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April 20, 2021

Average Joe (18+): Late Night Cruise
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Average Joe (18+): Late Night Cruise

Three days after Madam Funke ravaged me in her office, I was at Emeka, my friend’s place. Emeka the guy whose wife I fucked a few days before their wedding. Tolu was in the sitting room with us, being as cheerful as ever.

She was pregnant with their second child and 6 months gone. Kemi was also there, she had asked me why I never took her to see my friends/colleagues when I visited them and I decided to bring her along. She had already become good friends with Tolu and they had even began to discuss in their native Yoruba.

I didn’t understand the language fully but I was wary about the content of their conversation. Hoping that Tolu wasn’t divulging the full gist of my reputation to my girlfriend.

Yeah! Kemi had become my official girlfriend and it wasn’t looking like I was going to be free from her anytime soon. She had brought another box filled with her clothes to my place over the weekend.

While Emeka and I watched the football on TV, I kept my eyes on Tolu and Kemi and occasionally, Tolu’s eyes would catch mine and for a couple of seconds we would share a deep knowledge with each other.

Emeka had never found out about what happened between I and his wife and I wondered if Tolu had felt any guilt about it ever since that night. Tolu, even when pregnant, still glowed with beauty and I found myself wishing it was I she was married to and not Emeka.

Her breasts had become fuller and her body looked even prettier than before. I wanted to speak with her privately but she had since changed numbers and I couldn’t call or text her. I had no evil thoughts in my head though, just wanted to tell her how she gave me one of the best ever nights of my life and leave it at that.

It wasn’t till we left and were on our way home quite late into the night when Kemi asked me a question that almost caused me to have an accident.

“Did you ever date Tolulope?”

After regaining my composure I asked her “Did she tell you that?”

“Just answer the question, Joe”

“Of course not. I never even met her until Emeka introduced her to me as his fiance”

There was silence for a minute after my response and I had to ask “Did she say that we dated?”

“No. She didn’t but only a blind person wouldn’t have noticed the way you guys were looking at each other.”

I suddenly felt my heart skip. “What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” I asked, feigning annoyance while trying to keep my steady on the accelerator.

“No need to get angry Joe. You’re driving, I just noticed it, that’s all.”

“Are you sure your eyes were not deceiving you? You’re not even wearing your contacts. No wonder.” Kemi chuckled and hit me playfully “I was looking at you all evening and admiring you for the goddess that you are and you thought I was exchanging glances with my colleague’s pregnant wife? Kemi, haba nau?”

“Jesus Christ, Joe. Why are you so full of shit?”

“It’s better to be full of shit than for me to cheat on this goddess with a pregnant woman” I said caressing her braided hair with my free hand and bringing her face towards mine for a kiss.

She was still chuckling when my lips met hers. I didn’t stop kissing her until the truck behind us blasted for me to move on ahead as the traffic light had switched to green. Kemi laughed and I suddenly felt so horny and wanted to fuck her right there in the car.

I reached for her thigh with that free hand and caressed it while I drove, slowly going upward till I got to her crotch. She was putting on a dress so I could freely roam inside her crotch. I dipped my hand into her undies and found her warm pussy. She moaned slightly and told me tried to push my hand away telling me to wait till we got home but I suddenly couldn’t wait.

I caressed her pussy lips with my hand and Kemi moaned again, gripping my arm as pleasure filled her body. I brought out that hand and put my fingers in my mouth, tasting her sweetness with my tongue while trying to navigate my way through traffic.

“Oh my god, Joe. You’re crazy” she said and playfully hit my arm again.

“I’ve not even started yet.” I said. She giggled and reached for my thighs with her hand, caressing me and reaching for my hardened dick. Next thing she was undoing my fly and reaching in to grab my  dick, struggling at first before releasing into the open.

“Have you ever gotten a blowjob while driving before?” Kemi asked.

All I could do was shake my head and give her a “PLEASE YOU CAN GO AHEAD AND BE THE FIRST” look.

After a couple of strokes of my dick and me assuring her that I won’t lose control while driving, she undid her seat belt and took my dick into her mouth. Bruhhh. That assurance I made about being able to drive without losing control didn’t look like it was going to be kept.

I quickly made a calculation in my head for the closest place with an enclosed parking lot and it wasn’t too far from where we were.  I drove as quickly as I could while Kemi slurped on my hard cock. She tightened her lips and used her tongue to stroke against the knob of my dick and I began to see imaginary figures in the mid of the road.

I seriously considered putting on the caution indicator but I didn’t want to attract any attention. People drove past me and all they could see was just a guy having a late night cruise in his SUV with no idea what was going on inside.

In minutes, I had arrived at the mall and drove straight into the farthest and less lit area of the parking lot. Immediately I put the car on park and reclined my seat backwards Kemi was already on top of me. She kissed me and I tasted a familiar taste in her mouth. I had almost cum inside of her mouth.

She kissed me hard and passionately, rubbing her already moist crotch on my exposed dick. I grabbed her ass and squeezed them, then used one finger to find her cooch. I put the finger in then another after it, pushing them deep into her wetness and she gasped.

Suddenly a car’s headlights shone brightly on us and we suddenly became still as statues. None of us moving until the headlights moved away from us. Kemi giggled and whispered to me… “If we get caught I’ll tell them you drugged me and dragged me to your car”

I whispered back “oh yea?” and inserted my fingers deeper into her, making her nod and moan with both eyes closed at the same time.

Without hesitation she reached for my dick and pushed it into where my fingers had been a few seconds ago. I had one arm around her waist and the other grabbing her ass as I fucked her from beneath, her moans filling the car, which was still on and providing us with air-conditioning. Kemi’s pussy was tight and warm and very very moist as I fucked her.

Her juices oozed from her making the squishy sound of raw sex as we fucked in the darkness of the car, not minding that someone would see us. Soon enough her hips had begun to move faster on me and her pussy had become tighter. She was about to cum soon and I had held mine back for long enough. She moaned louder with each thrust of her hips with her voice getting huskier.

I returned her thrusts with mine, my cock going deeper into her until I could feel it in the deepest parts of her. The sensation was so sweet and heavenly, coupled with the fear and excitement of fucking in a public place. Kemi’s moans became a bit guttural as she reached her climax and let her juices ooze uncontrollably out of her.

At that same time I grabbed her body tightly onto mine and let my dick do the needful. Fucking her wetness with such enthusiasm until my balls constricted and my seed shot into her punani.

We remained like that until we caught our breath. Fortunately it was quite late into the night and not many cars were moving into the parking lot at that time.

“I’m so wasted. I don’t think I can be able to drive back home. We should spend the night here.”

“Joe, I know you’re crazy and you’ve been doing crazy shit all your life and getting away with it. But I’m not crazy like you. Please, let’s go home. If you can’t drive, I will.”

“How can you still drive after what just happened?”

“I just had sex. I didn’t deliver a baby”

“How about I put one in you right now?” I asked as my fingers found their way to her pussy once more.

“You can’t be serio-“

I didn’t even let her complete the sentence as I inserted my fingers deep into her pussy and finger-fucked her with lightening speed, making her gasp.

Her moans and whimpers spoke to my body and in no time I was hard again. We somehow landed in the back seat and I made her lay down on it with her ass up towards me. I held my dick and traced a line down her back, finding her asscrack and pushing my way in till I was in her pussy again.

This time I fucked her with so much vigour till she came twice. Kemi didn’t stop moaning and sobbing and wailing while my dick pounded her from behind. She reached for me but I pinned her hand down, making sure her pussy felt the full wrath of my hot rod.

The car bounced with my violent thrusts as cool air wafted in to calm our fevered bodies as the sweet fragrance of our sex filled the air. I let myself go when I reached my pick, slamming hard against her buttcheeks as she pushed it backwards and accepted all of me into her.

We were back on the road an hour later. Kemi slept peacefully with a smile on her face, tucked underneath my arm while the sweet sound of John Legend’s music played on the stereo as I drove us back to the house where I was sure we were going to put the icing on the cake of such a wonderful night.

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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