 weeks but she was about to visit my place and spend the night. Not like I haven’t had other girls in shorter time but I hadn’t even put in any effort. After I’d dropped her off that night and she’d given me that kiss on the cheek  I suspected she was the type of girl who would want me to really prove myself before she gave me the goodies but I guess I was wrong, very wrong.

She called me around 6pm to let me know she had gotten to my street. I’d given her directions earlier and she’d taken a cab. I went outside to receive her and pay for the cab fare, continuing my role as the near-perfect gentleman. She looked quite nice in simple grass-green blouse and black leggings. When she turned around to pick up her bag I stared at her ass. Oh lordy. I really hadn’t noticed she had all that until this very moment. I offered to carry the bag but she told me not to bother. In my head all I could think of was how soon we could get inside the house, get past the formalities and get in bed with each other where she’ll be sitting on my face as she sucked my cock.

Karen had actually stopped at a market to get some stuff for cooking. I told her she shouldn’t have bothered as I had already got some fried rice with chicken and salad at a nearby KFC wannabe. She told me she didn’t eat such expensive junk food. I stood in the kitchen and watched her prepare a pot of egusi soup. She even added the chicken we were supposed to use with the rice into the soup. By the time I was done eating the sizeable plate of semolina I felt like I had the strength of a thousand men. It never occurred to me that she wanted me to eat very well in anticipation of what she had planned for me that night.

While I sat in the sitting room nursing a can of Heineken and watching a movie she went into the bedroom to shower and change. She came downstairs in a knee-length nightie that barely didn’t reveal the fact that she was putting on a matching pair of bra and panties. She sat down just beside me on the couch, an arms length away, and asked me this.

“So… do you have a girlfriend?”

I observed her for a few long seconds and blurted out “what?”

“I asked if you have a girlfriend. A girl that’s close and special to you?”

“Karen, you wouldn’t be here if I had a girlfriend. And we’ve spoken about this already when you called me that first night.”

“Really? Like all guys don’t tell lies just to put their dicks between the legs of any girl that they meet?”

I sighed, dropped the can of beer on the centre table, rested my elbows on my knees and cracked my fingers. Then I asked her “Why are you here Karen?”

“You ask like you don’t want me here”

“You didn’t answer the question. Why did you come to my place? This evening. Why did you come and cooked dinner and went upstairs to shower and change into your nightie? What really is your reason?”

“Truth be told, I like you Joe. Ever since that first day at the mall, I spotted you and almost followed you around. There was just something about you. I made sure to stall a bit until you were done so we could meet at the check-out counter. Then I offered to carry one of your bags. Maybe that was a bit too much but something inside me told me you seemed like a guy who I wouldn’t regret getting acquainted with. The other night when you dropped me off all of me wanted you to come in with me and fuck my brains out but I had to give it more time just so I don’t appear to be too forward but I guess… even now, I’m being way too forward. I came here tonight because all that has been going through my mind I felt I should share it with you, face to face and even if you don’t like me that way and what you want is just to fuck me, at least you should fuck my brains out just so I can go back home disappointed, but satisfied.”

By the time she was done talking my lower jaw was a few inches away from the cold, marble floor. I was staring at her like she was a porn actress that I’d fantasized a lot about who had suddenly appeared out of the TV and into my sitting room. I had no words for what I’d just heard, but the part about me fucking her brains out was still ringing in my ears and suddenly I felt the blood rush into my dick and my crotch began to expand.

“Hey, say something.” Karen said as she drew closer and put her left hand on my lap. That left hand on my lap was the button that should not have been pushed. I grabbed her arm and drew her towards me and kissed her. I kissed her like a mad man. My lips were everywhere on her face, her neck, her shoulder, her chest. I grabbed one of her thighs and in one swift stroke my hand was already grabbing her ass, squeezing. She responded by tearing at my shirt, my buttons popping off as she laid bare my chest. I had no idea what had come over me but it had been a while I’d heard a girl asking me to fuck her brains out and so my senses must have been acting on that sentence alone and pushing my body to do what it was doing. Just as my hand found her crotch and I was about to play with her clit Karen stopped me…

“Wait…” she said.

FOR WHAT? My mind screamed but I said “I’m sorry. Did I hurt you?”

“No…no you didn’t. I just don’t like sex on the couch… bad memories.” She looked at me in a funny look in her eye but I didn’t bother asking any more questions. At least she didn’t just say she no longer wanted to have sex. She wanted to, but not on the bloody couch (which had suffered too much from me)

I scooped her up and took her into the bedroom. I lay her gently on the bed and proceeded to get rid of whatever clothing I had left. She lay there watching me with a strange need in her eyes. I got on the bed and kissed her all the way from her toes till I got to her crotch where the black panty still remained. I gently kissed her inner thighs, her moans were loud and very sensual.

With a deep voice that reminded me of one girl I’d fucked in the past. She used her toes to tease my body, tracing imaginary lines with them as I bent over her crotch, taking in the sweet scent of her sex. She urged me on with her moans and with my teeth I dragged her panty away from her. I wasn’t usually this freaky as I liked to get to the business of fucking and be done with it but I was about to engage in a process whereby I would fuck this chick and her brains will move out of her head. Something like that required certain skills of which I’d acquired over the years.

Karen was practically screaming when I had my head buried inside her crotch, my tongue twirling as far inside her as It could. Both of my hands had already rescued her soft boobs from the black lace bra and toying with her hardened nipples. She had her thighs wrapped around my head with her hips moving in a slow circular motion. Then suddenly she twisted her legs to the side and I found myself lying with my back on the bed with her crotch still in my face. All I could think (since I could’t say anything) was “wow, she really knew how to use her legs”

Karen couldn’t just get enough of my tongue in her pussy seeing as we’d been at it for so long and she wasn’t getting tired any soon. While she rode my face her hand was already stroking my cock and preparing it for the next episode. When it got to when my tongue couldn’t take anymore I managed to free my face from beneath her and take in deep breaths.

“Awww Joe, I was about to cum again” Karen told me. she actually wanted me to keep eating her out? Like I was a lesbian without a dick? Bitch naah.

“Then why don’t you climb on my dick and let me give you multiple orgasms?” I told her.

“Oh really?” she said and bit her lower lip. I stretched for my bedside drawer and got out a pack of condoms. I gave it to her and she tore one open and rolled it over my erect stick. She stroked my coated up dick slowly and looked at me sprawled out on the bed with my hands behind my head. She didn’t say a word as she looked into my eye. Neither did I say a word as I looked into hers then she straddled me and slowly put all of me into her. The warmth of her walls on my dick was exciting. I reached for her ass and grabbed then caressed her back all the way to her braided hair. Karen went back and forth on me with slow intent, her eyes closed as she concentrated on enjoying the pleasure of it all…

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