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April 21, 2021

Average Joe (18+) : The Genesis
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Average Joe (18+) : The Genesis

“Joseph!!” My Mum screamed from the Kitchen

“Yes Mom!” I answered her in barely inaudible tone.

“Come over here and help me with the dishes, I can’t do everything myself! ” She screamed

I was this close to defeating the three-headed dragon in God of War 2 and my mother was calling me to come help her with dishes? I pretended as if I didn’t hear that part and kept clicking away at the control-pad with such furiousness. My mom had to call me three more times and make a few steps towards my room before I grudgingly paused the game and walked to the kitchen with a not-so-happy look on my face. The pile of dishes looked enormous in my eyes and I exclaimed.

“Haba now, Mom this is too much” I complained

“Yes it is, but there’s no other person right now to do them but you” She said

“Mom I’ve been telling you to get a house-maid but you refused. This is the kind of work a house-maid should do, not me” I lamented

“Will you shut your mouth and do those dishes before I pounce on you?” She said in a  harsh tone.

The scowl on my mother’s face promptly pushed me towards the sink and set about doing the dishes. It wasn’t cool at all doing such chores. Ever since my younger sister left to a boarding school, my mom had put me in her place in terms of doing stuff like washing plates and cleaning up the house.

Precious time that should have been spent advancing further in my “God of War” and “Kill-Zone” adventure games was spent trying to make the sitting room look cleaner and free of dust. I just couldn’t take it. I grumbled and grumbled for quite a while, even complained to my Dad, and the good old man saw reason with me and told my Mom to get a help who would help around the house.

A few days later, when my parents returned from their trip to the village, they brought along a young lady with them. She wasn’t the typical “bush-girl” type of lady. She’d lived in another town before, so she wasn’t clueless. She seemed the humble type and always did as told. My Mom wasn’t harsh on her as long as she followed orders and did what she was told to as at when due. I was overjoyed that someone had arrived to relieve me of such menial chores while I concentrated on using Kratos to deal with the gods of Olympus. I found out her name was Chioma. And I thanked God for bringing Chioma to rescue me from my Mother.

I was in SS2 back then, still quite a novice on matters concerning women. I was one of the youngest lads in my class. Most of them were older folks who had started schooling three to four years after my parents had decided that enrolling a damn toddler in school was a good idea. The boys in my class liked to talk a lot, mostly about football, movies, games (which was my main subject of interest at the time) and then girls and sex. I was regarded as one of the “jew-men” back then because I didn’t have a girlfriend, and was obviously a virgin. I didn’t know most of the terms/slangs they used in describing sex and the intimate parts of the female species.

I really didn’t act like I cared about what they talked about although I was very much interested. My libido had begun to make an impact on my mental state then and I just kept fantasizing about the pretty ladies in my class. I would pick one and undress her in my mind and imagine us making such sweet love. But I knew I’d never have the confidence to actually walk up to any of them to say anything. I had a few close friends back then though, who were quite closer to the “bad-boys” than I was. Those were the ones that told me all the tales of who had slept with whom, who and who were currently doing it or which among the ladies had done it more than the other. And I was just there looking at all those girls in my class and wondering how such small girls will be having sex on the regular. It was quite astonishing. My seatmate in school then was a lady, and she was the one who really paved the way to me losing my virginity. Her name was Angela. Yeah, Angela the one who I later bumped into.

Angela asked me one day if I was gay, I had never heard the word before so I looked at her with confusion written all over my face. She looked at me as well and wondered what kind of world I lived in. Then she asked me if I knew what lesbians were. I shook my head and told her I had no idea what she was talking about. Angela raised her eyebrows and asked me if I’d ever watched porn. I said I’d bought a few Hints and Better Lover magazines in the past and read them but had never watched porn videos. She promised to get me two CDs the following day. I thought she was kidding, until the next day when she brought me the CDs. I hid them in my bag quickly, my heart pounding like I’d just stolen 500naira from my Dad’s wallet. She told me to return them the following week and to make sure I didn’t get caught watching them, and that if I did get caught, she would deny me, and that her denial of me will make that of Peter’s against Jesus a small matter.

I waited till late in the night before I slotted in the first CD into the VCD player and at the first sight of a naked man pounding a naked woman, my rod began to rise, the dark knight. Ten minutes into the movie and I had quite an erection, with pre cum on the tip of my dick. I was just there enjoying the whole show and slowly massaging my dick, my pleasure increasing with every moan of the porn actress when I heard a sound like the door to my parent’s room being opened that I quickly switched off the whole set and fled to my room.

I lay on my bed as still as I could while I heard movement around the house. It was my Mom. I was so fucking glad I’d escaped getting caught watching “blue-film” in the sitting room. But the CD was still in the VCD. I was so scared to go back and get it so I left it in the machine till the next morning. I woke up to find out that NEPA had cut the power and became very worried. How could I leave a damn porn CD in the VCD and go to school? What if NEPA restored power in my absence and my Mom needed to play one of her “Akanchawa” music? She would put on the VCD to find pictures of a man ramming his penis into a woman? I went to the power stabilizer and removed the fuse. Without the fuse, it won’t work and without the stabilizer, no VCD!

Clever, isn’t it?

The following night, I returned to the sitting room to watch more porn. I removed the old CD and slotted in the new one. This one had black actors in it and was more appealing. it was so appealing that I got lost in it, fondling myself till my dick had become so turgid and my hips had began to jerk like that of the black guy with the monstrous dick in the movie that I hadn’t realized Chioma the maid had stepped into the room and was watching me. At her mention of my name, I jumped up and whimpered like a dog that had been kicked in the face. I quickly slid my valuables back into my boxers and made to switch off the TV. Chioma was older than me by a few years, but she had never used her seniority to caution me at any time. I shouldn’t have been scared of her, but I was. I didn’t want her telling my Mom what her son had been up to in the dead of night. I needed to plead with her…

“Ehm… Chioma, why are you awake?” I whispered to her

“I was hearing the sound of the TV” she whispered in reply.

“Really? Was it that loud? ” I asked. I thought I’d been quite discreet.

“Yes. I also saw you yesterday before Mommy came out of her bedroom”

“What?!” I asked definitely worried now. She knew all my secrets. What should I expect next, blackmail? My dick had shrunk within my boxers, and I just wanted to go to my room, lie down on my bed and think about my miserable life.

“I saw what you were doing o” Chioma told me in a hushed sarcastic tone. I could see a hint of mischief on her face as she smiled with one side of her lips.

I had no words to tell her. I couldn’t reprimand her to keep her mouth shut because of fear, and I couldn’t quite deny my lustful deeds as well. I just frowned, picked up the CDs and walked to my room without uttering a single word. She watched me leave and didn’t say anything. I couldn’t sleep that night as I kept thinking of what Chioma would do with the information that she knew. I’d never known her to be a devious person, but that “I saw what you were doing o” kept replaying in my head like a terrible song on repeat. After a few days or so and my mother didn’t question me about my late night shenanigans, I knew I was safe. Chioma didn’t spill the beans, it seemed.

Two weeks later and my parents travelled to Abuja for one of their Church conventions. They had asked me to go along with them but I had feigned sickness. Immediately the driver had driven them out the house on their way to the airport, and I looked around the house to make sure I was alone, I grabbed my porn CDs and went straight to the sitting room. This time, I was with a bottle of baby oil I had purchased at a local supermarket. I increased the volume a little bit this time, and sat totally nude on the couch, squeezed a small amount of the liquid on my palm and was furiously stroking my rod with not a care in the world. The black actress on the TV had such a massive butt and was slamming it on top of the guy who she was riding. The sight had driven me to a height of pleasure I had never imagined, and I could feel my very first climax at its brink. The feeling was so intense that I didn’t care about the fact that I was totally naked, sitting on the couch and jerking myself off, with the volume of the TV a little louder than it should be, at that moment, at the nearing of my very first peak, was when Chioma decided to show up once more and interrupt my moment of ultimate pleasure.

Seeing her, my eyes widened and I quickly used my hands to try to hide my enormous erection, which was a futile attempt at savaging whatever was left of my pride. Chioma laughed heartily at the sight of me while I sat there, wondering what would become of me…she walked up to me and knelt before me,  she reached for my already limp penis and started to stroke it again, and while doing this she looked at me, that half-smile on her lips. I was stunned beyond words and didn’t know what to do.

My lips had parted but there were no words coming out, I just stared at her blankly, my eyes shutting like I was high on weed, right there on the sitting room couch, I received my very first blow job. Mahn, it was awesome.

She didn’t mind the fact that my dick had been oiled-up to aid my wanking, she licked and slurped and sucked it like it was a life-giving substance. I could only moan and groan at the feel of my cock in her warm mouth.  I was beginning to feel my climax return, my hips had begun to jerk once more. I looked at the TV and saw one mean looking black guy pounding hard at the naked woman in a doggy position. I wanted to be that man. I wanted to pound Chioma’s pussy too. I stopped her and told her to remove her dress. She didn’t hesitate. Her age wasn’t being a factor then, she just did as I commanded. Like I was her Dominus and she was my slave, I had never fantasized about Chioma before, I was nearly even oblivious of her existence except when I needed to pass a message across to her or send her on errands.

But right then, Chioma stood like a goddess before me when she’d rid herself of all clothing. She was cleanly shaven, with full boobs that had to be the delight of many men, and well rounded hips. Her skin was chocolate and pretty, almost without blemish. I dived straight for her boobs and sucked hard on her nipples, laying her on the cold marble floor, the hard dick getting harder. The last time I’d sucked on nipples was when my mother had decided breastfeeding me was enough!

I had hungrily sucked Chioma’s boobs like I was expecting milk to come from them. I was quite the novice then, and knew not how to pleasure a woman; I just grabbed my dick and tried pushing it inside her cooch with much hastiness. She tightened her legs and told me to wait. I was there wondering what the heck she meant by that, even as the moans of the lady being banged on the TV filled my ears and was driving me more crazy than ever. Chioma then told me to kiss her, I didn’t know why she would have wanted something as flimsy as a kiss in such a heated moment. I had kissed two girls before in my life, and I never really enjoyed the experience. But I kissed Chioma, and her soft lips felt warm on mine. I started slowly at first, and then my desire grew and the kiss became something else.

“Kiss my neck” Chioma said.  I hesitated first, and then I obliged. Still wondering what the heck all of that meant. In the porn I’d just been watching, there was no kissing of neck involved at all. I just planted small kisses on her neck with my lips.

“Use your tongue” she said. “Lick me there” She ordered me.

At this point I had gotten totally confused and had to ask why.

“Just do it” was her reply. So I used my tongue to slowly lick the sensitive skin on her neck and the top of her shoulders. She hissed, and moaned deeply. And at that same moment, her hand was furiously massaging her cooch. While I kissed and rubbed her boobs, she went about moaning and squirming below me, doubled with what the actors and actresses were doing on TV. I just couldn’t hold it anymore; my erection was immense and needed to plunge deep into her waiting orifice.

“oya fuck me now” came her next words. I promptly directed my stiff cock into her pussy and felt its wetness instantly. It then dawned on me that she had been preparing her pussy for the onslaught that my dick was about to bring. If Chioma’s blow job earlier had felt like heaven to me, my cock sliding gracefully inside and out of her pussy couldn’t be described. I lay on top of her and slammed my dick as hard and fast as I could. Chioma’s moans had become wails. Her hands grabbed my body tight as I pummelled into her with great speed. I didn’t care that we were on the hard floor; I just wished to feel that unexplainable sweetness that was an orgasm. My whole body lost control of itself and my waist jerked uncontrollably as I felt the eruption within my groin and my seed shoot out from me into her. Chioma was almost screaming now, even more than the porn actress on the TV. Maybe she was a better actress, but I didn’t care. I held her tight and slammed harder and harder into her with a loud animalistic grunt escaping my lips and my eyes tightly shut. The feeling was out of this world, and I didn’t want it to end. Her legs were wrapped around my hips while it kept jerking in and out of her. And then, finally, I had lost the zeal to keep thrusting. I just lay on top of her, my dick still inside her pussy, and breathing hard. My eyes were still closed and I could feel little drop of tears leaking out. Chioma was breathing hard too, her arms still around me. Her body was hot and sweaty, but still, I held on to her. That had been my very first orgasm, and the person who had given it to me was the most precious person in the world to me at the time, I guess.

When we finally got up from the floor and I sat on the couch, Chioma picked up her clothes and walked off to her room. I stared at her jiggling butt as she walked, and I remembered I hadn’t given her that doggy that I had just watched on TV…

Then I felt the rush of blood to my cock once more, another erection had materialized. And I was ready for one more session. I got up from the couch, and walked to Chioma’s room.

To be continued.

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