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April 20, 2021

Average Joe (18+): Meeting Ms. Joy II
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Average Joe (18+): Meeting Ms. Joy II

Joy was much fun to chat with. After two days of texting and calling I found out that she worked in one of the major oil firms in the country. She had a very fat salary and fatter bank accounts in different banks. Some of her wealth had come from her late husband who’d passed on a couple of years ago.

He’d been a rig engineer and there had been an accident and the company paid a huge sum of compensation money to her as the only surviving and recognised next of kin. She was so wealthy, and single, that the wealth was even annoying her. She told me she didn’t have the time or energy to spend all that money and all I could do was laugh. She came from a wealthy family and they themselves didn’t even need it.

On the third day of our chatting, the Wednesday after that Sunday, Joy told me she wanted to spend that evening with me. She asked to come over to my place. I hesitated before giving her an answer as I was skeptical of her presence clashing with that of Amaka… whose presence in my house didn’t need any notifications. She came and went as she pleased and I didn’t want Joy knowing anything about her.

I finally told Joy she could come and texted my address to her. Just as I was sending her that text, I was sending another to Amaka to tell her that we couldn’t have dinner together that night due to “unforeseen circumstances” and I felt miserable immediately after clicking the send button. Amaka sent me a reply almost immediately telling me she had to travel out of town for a few days and that she was about to send me a message before I had sent mine and that she was sorry but since I myself was going to be occupied with something else then all was good.

I could feel the evil machinations of Evil Joe right at that very moment. That sly fellow.

Fast forward to that Wednesday evening and Joy finally arrived after having called several times for me to give her the directions which I’d given her several times before. She arrived in the newest version of the Toyota Highlander. Big and black, just like the Ford Edge. Just as she stepped out of the vehicle I offered her a handshake but she slapped my hand away and opened her arms for me. She looked even prettier than on that Sunday evening we first met. I went in and received the warmest of hugs.

Her fragrance was magnificent. Then she held my face in her arms and planted a full kiss on my lips. I wasn’t expecting that even though we’d sexted already. But I returned the kiss and reached behind to grab her soft buttocks, squeezing them and bringing her crotch closer to mine. Then she released my lips from its ‘bondage’ and whispered to me…
“I know it seems inappropriate that we haven’t known each other well enough and I’m coming unto you like this but I want you to take me inside and fuck me. Please.”
I looked in her eyes and saw the plea in it. Standing before me and in my arms was a woman who probably hadn’t been fucked properly in one whole year. The thought came to me to lift her in my arms and take her inside but she looked kind of heavy and I didn’t want to embarrass myself by being an idiot.
I took her inside the house, up the stairs to my bedroom and then I dimmed the lights and pressed play on my ‘sex playlist’ (don’t fucking ask why I have a sex playlist. I just do. shrugs ) and she giggled. I asked her why she was giggling and she told me “nothing” as she walked up to me and pushed me to the bed. She got rid of her heels and climbed into the bed with me. She brought her lips to mine while Usher’s Climax played subtly through the speakers.

I reached for her breasts and squeezed. Just as we kissed she reached behind her to unzip her gown. I hurriedly took of her gown to reveal a glowing skin in black bra and panties. I’d been with quite a number of light-skinned ladies before but she was probably the champion when it came to being light-skinned.
“You’re so beautiful” I told her. Joy smiled, her face just inches away from mine. “And you’re so handsome… and strong” she said caressing my toned chest and abs. I chuckled then I grabbed her waist and quickly switched positions. She lay beneath me and I lay on top of her and sucked softly on her nipples while my eyes gazed into hers. She moaned, gasped even… like her body trembled.
“How long has it been?” I asked. With her eyes closed, she told me, “After he passed, there was this guy, a bit older than you. He was broke and only wanted my money. He got what he wanted and travelled to France with the girl he loved. That was 10 months ago.” She opened her eyes and looked at me. I looked in her eyes and could see the question there. ‘Are you going to be like that guy?’ but I didn’t bother answering. Oh, wait… I answered. I answered by using my tongue to trace a line down her belly, towards her navel.

Tickling it with my tongue and making her hiss before going all the way down to her crotch. She made to remove her panties but I stayed her hand. I used my tongue to tickle her inner thighs and she wriggled like an earthworm which had found saltwater. I used my arms to hold her huge thighs in place while I continued to tease and tickle her inner thighs with my tongue and my lips.

She squirmed and moaned and begged me to stop and to go ahead. Yeah, women are forever confusing. Finally I brought my attention to her crotch, I kissed her swollen labia through her black lace panties, the sweet scent of her pre-cum filled my nostrils and I used my tongue to lick at her pussy. With one finger, I pushed the lace to one side and kissed those pretty puffed-up lips. Slow, slight kisses that made her wanting more. I prided in how much of a tease I could be and with her… I even went a bit farther than I usually did.

She was practically begging me to ram my cock into her but instead I had two fingers inside her while my tongue played with her clitoris. Her moans had become louder than the Drake song playing softly through the speakers. Joy, the reserved, soft spoken woman who appeared poised and unruffled on the outside was muttering gibberish and grinding her crotch against my face.

Her climax approached quicker than I’d expected and her cum came gushing out. I finger-fucked her even harder and sucked on her rock-hard nipples. She grabbed my hand and threw it out and quickly reached for my dick. She stroked it twice then urged me inside of her. The pussy was warm and wet giving my turgid dick the perfect entrance into her vagina. I watched as her pussy lips swallowed the entire length of my dick, hearing her gasp as I inched deeper into her. She used her arms to hold me tight as she kept whispering my name in between my thrusts and her moans of pleasure. Our naked bodies entangled together, sweating even with the air properly conditioned.

Joy came again, her hips twirling faster beneath me than it had been with her pussy clenching tight on my cock. I moaned as well. Then I placed both hands beside her, supporting myself as I rammed my pelvis against hers… giving her my ten seconds burst of raw energy. Her moans were uncontrollable now as yet another climax came over her and making her raised her hip in mid-air to meet mine. I abruptly stopped, made her lie facing the bed and placed a pillow just under her crotch so that her fat ass was raised in the air.

Joy kept moaning, which was all my ears needed to hear. I buried my face once more in her crotch and voraciously ate her pussy.

“Joooeeeee….aaaaargh, yessss. Uuuuh yeah babyyy. Oh god, yesssss. I want your dick inside of me…please”

She didn’t even finish making that request before my dick was inside her again. Her ass-cheeks were so soft that my pelvis slamming against them was making the sweetest of music. Like.. I was actually making The Weeknd’s song sound better. I’m not joking, I swear.


That last request of hers gingered the swagga inside of me even more and I slammed harder and even harder and I actually wanted to cum inside of her as my climax engulfed my whole body with my heart beating too fast for its own good but at the last moment I pulled out of her, grabbed my dick and stroked it as hard as I could with my load shooting out into where ever it was my dick was pointing at.

Then I collapsed on the bed and passed out.

But that night wasn’t over yet.

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