January 25, 2020
Average Joe (18+): Best Friend’s Wife III

Average Joe (18+): Best Friend’s Wife III

At first, I wasn’t sure if she was joking or if she really meant what she had texted at me. I was about to ask her where she was then changed my mind against it (and that would have been a good thing seeing as it was going to prevent the evil act that I was about to do) and so instead I sent her, as calmly as I could…

“You actually deserve that”

I wasn’t sure what I was thinking, sending such a text to my friend’s fiancé, but my feelings for her clouded my senses and looking at it now, I wasn’t even putting any pressure on her. I only played along to whatever she was up to. I don’t know why she was doing what she was doing and never planned to ask her why. She told me she loved Emeka.

If sex with his best friend wasn’t going to affect her feelings for him then by all means let’s fuck the hell outta each other, baby.

Tolu didn’t reply me that day and the next. I kept rushing to grab my phone each time a new notification got in, expecting it to be her, but it wasn’t. Until two days later when a call came in late in the night.

From Tolu, I answered quickly.

“Heyyyy, it’s me. I’m outside your house.”

I thought she was joking. “For real?” I asked. “Yeah… for real. Please come and let me in before someone kidnaps me.” I could sense a slur in her voice, like she’d been drinking.

I confirmed that she had when I let her in to perceive the smell of red wine. I’d never known Tolu to drink alcohol before, so I guessed something must have happened. She sank into one of the sofas with a thump, flung a bag to the side and kicked off her shoes like she lived in the house. She was dressed like she’d gone for a casual occasion, a simple blouse on stone-washed jeans and flat-soled shoes. I sat on the edge of another  sofa and observed her closely, not exactly sure what to do or say… waiting for her to reveal the details of the reason for her late night visit.

“I had a fight with Emeka” she finally said “and I just got so pissed and decided to come to the only place I wouldn’t be bothered about why I’m so pissed.”

I wanted to ask her about the fight and try to mend things between her and Emeka but just looking at her sit down there in my couch when I’d been having all these thoughts about her in the past week kept my mouth shut. I mentally apologized to Emeka and wished he’d forgive me for what I was about to do.

I got up, walked till I got behind Tolu, placed my hands and her shoulders and began to softly massage her. I made sure to do that as simply and softly as possible, making her enjoy the feel of my fingers as I caressed the skin around her neck and upper back. She moaned softly. There was a smile on her lips, her eyes were closed. I kept on doing that until after a minute and then I slowly reached my hand into her blouse and grabbed brassiere-cupped boobs. At that point, I paused and awaited what would happen next. Now she was in my house, we weren’t in the kitchen at Emeka’s house.

I was free to do anything I wanted in my house without being questioned for it, even if the deed was being done to my friend’s future wife. Tolu opened her eyes and gave me a look… a look of ‘uhm… this isn’t really why I came here, I just wanted to talk but since you’ve decided to take this initiative then let’s carry on then’.

I gave her boobs a real squeeze and she closed her eyes and moaned again, and then I reached in to kiss her. Immediately our lips made contact she removed her face. Of course. She was the type who attached plenty importance to kisses. You only kissed the person you truly love.

This was just sex, my mouth could go to anywhere on her body that I wanted to but her lips were out of the equation. I could live with that. I gave her ample bossom another and planted kisses on her face and her neck, as I slowly made my way to crouch in front of her. Still kissing her, I managed to take off her blouse, leaving on her bra and kissed her everywhere on her body while she squirmed and grabbed my head. I reached for her fly and unzipped it, then dragged her jeans off her.

It was a damn struggle removing jeans from a woman in the heat of passion but I’d become a sort of expert at it over the years. 😉

Tolu’s jeans came off, her eyes still closed. Like she knew what she was about to do and was ashamed of doing it, I didn’t mind.

We didn’t speak any words at each other. We both knew what we wanted and didn’t need words to communicate that. I raised both her legs and placed them on the armrests. Moving her panty to the side to reveal one of the most beautiful pussies I’d ever encountered, I leaned in to savor the sweet fragrance of her wetness. I could smell flowers and candy, the pussy was begging to be eaten, and that I did.

Sucking hard on her swollen vulva and clitoris, Tolu whimpered incoherent words as I did my thing between her thighs. I spent five minutes eating her, making sure that her whole body was vibrating by the time I was done. I could hear her moan and sub as I tongue-fucked her. Was she sobbing because of the pleasure or because of Emeka? I’d never know.

I just kept at it…making sure I gave it all I got. She kept moaning and squirming and sobbing and then moaning some more. Until it got to a point that she couldn’t take it anymore. Tolu dragged me by my shirt and brought me face to face with her. While she dipped one hand into my shorts to drag my turgid dick she told me the two words that have probably been said more times than ‘I love you’

“Fuck me”

After I’d given her plenty details about how I’d gone 3, 4 and even 5 rounds satisfying women… of course, I had to live by my words.

I didn’t have a condom with me but I kept a few hidden in the flower vase that sat on a small stool by the corner of the sitting room, especially for occasions like this. I hurriedly grabbed one, tore it and put it on. Tolu raised her legs once more for me as I placed both arms on the arm rest and she used her hand to direct my erection into her pussy.

It was warm and tight, as I expected, she gasped when the full length of me was inside her. I could feel the tip of my dick inside of her pussy. I began my thrusts, slow at first, making her get used to my length seeing as my dick has been praised (and even mocked) in the past for being ‘very lengthy’ then suddenly I increased the speed of my thrusts went even harder into her, making her howl. She brought her legs to go around my waist as I went in even faster, and harder.

This time she was really crying as tears trailed down her eyes. Either she was enjoying it or she hated the fact that she was enjoying it. Of course, she had to enjoy it,  she whispered my name a couple of times as I thrust into her and for a moment I thought she was going to whisper Emeka’s name as well. That would be very awkward.

I could feel my climax coming from the distance and I tried so hard to fuck her as fast as I could without letting myself go. But Tolu had suddenly begin to grind her hips into mine, both her hands around my neck as I brought my face to hers and tried to kiss her once more but she wouldn’t let me.

Even in the heat of passion and very hot sex, she still remembered that her lips were for her future husband alone. I laughed mentally because my dick was inside her right now and she was sobbing because of how good it felt inside of her. What more harm could a kiss cause? I liked kissing for fuck sakes but I didn’t let that bother me. I decided it was time for me to cum.

I stopped, made her get up, turn around, bend over and hold the armrests. Her pussy was so wet already and I guessed she’d cum already. I stroked my dick twice before I pushed it back into her from behind. The sight of fat asscheeks while I fucked them did things to me. I held her fat ass as I slammed into her from behind, each sound driving me insane with lust.

Tolu moaned with each thrust, feeling the length of my angry dick inside her very depths, my balls constricted and I pressed her down until she lay on the sofa, raising her ass up to me as I fucked her even harder and faster than before, feeling my load shoot out of me and into the rubber. Even after I came, I fucked her still. Tolu continued to moan my name… until I collapsed on top of her, breathing as hard as fuck.

We lay there for seconds, not saying anything. I kissed her back and her neck. Caressed her body as the cool wafts of air from the air conditioner calmed our spirits. Then Tolu said in a soft voice…

“You’re breathing so hard. Are you sure you can get up to 5?”

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