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April 22, 2021

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Animal Lust (18+)

Here is the promised Valentine post, the writer wishes to be anonymous.



I’m a simple girl, nice, very homely, half caste actually but this Valentine has had me thinking maybe I should try things differently in the bedroom department. I don’t want anyone to whisper sweet nothings into my ears like before. Of course, I still want the gifts, which girl doesn’t?

I don’t want the sweet sensual sex that we have, this time around I want rough tough animalistic kind of sex, in simply terms, I want a mind blowing sex.

Now trust me I’ve had good sex before but nothing close to fulfilling my fantasies about sex. Maybe I have daddy issues or maybe I’m just plain weird but I’d really love to have some borderline rape sex. Maybe it’s the way I talk or how soft my body is but guys I shag are almost scared to be tough on the pussy. It’s like their fucking an egg. I mean I know I behave like a lady but we’re behind closed doors.

Sir, ravish me!

It’s absolutely sad how my body turns grown ass men into pussies. Can’t you just work it like you want to tear it?

What would make me happy is for the next guy I’m with to throw me on a bed, pin me down under his legs as he unbuckles his belt.I can imagine the pleasure I will experience with that.Holds my two wrists in one grip like Superman as he licks the sides of my necks and nibbles my earlobes just a little bit.With his other hand he jacks off my jeans, leggings or shorts so briskly, almost tearing it.

(If the sex is that awesome I won’t mind, I promise)

In one sharp move he flips me over, before I start to struggle he spanks my ass hard, as I relax he relaxes.

He spanks my ass harder and just before I can react I feel that HARD dick coming in full throttle (the proper hole, I’m an anal virgin and I prefer to stay that way thank you very much).As he’s pounding away he pulls my hair just enough and squeezes my ass digging into its softness to gauge momentum and stop any jiggling.

I know I’ll be sore in the morning but then again sex is pain+pleasure, the pleasure is happening right now

While I’m begging screaming for mercy, he slows down, slips out and flips me over, and looks into my eyes with pure animal lust, holds down both of my arms and pushes it in once again, ruthlessly.

His dick feels me up to the brim.

Before he picks up the pace he handles each small soft breast nicely alternating between sucking and biting them hard and soft. He screws me much wildly than before and I basically see stars before I orgasm and pass out.

I will be red in the morning and there will be bruises but it will be worth it. This is what I want for my Val night.


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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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