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April 22, 2021

Average Joe (18+): Club girl
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Average Joe (18+): Club girl

I and my friends were through with our exams for the semester and decided we needed to party all night.

The party started at my friend, Jakob’s house. We invited some dudes and dudettes over, got some drinks and played some loud music, the necessary ingredients for a house party.

We disturbed the peace of the neighbourhood from 3:00pm to 11:00pm, when they all got tired and left.But to us, it wasn’t enough. we needed to loosen up big time. So we decided to go clubbing till dawn. We all geared up and got in Jake’s car. Four of us. Jake, Sammie, Chux and I.

It was a 15 minute drive to our favourite ‘Nite Klub’ which was actually the name then, and to make things a little bit more interesting . . .it was a Friday night, a Ladies Free Night, which meant that the ratio of girls to guys was like . . . 2 to 1 in the VIP section. lol.

We needed to get drenched in lager so we ordered some drinks and drank to half death. i drank so much that i lost count of how many bottles i downed. Smirnoff Ice is so delicious, you just can’t get enough of that drink.

After getting ridiculously drunk, we got on the dance floor and got crazy.

Now that’s when I met her.

She was light skinned, tall, (her stilettos were quite high), very sexily dressed in a leather mini skirt and a flimsy one-strap blouse. And she had cute curves, with a protruding backside and full boobs. She looked voluptuous and delicious . . . and she danced alone. I did not hesitate to get across to her, even if half my actions were Smirnoff Ice controlled, I managed to ask her for a dance. She agreed, only if i would buy her a drink.

”Of course” I said ”what do you take?”

”Guinness” she said

”Stout?” I was surprised. I was expecting to hear something like Gordon’s Spark

”Yeah, the big one”

so I bought her a chilled bottle of Guinness extra smooth and she downed it faster than i could say ”wow”. I marvelled at the way she drank the big stout.

She dumped the bottle and said ”now we can dance”

I was happy I bought her that drink, because it made her lose herself in my arms. We danced like crazy, and she never got tired of dancing. She was oblivious to everyone around her, when she raised one leg to my waist as if dancing Ballet, she began grinding against my groins, all in the name of dancing.

I grabbed her backside then and reciprocated the groin grinding movement. So, it wasn’t long before my dick began to respond to stimulus. The lights were dark, I was hot as hell, with a lose girl in my hands, my pecker was begging to be satisfied.

I turned her around and buried my bulge deep in her butt, rubbing my bulge against her ass as hard as I could. I rubbed her boobs hard, her nipples were erect. I took one hand downwards, and put it under her skirt. She was wet. i kissed her neck, I licked her earlobes and whispered something into her ears. She put an arm around my neck, brought my head closer and kissed me so deeply and passionately.

That was all the answer I needed. . . .

I couldn’t contain myself anymore, neither could she; I’d parked Jake’s car, so I held his keys. I took her with me to the car, we got in the back seat, and we went mad. . ….
I almost tore her dress off. She wore a strapless bra; I hurriedly undid it to expose the boobs. I felt like eating them. I chewed on the nipples, sucked on the boobs ran my fingers all around her body, grabbed her leather clad bum and squeezed it so hard.
She moaned, cried and wiggled beneath me. She held my head in her hand and brought it to face her. Her pupils were dilated from being drunk, and being sexually excited?
I couldn’t tell which, she kissed me again. She used her tongue to search my mouth. She sucked the breath out of me. In a flash she was on me and I lay on my back on the car’s leather seat. She tore open my shirt, removed my T-Shirt, licked and sucked my nipples, licked my navel, sucked at it, driving me wild with pleasure.
Undid my belt, unzipped my jean, put her hand in there to stroke and massage my hot member, then she brought it out. My tip of my dick was red, racing in time with my quickened heartbeat. She sucked hard on my shaft, and licked my balls. I’d never got my balls licked before. I wasn’t a very kinky guy. She deep throated me like 5 times, moaning when she did it. The vibration sent a tingle down my spine.
I was gonna explode with pleasure. I held her hair and actually fucked her mouth. My waist thrusting my dick in and deep. I didn’t even want to care if she was gonna suffocate; the cloud of pleasure i was on was different, unbelievably incredible.

She sucked me so hard that i began to spew gibberish. i was in the cloud after cloud9. I didn’t want to come in her mouth, so I disengaged from her and made her bend over in a doggy. The space in the car was limited but it didn’t stop me from doing what I needed to do. I raised the skirt up to reveal well rounded bums.
I caressed and squeezed them, then I moved her G-string to a side and inserted my finger into an already oozing pussy. Her orifice looked like it had been shaved some days ago, and puffy pussy lips. I played with the clit; she shivered and whimpered incoherent sounds. I brought my dick over, was about to insert and stopped midway through.

I don’t know this chic . . . I should be wearing a rubber . . .

I grabbed my wallet from my pocket and rummaged through it. I’d made up my mind to go along with the act anyway if i didn’t find one. Fortunately, I found two. A durex and a ruff ryder. I tore the ruff open and rolled it on my hungry pecker. Then i just went right in . . .

yeah, she wasn’t a novice to this, so she wasn’t that tight but it was the kinda pussy that made you want to go at a 100 thrusts per minute.

I pounded the damn thing, her big booty shaking and moving in rhythm with her wiggly waist. Her screams increase. My waist going ‘PAM PAM PAM PAM PAM PAM’ every time my groin connected with her big bums.

The drink hindered an early orgasm for me but I think she had already come twice. I kept on hitting on her at such speed I was afraid my waist bone was gonna break. She screamed on and on, begging me to go faster than I was already going.

I was beginning to lose my breath, just as my climax was in sight. I was afraid I was gonna pass out, but I have a strong heart, and powerful lungs. Lungs that had not been tainted by the smoke from cigarettes. so i pumped on and on with renewed vigour, then my waist took control of itself as my hands went forward and grabbed her boobs.

The orgasm lasted almost for 20 seconds and finally we both fell on the seat. My hands still cupping the boobs, mouth ajar.

We remained in that same position for another 40 seconds, after which we got out of the car and i gave her the agreed N5k we agreed while we were dancing, she thoroughly deserved it.

My hand was on her ass, grabbing and spanking as we walked back to the club.

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