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September 2, 2020

Adventures with Nneka, the Housewife

Adventures with Nneka, the Housewife


He is home alone, after arriving from a long awaited vacation, there is something else on the horizon when he looks out of his window to find this seductive wife.

A few years ago, I was living in a nice residential neighborhood in Owerri. I was single and I had a large two-story home.

The couple that lived next to me was in their early 40’s. They had two kids. One just started either the first or second grade and the other was about 12. The wife didn’t work and was a housewife.

I traveled a good amount for my job. My job also had the benefit of a good number of vacation days. On my days off I liked to stay home and relax.

It was late May and the children had gone back to school. I had just returned from a three-week trip abroad and I was exhausted. It was a Tuesday, and since I just flew back home, I had taken the day off. I slept in until almost 10.

I woke up and the sun was out. It was a beautiful day. I got out of bed and walked over to my bedroom window. I looked out at my backyard. Everything looked peaceful.

I looked into my neighbour‚Äôs yard and saw the wife out in the backyard. She was standing on her back yard. She was wearing some black bumshorts and a tight white top. She had on running shoes. She looked like she just got in from a workout. She was beautiful. She was about 5’6″ and had an athletic body.

My neighbors had a nice backyard. It was secluded with a bunch of trees surrounding the side and back of their yard. On my side there weren’t as many trees. My bedroom window was really the only place you could see into their backyard. They had a swimming pool.

The wife’s name was Nneka. I had only met her a few times and she was always very friendly to me.

I watched Nneka walk around her back yard. It looked like she was picking up sticks that had fallen from the storm the night before. I watched her bend over to pick up a branch and noticed how short her workout shorts were. They were very short. They fit right on her ass. They came down right to the bottom of her ass cheeks.

I left my bedroom and went down to the kitchen to make tea. I couldn’t stop thinking about Nneka. She looked so sexy in those shorts. She was all I could think about.

I ran back upstairs and looked back out the window. I couldn’t find her. She had gone inside. So, I waited. After about five minutes she walked back out on her deck. She was talking on her cell phone while pacing around. She was still wearing the black bumshorts and white shirt.

I watched her get off the phone and put it down. The day was starting to get warm. She was squinting her eyes looking around at her pool. The sun was bright. I was enjoying watching her. I was also getting turned on.

Nneka walked from her yard down to the pool and checked the pool skimmer. She got down on her knees with her ass facing me. She was reaching down in the skimmer to clean it out. Those bumshorts went right up her ass. Her ass cheeks were on full display.

Nneka finished cleaning the skimmer and stood up. She did not adjust her shorts. Her body looked so sexy with her shorts high up in her ass. I watched her walk around. I was getting hard watching her. She had no clue anyone could see her.

I watched Nneka walk back up to her yard and stop at her table. I watched her put both hands behind her back. I wasn’t sure what she was doing. She seemed to be working on something. Then one hand came back up front and went up the front of her shirt. Her hand grabbed her bra and pulled it out from the bottom of her shirt. She put her bra on the table.

I watched Nneka take off her bra and she was only in her white top and black shorts. She was facing away from me. I got as close to the window as I could, trying to look out and see her. She was still walking around her back yard but was not facing me. She walked around to the other side of her house. I lost sight of her. She then reappeared walking back towards her yard.

Nneka’s shirt was tight and I got a clear look at her walking back my direction. She has big breasts. They were also very firm. As she walked toward me, they didn’t move very much, but I could see a great impression of her boobs.

I watched Nneka for about five more minutes. She worked in her backyard doing various things. I was getting more and more turned on.

I stepped back from the window and took a deep breath. I walked to my bedroom closet and put on some gym shorts and a shirt. I combed my hair and brushed my teeth. I walked back to the window and checked to make sure she was still there.

I looked out the window and saw Nneka holding a small towel. It was getting hot outside and she was sweating. She wiped her forehead with the towel. She then lifted her shirt up right to her breasts. The bottom of her breasts was exposed. I could not see her nipples. She took the towel and wiped the sweat between her breasts. My dick was throbbing at the sight of that.

I walked downstairs and looked around my kitchen. I was anxiously thinking. I had to find some reason to go next door.

I walked out of my house and quickly cut through the yards up to my neighbor‚Äôs door. I was nervous. I still wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to say.

I rang the doorbell. I waited. I thought about looking stupid and thought about leaving. The door opened. Nneka stood there smiling.

“Hi, how are you?” Nneka said smiling. “Sorry I’m out of breath, I ran from the backyard to come answer the door.

“I’m great, Sorry to bother you. I was cooking breakfast and realized I was short of egg. Would it be possible to get one?” I asked.

I was nervous. That was all I could think of. It seemed like a neighbourly thing to ask.

“Sure, come on in.” Nneka said.

“Thanks, sorry to ask. I saw you pull up and knew you were home and I was going to drive to the supermarket but just thought I ask you first.” I said.

“It’s no problem at all.” Nneka said as I followed her to the kitchen.

I could tell when Nneka answered the door she didn’t have a bra on. Her shirt was tight. She didn’t try to cover up at first. I think I caught her off guard.

Walking to the kitchen I noticed her bum shorts were still fairly high up on her ass. Her butt checks were still showing a good bit. I also noticed the air conditioning was on. It was much cooler inside the house than outside. She was not facing me as I followed her to the kitchen.

I noticed her look down a time or two and bring her hand up to her shirt. She looked like she was trying to brush dirt off her shirt at her nipple areas. I knew then that she realized she didn’t have a bra on and her nipples were getting harder. I was anticipating her turning around.

Nneka and I walked to the kitchen making small talk about her house saying which room was which as we passed by. She walked up to the refrigerator and looked inside.

“Will two work? Or do you need three?” Nneka asked as she looking into her refrigerator.

“Two is perfect.” I replied.

While Nneka was reaching in to get the eggs, my eyes were glued to Nneka’s ass. As she leaned in her shorts rode up just a little. She has a firm, sexy ass. She turned to talk to me and I tried to bring my eyes back up to make eye contact as quickly as possible but I got caught.

I looked at her ass just a moment too long.

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