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January 16, 2021

Average Joe (18+) : The Kemi Quickie
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Average Joe (18+) : The Kemi Quickie

I was having a rough day at work. One of those days when you begin to question why you’re really doing what you’re doing. If anything even matters, I had been particularly stressed in the last couple of weeks and drinking a bit too much.

It was aĀ Tuesday morning but I was hungover, had spent the previous night downing a bottle of vodka while trying to finish up on a couple of documents I’d been working on at my home PC. The hot cup of black coffee that the office secretary had made was doing very little to keep me awake.

Segun had already been in my office twice that morning with folders filled with files that the madam wanted me to go through just to make sure there weren’t any errors and all these coupled with the fact that I hadn’t had sex in over a month.Ā  My life was just a total mess then God (or was it the devil) sent me a helping hand with the name of Kemi.

I had never dated any girl from the office for personal reasons and after hearing stories of how girls in other organizations had filed for sexual harassment against top officials in those organizations I knew that I had to be very careful not to fall a victim. But the way my mind and body was set up that morning, I threw caution to the wind.

Kemi had been throwing sly advances at me for a while even though I’d made myself clear about not wanting to indulge in office romance. She was pretty. Dark skinned with very lovely legs whenever she dressed in one of those skirts that stopped a bit too high above the knee. She seemed intelligent and she worked directly under the madam so she had an air of authority about her when she went about her business.

I’d had guys talk and fantasize about spending the night with her and making her suck their cocks and pound the authoritative personality out of her. I usually laughed at their jokes not knowing I’d be the person living their fantasies.

The madam had sent her to my office, with another bloody folder, and the moment I saw her…Ā  I gave up. Mumbled something she probably didn’t hear and stood up from my desk like I was about to leave. Kemi could feel how frustrated I was and chuckled. I was even angrier than before. How could she be laughing at my expense? She asked me if the work was too much and if she could go tell the madam what I said. I shot her a stern look. She dropped the folder on my desk and walked up to me.

“You look like you need 12 hours of sleep. What were you doing last night? Clubbing on a work day?”

I didn’t answer her.

“Oh wait. I know what you were doing last night.” she said and smiled mischievously.

I looked at her without saying anything and she went on. “While the rest of us were sleeping you were having fun. So now it’s time to work and you’re out of steam.” she chuckled again.

“I don’t have time for this shit. Is there anything else I can help you with? “

” Well… Yeah, but I doubt that you’d be of help.” she said and gave me a look that was even more mischievous.

I sensed what she meant when she walked towards the door with her as swinging and jiggling like it was trying to escape from her tight skirt.

“Kemi” I called after her, she stopped.

I told her to take a seat and went ahead to tell her how awful the past month had been for me. Adding a bit more detail just so she could feel sorry for me. She really did feel sorry and she held my hand to comfort me.

I’d never done this shit before but I kind of allow my voice to break so it would seem like I wanted to cry. She placed my head on her ample bosom and patted my back. Telling me it would be fine, the feel of my face in her books with my hand around her waist stirred something in me.

I suddenly felt an urge to kiss her. First I let my hands roam around her body then I reached for her as and squeezed.

She moaned.

That was my cue. I kissed her right there. It seemed to last forever and for a moment we didn’t even bother with the fact that we were in the office. She learned into me and I reached more for her, letting my hands to travel all around her body.

We kissed even deeper and just as I was about to undo her blouse she asked me if we were safe with an unlocked door. I quickly bolted it and by the time I returned, Kemi had removed her black laced underwear.

She made me sit as she raised her skirt above her crush and straddled me. I let my deck loose and she gently eased unto me. It had been a month since I felt that sensation.

The warmth of her purse around my hard disk was immense, I grunted as I grabbed her fat thighs and thrust deep into her. She moaned with each thrust and before long I felt my desire burning more than ever. It had been just over a month but my sick couldn’t handle it.

The couch screeched at the movement we made and Kemi held my head so tight to her bosom as her walls contracted around my deck and she came. I came inside of her seconds later. It was the fastest sex I’d had in over a year but I could feel my heart beating like I’d run a marathon.

We disengaged and she went into the restroom to clean herself up. She left after kissing me and giving my hand a good squeeze.

The rest of the day turned out to be marvelous. So lack of sex had been my problem all along? I made a mental note to make sure I thanked Kemi in the best way possible by taking her to my place and fucking the fear of Joe into her later that week.

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