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April 17, 2021

Average Joe (18+): Lynda Who III
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Average Joe (18+): Lynda Who III

I met Lynda a couple of months ago at a friend’s birthday party. I had been reluctant to go at first but then he had urged me on and told me there would be an abundance of beautiful ladies. My relationship with Amaka had gotten beyond the ‘we’re just fucking’ stage and I wasn’t really keen on doing other women but Kevin, my friend, told me that I wouldn’t want to miss his party.

I finally agreed to go just to please the guy. I went there and realized he wasn’t lying. There were so many ladies I wondered if he was hosting a pageant show. And they were all damn pretty. I tried to interact with as much of them as I could, making sure not to drink too much and get carried away. The party turned out to be much more fun with food and drinks for everybody.

Kevin had spent more than he should have in my opinion, but he had done so well.

He introduced me to his friends and colleagues, and it was during one of those introductions I met Lynda. She was looking dashing that night even with the amount of drinks she’d had. I picked up a particular interest in her because of her sense of humour. She knew how to make people laugh. We got along quite well for the rest of that evening then I had to leave and she asked me where I was heading to, I told her and she said I should drop her of since we were heading in the same direction.

I agreed and we got in my car; she took off the jacket she was wearing so the car’s air cooling would chill her heated up body. We got into small talk while I drove. She caught me stealing glances at her ample bossom which was being held by a black camisole blouse without sleeves. Then our small talk somehow drifted to me and my girlfriend or if I had any. I had thought about Amaka but I didn’t mention her.

I told her I wasn’t a relationship kind of guy. She laughed and put her hand on my lap. I looked at the hand and I smiled. As we kept talking that hand on my lap started caressing me slowly. I wasn’t sure she was doing it deliberately or absent-mindedly. I allowed her to continue and soon enough she squeezed my lap. We had gotten past where she had wanted me to drop her off and it was either she didn’t notice or she did but was intentionally following me to my place since I didn’t have a girlfriend. I drove all the way to my house and honked twice for my gateman to throw the gate open.

It was late, almost 2:00am so it took him a while to open up. We got in and Lynda kept talking and making jokes like she’d been to my place before so this was just a usual ‘sleep over’. I took her in, put on the lights and TV in my sitting room and she sank into the couch, crossing her legs and asking me to get her something to drink. I observed her for a bit. Then I asked her…

“Lynda, do you know where you are?”

She giggled for a bit before saying “of course. I’m at your place. You brought me here didn’t you? Or you don’t want me here? Is there someone upstairs you don’t want me to meet?” she asked with a sly look on her face.

I chuckled and told her we were alone in the house. There and then she began to undress and soon she was in nothing but her underwear as we both drank from a chilled bottle of red wine. She looked so damn sexy as I couldn’t take my eyes off her boobs which were being held together in a flowery bra and her purple panties.

Her ass wasn’t big but her hips were flared in the right direction. When I had taken enough wine to make me lose a bit of my self reservation, I was sitting together with her, our lips were inches apart and our bodies held together. I looked into her eyes and I knew she wanted it. I kissed her, tasting the wine on her lips.

Her tongue went deep into my mouth and my hands went round her smooth skin and soon I’d taken off her bra. I sucked hard on both nipples, making her moan deeply. I didn’t want to soil my couch again after what I and Amaka had done right on that spot that morning so I took her upstairs to the bedroom. She felt light in my arms and was all giggly as I took her up the stairs, her boobs jiggling with every step.

I threw her on the bed and as she got rid of her panties I was getting rid of every piece of clothing I had on. A few seconds later my tongue was inside her pussy as I proceeded to eat between her thighs. Lynda wailed with pleasure, bawling even as I gave her great pleasure. i continued to use my tongue on her until she couldn’t take it any longer. As quick as a cat she was on top of me with my back on the bed and without further ado she had inserted my turgid dick into her warm, tight pussy.

The feeling was intense and I shut my eyes. She rode me like there were cameras recording her every move. I grabbed her breasts and squeeze them, I reached for her lips and she sucked hard on my fingers, her vaginal walls clenching hard on my dick and driving me insane with pleasure. I groaned deeply, I grabbed her ass cheeks and pounded her from beneath, she threw her head back as my thrusts penetrated deep into her womb. Her juices dripped from her as her climax washed over her, spurring me to thrust even harder and I couldn’t stop myself. My load shot deep into her womb that night.

And two nights after that.


Right now, she stood before me, with her friend Cynthia, and the Damien guy not too far away. When what was happening between Amaka and I had gotten serious, I stopped calling or returning Lynda’s calls or replying her messages. I expected her to get the message.

That our brief adventure was over. But she obviously wanted something more. I might have misled her but I never knew it would be this serious. I then realized that I had gotten involved with a psychopath. Lynda stepped forward and ripped the cello-tape from my mouth. I winced and yelled at her. Damien stepped forward and gave me a devastating blow across my right temple. I thought I was going to lose consciousness…

“Now this is what is going to happen.” Lynda said. “You’re going to pay me 2 million naira for using me and dumping me. And another million naira for your baby inside my belly. If you don’t, you’re not going to leave this place alive.”

I was actually in deeper shit than I thought.

To be continued.

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