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December 1, 2021

Almost All Fun & Games with Anika (18+)
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Almost All Fun & Games with Anika (18+)

That gentle little knock at my bedroom door always made me smile. I watched the handle turn and then waited for Anika to poke her head through.

It was a pretty regular occurrence whenever she spent the night over at our place. As much as I loved my little sister, she wasn’t a morning person, and her best friend would often leave her alone in her room to sleep in for a couple of hours while she hung out with me instead.

Anika had always had a crush on me, following me around like a lost puppy at every opportunity. I was flattered by the attention, especially as I got nothing like it from the twenty-something-year-old women my own age. And as she had blossomed through her teens, I have to admit, more than just my ego became aroused.

“Morning, Edwin,” she breathed. Her mop of chocolate brown hair splashed around her face, framing that adorable, hopeful smile. “Can I come in for a cuddle?”

“Of course you can, Sweetie,” I grinned, leaning up on one elbow.

Her smile beamed brighter if that was possible. She slipped through the door, closing it gently behind her, and coming fully into view.

She wore a tight, white t-shirt, with a faded print of Spiderman on the front, as she always did when she slept over with my little sister. Spider man’s face was distorted around her right breast, making him look like he was winking at me. The muzzle of his web similarly flared on the stretched fabric on her left. And the bottom of her shirt had long since lost the battle of trying to reach her waist.

I had bought that t-shirt for her about five years earlier when we had visited Ghana on a joint family holiday. At the time, it had been to wear in the regular rotation. But now that she was eighteen, the shirt was demoted to strictly sleepwear only.

Past her belly button, pale blue, cotton panties hugged the beautiful curve of her hips and dipped down sweetly between her slender legs. I kept my eyes moving down though, so as to not let her catch me staring.

“Love the socks,” I smiled.

“I’m a little cold,” she pouted.

I smirked to myself, noticing that her nipples confirmed her story, as Anika padded across the carpet towards me. I lifted up the blanket for her as she arrived at the side of the bed, and she slipped effortlessly under the covers. I loved that contented little sound she made when she was safely tucked in. Every time.

“Hey,” she whispered, her big, brown eyes twinkling.

“Hey,” I breathed back.

Then she rolled over on top of me, as she always did, wriggling into position for the best cuddle. She inevitably made a mess of it, with countless adjustments, as she squirmed and grunted until she was comfortable.

“Morning, Edwin,” she finally announced.

“Good morning, ” I smiled up at her. “You all set there?”

Anika slithered on top of me to check. Her upper body rolled one way with a twist of her shoulders, while her hips rolled the other. I could feel the softness of her breasts mashing against my bare chest, and the pressure of her pubic bone grinding against my hips as she swivelled back and forth.

“That’ll do for now,” she declared, still swaying ever so slightly.

She planted a soft kiss on my cheek, made another of her little noises, and then burrowed her head next to mine. It always went like that, often with a pouty demand that I hold her tighter. That morning was no exception.

I found it hard not to lose myself, holding her tightly to me. I had one arm wrapped around the small of her back where her shirt had ridden up, trying to imprint the warmth of her smooth skin in my permanent memory. 

My other arm was higher, the crook of my elbow hooked in under her rib cage, and my hand pressed firmly into the muscles between her shoulder blades. Then I loosened my grip slightly to let my hands wander. I let my lower palm creep up, managing to keep it on her flawless skin. 

My other hand caressed down to her side, savouring her curves as they flared into her hips.

“Hold me tighter, Edwin.” She then began another series of wiggles, which drove me crazy.

“I’m sorry,” I laughed, pressing my hands more firmly into the soft flesh near her hip.

“Tighter,” she moaned.

As I locked my arms around her, my left hand slid up under her shirt to the opposite side of her ribs. And my right slid across the waistband of her panties, enjoying the softness of the top of her ass, before locking my fingertips around her hip.

“That’s better.” She craned her head up and smiled at me. “That feels really nice.” Anika’s eyes welled slightly in response to my agreement, and she lowered her face and playfully rubbed her nose against mine.

More wiggling, smiles and delicate, little kisses accompanied our early morning conversation about nothing in particular. It was our regular routine whenever she abandoned my sister to several more hours of sullen teenage slumber on a Sunday morning. 

And I loved it.

Something else that was becoming all too common was the arrival of her giggle.

“What?” I already knew, of course, but I loved to hear her say it.

She stared into my eyes, her own sparkling with triumphant discovery, “You have a boner, Edwin.”

“I know, Sweetie. I’m sorry.” While my apology was feigned, my brain was filled with genuine embarrassment.

“It’s okay, Edwin,” she smiled, continuing on with her story. She had heard my explanation of it having a mind of its own a number of times before, and she happily accepted it.

One story led into another, and as her excitement over one particular description rose, her animated movement on top of me increased. The pressure of her soft stomach and pubic bone, as it ground into my aching cock, was an absolute distraction. When I did manage to concentrate, I found my hands all over Anika’s hips and the small of her back, flirting dangerously with the waistband of her panties.

I couldn’t fucking take it anymore.

“What are you doing there, little wiggly worm?” I began to tickle her, digging my fingers into her ribs, in a hopeless attempt to relieve my tension.

Anika began to squeal and tried desperately to tickle me back. But as she writhed around on top of me in fits of laughter, I was just getting more and more aroused.

“Hey, little squirmy squid.” More tickles and more laughter. “Little bumpy bunny,” I went on.

The wrestling tickle fight continued, and Anika slid down my body to evade a set of my busy fingers. As she climbed back up towards the head of the bed, her breasts pressed heavily into my raging cock. 

She kept sliding up, rubbing against the erection in my boxers as she went.

I caught her hands as they lunged for my underarms. “I got you, my sexy, little snake.”

Anika froze.

I have to admit, I held my own breath as I realised what I said.

Anika was my little sister’s best friend. Sweet, innocent, little Anika. I had always looked out for her like an older brother, and she had always looked up to me in kind. The last thing I wanted was for her to feel uncomfortable around me.

With my hard cock pressed into her soft belly, Anika’s eyes were saucers as she glared into my own terrified eyes.

The silence was excruciating.

I couldn’t hold my breath any longer. “I…um…I’m sorry, Anika. I didn’t mean…”

“You think I’m sexy,” she whispered, her breath shaking. I wasn’t sure if it was a question or not. Either way, I couldn’t answer.

My heartbeat thundered in my ears. My whole face was burning. The weight of her on top of me was crippling. And the only sound I could hear was Anika’s shaky breath.

And my cock pressing against her pelvis just ached to fuck her.

“Are you horny because of me?”

I opened my mouth, but I couldn’t make any sound come out. The thought that she would be threatened by me and the realisation that Anika would probably never snuggle into my bed again was breaking my heart. We had enjoyed such a close, affectionate relationship for as long as I could remember. 

I had been so careful to make sure she always felt safe with me. But with the knowledge I was sexually attracted to her, I feared she would surely pull away.

“It’s okay, Edwin,” she whispered, barely loud enough for me to hear. “You make me really horny too.”

My entire body flushed with intense warmth. It was the same feeling I had when I saw my first porno. The same feeling the first time a girl invited me up to her room at university.

The ultimate sexual discovery.

Anika bit her bottom lip, as she stared into my eyes. I was conscious of her breathing becoming heavier. I reached up and brushed the loose strands of hair behind her ear. I smiled as gently as I could, “I love you, Anika.”

Anika let her bottom lip go and smiled. As she leaned down to kiss me, she closed her eyes slowly. Our lips met tenderly, then softly pressed together until my top lip and her bottom forced our mouths open. We both sucked gently at each other’s lips as she pulled back slightly. 

Without breaking contact, Anika pressed her lips back against mine to repeat the kiss again. And again.

She pulled away and I opened my eyes. It took me a second to focus through the tears that welled. Her face was light; her eyes, blazing; and her smile, radiant.

She bit her bottom lip again briefly. “I love you so much, Edwin.”

We kissed again, just as we had before, suckling on each other’s lips and losing ourselves in the taste. I caressed the smooth skin under her shirt, feeling every delicate contour of her back. 

Her fingers running through my hair sent little, electric chills through my body, which contrasted so perfectly with the warm crush of Anika’s groin grinding against my cock.

I wanted so desperately to get my hands into her soft hair.

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