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Average Joe (18+): Meeting Ms. Joy III

“I love you, Joey. I really do. I know you don’t love me like I love you but I love you, still.”

Amaka and I had just had two great rounds of hot sex and were lying in her bed. We loved to do it in her bed because it’s way softer than mine and made it seem like we were fucking in the clouds. Her right hand was caressing my bare chest as I tried to catch my breath.

I played with her hair and tried to think of what to say to her. We’d been seeing each other for six months and I’d never once told her those three special words. Maybe this was the time. Maybe she was the one. And just as I was about to open my mouth to speak… Jay Z’s “fuck with me you know I got it” broke the silence before I could.

My ringtone, I stretched my hand to pick the phone from the floor where I’d dropped it. Ms. Joy was the one calling. I looked at the phone for two seconds before dropping it face down o the bed… ignoring the call.

“Joey. You haven’t said anything.” Amaka said to me.

“Amaka, you know I feel same about you.”

”I know. But I want to hear you say it.” She actually wanted to hear me speak those words. But the call I just ignored now was fucking with my mind. I had to say it to her, I didn’t want what we had to end.

“Amaka… I lo¬-” ‘Fuck with me you know I got it’ interrupted me again. I picked up the phone, Ms. Joy again.

“I’m so sorry, but I have to get this.” I excused myself, gave Amaka a kiss on her lips and went naked into the cool air of the balcony shutting the door behind me. I was quite sure she must have gotten pissed that I just made her feel less important than the call I had to take, also my inability to tell her that I loved her.

Of course she’d be pissed.

“Hey honey… been a while.” Ms Joy had such a sexy voice that I began to feel a tingle in my crotch when I remembered the last night we spent together.

“Hey you. Yeah. It’s been a while. I was wondering which of us would call each other first.” She laughed.

“And I did. What does this mean? That I’m the thirstier one?”

“Hahaa. No. I’m sure I would’ve called you before now if I haven’t been so busy and occupied with so much wahala. So what’s been happening?”

“I’m touching myself right now thinking about you, Joe. My pussy is so wet and I just want your big cock to ram straight deep inside of me multiple times per second. That’s the only thing I’m thinking about right now. Can you come over?”

I was dumbstruck for a second. At the same moment, my dick had kicked into action. Yeah, sexy older women have always been one of my fantasies and here was one who was literally begging me to come fuck the sense out of her.

Just then the door opened behind me and I heard Amaka’s voice asking…

“Who is it, Joey? Been waiting for you to come back to bed.”

I could feel the world stop spinning around me. In fact, I was the one who felt like I was spinning. I was even a bit scared that in my spinning, Amaka would notice my erect penis and wondered what kind of call it was which would cause me to have my dick extended in the cool night air.

“Joe? Are you there?” Joy asked in that deep sexy voice.

“Yes, yes. I’ll be right with you in a moment.” That reply was for both of them.

Amaka said nothing and went back inside.

Joy said… “okay baby. I’ll be waiting for you.” She kissed me through the phone and hung up.

I stood there for a few more seconds, phone in hand, dick still erect and wondered why I had to let myself bring so much trouble upon myself. I thought of all the girls I’d treated so badly in the past. Some of them deserved it. Some didn’t. Amaka definitely doesn’t deserve it. But Ms Joy’s pussy was not the type of pussy a nigga could deny himself. I told myself that tonight was going to be the last night.

I went back into the room to find Amaka fondling her nipples with one hand and caressing her clit with the other. She saw my half erect dick which I’d mentally fought so hard to bring back to normal size and gave me a knowing smile.

Damn, she looked so sexy as she lay there playing with herself. On a normal night, I wouldn’t even think twice before diving right into her. But thoughts of how I could be diving into Ms Joy instead had flooded my mind. How could I tell this lovely woman that I couldn’t get back in bed with her and devour her wet and delicious pussy because I had some other wet and delicious pussy waiting for me somewhere across town? How???

To be continued…

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