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December 1, 2021

Almost All Fun & Games with Anika III (18+)
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Almost All Fun & Games with Anika III (18+)

I reached down and grabbed my cock. Never in my life could I remember it being so hard. I rubbed the head against her soaked pussy, running it up and down her slit. 

At the bottom of the downstroke, my mushroom head seemed to settle naturally at her opening, and Anika’s lewd expression told me I was in the right spot.

“Anika, Sweetheart, are you sure you…”

“Oh, fuck me,” she breathed.

I released my weight and let gravity drive my cock ever so slowly into Anika’s hungry pussy. Despite the flood of pussy juice between her legs, she was so unbelievably tight. It felt like I only got the head in before I came grinding to a halt.

Anika’s breath was ragged, but she kept urging me on. Her hands slid down my body and clutched desperately at my hips.

I drove into her, feeling her hot, slippery lips engulfing slightly more of my cock. Her face contorted in pain, and I stopped, leaving myself only halfway inside my beautiful, new lover.

“Are you okay?”

“Uh-huh,” she panted. “You’re just so big. Just take it slow?” Her tiny hands pressed against my stomach.

I kissed her gently and waited an agonising few seconds for her to relax before easing another inch into her. Again she winced, and again I waited for her to catch her breath before burying my cock even deeper. 

I felt my balls rest against her fantastic ass when I finally bottomed out inside her. And purely driven by instinct, I burrowed my cock even deeper in one last desperate, grinding thrust. Anika grunted beneath me, her arms wrapped around my back and her legs wrapped around my thighs.

I kissed her slowly, passionately, and told her I loved her.

“I love you too, Edwin.”

I slid about half my length out of her tight pussy, hesitated a few moments, then eased myself slowly back into the hilt. Anika winced as I drove back inside her, and took a few seconds to relax her face. Then I pulled out again.

Her face was sweaty, and tensed in tight concentration as we made love, slowly and deliberately.

“Take a deep breath in,” I urged as I pulled my cock three quarters the way out. She did, her stomach and soft breasts pressing against me as she complied. “Now breathe out slowly,” I sighed as I pushed back inside her, “Just let all the tension flow out.”

Anika moaned in pure ecstasy as I thrust deeply into her core.

“Oh, wow,” she giggled, “That felt so good.”

We did it again, and again. Anika breathed in deeply as I withdrew, then slowly exhaled as I drove home. The pain was gone, replaced by pleasure as I sawed in and out of her.

“Oh my God! Edwin, I’m going to come!” Anika clenched me tightly, locking her arms and legs around me. Then in an instant, she arched her back, thrusting her body into mine as I pumped into her. “Oh, Edwin,” she moaned when her spasms subsided, “Make love to me. I want you so bad.”

I pumped my cock into her, Anika rolling her pelvis in time to meet every thrust. I was in heaven. The warm, soft wetness of her body…the ecstasy of her breathless moans…

I looked into her eyes and kissed her deeply when I could marshal my concentration enough. But mostly, I just gripped her tightly and held the side of my face to her cheek. The sensation of my cock sheathed in her glorious pussy was overwhelming.

The bedsheet bunched at my knees and elbows, soaked through with our sweat. I actually couldn’t tell the difference between my desperate panting and hers.

We shared a giggly smile as I mopped her wet hair from her forehead. Anika puffed into my face, her warm breath still fresh with the scent of toothpaste. “Oh, Edwin. I’m going to come again!”

Her soft body clenched uncontrollably against mine as Anika’s orgasm rocked her. The feeling of her sopping pussy clamped around my prick set me off on my own euphoric journey.

Anika bucked her hips up at me as I increased my tempo. The all-consuming tingle swelled inside me, growing dangerously out of control.

“Oh my God, Edwin. Are you going to come?” she groaned.

I could only grunt a nod in reply, my mouth hanging limply open as the power of my orgasm exploded throughout my body.

The hot flush filled my entire being in a split second. Then the pressure wave concentrated in an unimaginable torrent, focussing all its energy into my balls. I felt every drop of semen rush up the length of my cock, then erupt out of my swollen glands in a hyper-sensitive explosion.

I grabbed Anika as tightly as I could, thrusting as deeply as possible into her gorgeous pussy. And then I roared with pleasure, grunting like an animal with every spurt after blissful spurt of cum flooding out into her horny pussy.

I had never cum like that in my life.

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