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April 20, 2021

Average Joe (18+): The Friendly Neighbour III
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Average Joe (18+): The Friendly Neighbour III

My night was just beginning…

I was caught in one of those things you call a dilemma. I had Amaka waiting in the guest room and here I was lip-locked with Tricia, Amaka’s friend who I had just met for the first time that evening. My dick got hard immediately as I grabbed her soft ass and kissed her even harder than she kissed me. I hurriedly closed the door behind me and dragged Tricia to the side.

“How did you get in here?” I asked wondering how the gateman had let her in.

“heyyy” she said in a slurry voice, still drunk as fuck. “you don’t want me here?” she asked.

I didn’t know what to say. I wanted to fuck her so bad but I already had Amaka waiting and she would soon begin to wonder what kept me while she lay there nude waiting for me to come ravage her. I thought as hard as my clogged mind could for the best way to deal with the situation without losing out on any of the two.

As I stood there thinking, Tricia hugged me tight in the cold night air. Her warmth felt really good. Her soft breasts against my  naked torso. I held her hand and took her inside, making sure to make as little noise as possible as I took her upstairs and put her on my bed. I lay with her for a bit as we kissed again, her slender hands caressing my hard body. Meanwhile my head was thinking all the while about Amaka waiting downstairs.

“Baby, I have something cooking in the kitchen, why don’t you run some hot water in the bath-tub and I’ll come join you when I’m done.” She smiled and nodded as I gave her one last long kiss before making my way down the stairs back to the guest room.

Amaka was not there. I heard plates in the kitchen and I went in there to find that she had gone back to doing the dishes. The sight of her nude body standing there and washing those plates was so fucking sexy. Her round ass, her small waist, her lovely skin.

I got rid of my boxers quietly and massaged my dick till it was hard as a motherfucker. I slowly walked up to where she stood and put my dick just right inside that moist area between her legs. She gasped again, and said something about me shocking her but I wasn’t listening, I used the tip of my dick to gently rub at her pussy lips from behind before gently guiding it in. she moaned and arched her back, pushing her fat ass chicks up against my crotch. The sensation was quite intense.

I grabbed her boobs from behind and squeezed hard. Her erect nipples felt warm in my hands…I leaned on her and planted kisses on her neck as I thrust in slowly from behind. But she wasn’t having none of that slow movement, she pushed hard against me faster and faster, her waist oscillating at an incredible speed.

Her pussy felt so warm and so tight and it wasn’t before long that I began to feel my climax coming at me. I grabbed her hips then and responded with faster thrusts of my own. With each thrust, our flesh made contact with each other, skin slapping against skin. Her moans were deep, and not the type that could wake the neighbors. I was grateful for that seeing that I had Tricia waiting upstairs and didn’t want to know I was fucking her friend from behind in the kitchen instead of attending to what I was cooking.

Amaka’s knees had lost their resilience to my ultimate thrusts, and soon she hardly could stand. I slammed harder and harder, my eyes shut as I concentrated on bursting my nuts. Amaka wailed then, her pussy tightened against my dick as her body trembled and her legs gave way. I quickly withdrew my dick from her and stroked it twice, my load spurting out on top her butt cheeks. I groaned deeply, and continued stroking the hell outta my dick till my climax subsided. When I looked at Amaka again she had a “why the fuck did you cum on me” look on her face but didn’t say anything but her next statement threw me into a whole lot of fuckery.

“I’m going to use your bathroom..” she said as she walked towards the stairs to my bedroom.

I really was fucked.

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