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October 21, 2020

Adventures with Nneka, the Housewife III (18+)

Adventures with Nneka, the Housewife III (18+)

“Here you go,” Nneka said as she handed me the bottle. “I really need you to get my back.”

Nneka got up and adjusted her recliner so it was flat. The recliner had a nice cushion top. She laid down on her stomach.

I squirted some lotion in my hand and kneeled down next to Nneka. I slowly started applying lotion to her back.

“This feels great. You have strong hands. I’d let you do this all day long.” Nneka said.

“Well, I love doing this. You just relax. I’ll take care of you.” I replied.

“Mm, ok,” Nneka said in a lower voice as she was enjoying herself.

I started with her shoulders. I was feeling her body as I worked my way down to the middle of her back. I was working around the strap to her swimsuit top.

“I can make it easier for you if you want,” Nneka said.

“Yes, easier works for me.” I replied.

Nneka got up on her knees, her back still towards me. She undid her swimsuit top. She dropped it to the side and laid back down flat on her stomach.

“That will be a big help!” I said with a grin.

“Great, I hope you’re not uncomfortable doing this.” Nneka said.

“Not at all.” I said in a confident voice like it wasn’t a big deal to be putting lotion on the back of a sexy married woman who just undid her top.

“Are you comfortable the way you are seated?” Nneka asked.

“Uhm, yes, kind of.” I answered.

“Well, this feels great, so make yourself comfortable. If you need to straddle me to rub it in better it’s ok.” Nneka said.

I took off my shirt and shoes and only left on my shorts. I had forgotten to put on underwear and my shorts were a thin mesh material. I straddled Nneka with my knees on the sides of her, right at her hips.

I started rubbing lotion again on her back. I moved down to her lower back and also moved myself back some so that I was now straddling her and sitting right below her ass.

My dick was already very hard. As I put lotion on her lower back I moved my body into hers. My dick pushed up against her ass.

“That feels so good.” Nneka said as she was laying there.

“I’m going to get your full body.” I told her hoping she would not object.

“Ok.” Nneka said.

I put more lotion on my hand and worked her lower back. I made sure to rub my dick against her ass as I was working her lower back. Her swimsuit bottom was tied on each side. I untied one side and lifted it up to rub lotion on her butt cheek.

“Wait.” Nneka said as her hand went back. “Those need to stay on.”

“I’ll tie it back as soon as I’m finished putting on the lotion.” I told her. “I understand, we’re just having fun, I’m not crossing that line.”

“Ok, I’m married. This is fun, but I’m married.” Nneka said.

“You just tell me when to stop and I’ll stop.” I told her.

“Ok, it feels great. You feel great. We just can’t do anything. I’ve probably already gone too far as it is. Maybe we should stop?” Nneka said questioning.

“No, no, all is good. Just helping with lotion. Completely innocent. This is no big deal.” I reassured her.

I kept putting lotion on her ass. I leaned back on my knees so I could really massage her ass. She went back to enjoying herself. My hands worked their way over to the other butt cheek. I untied that side of her swimsuit bottom.

“Did you just untie the other side?” Nneka asked.

“It’s ok, I’m almost finished and I’ll tie them both back.” I replied.

“You are so bad. You’re going to get me in trouble.” Nneka said flirting.

“No, all is ok.” I said flirting back.

Nneka was still on her stomach and I started working on Nneka’s upper thighs. My hand went between her legs. My finger grazed her pussy, which was shaved smooth.

“Hey now, that was close.” Nneka said.

“I’m just working your thighs.” I replied.

I moved from her upper thighs back to her ass. I slightly spread her ass cheeks and her legs. Each time I touched her pussy just a little bit. I then pushed my two fingers into her pussy. I went in and out. After fingering her I went right back to massaging her ass.

I felt her move when I entered her pussy. She moved just enough to let me know I wasn’t supposed to be there but not enough to stop me.

After massaging her ass, I went back down to her pussy again. This time I stayed. Both fingers went deep inside her. She was very wet. Nneka’s hands gripped the chair as my fingers entered her.

“Oh, you should not be doing this.” Nneka moaned as she grabbed the chair in pleasure.

I kept fingering her pussy as Nneka spread her legs to give me better access. After spreading her legs for a moment or two Nneka’s hand then came back and stopped mine.

“We can’t do this. I can’t do this. I’m sorry.” Nneka said with her face still downward as she held my hand from fingering her.

“I understand. I just wanted it to feel good to you.” I said in a lower more seductive voice.

“Oh, it feels good, but that’s not the issue.” Nneka quickly said.

Nneka was still face down and ass arched up. She hesitantly released my hand.

“Does this feel good to you?” I asked as I slide my fingers back into her pussy.

“God yes!! But we need to stop. I think it feels too good.” Nneka said with her face still down in the cushion.

“Ok, I thought it did,” I said.

Nneka covered her face with her hands and spread her legs to give me better access. My fingers kept moving in and out of her.

“I’m going to cum.” Nneka moaned. “I can’t. This is wrong. Oh god. Don’t stop.”

I kept fingering her pussy but started to slow up. I then stopped for a second and took off my shorts. Nneka was facing away from me and could not see me taking them off.

“Please don’t stop. This is it though. Nothing further.” Nneka said with her head still in the cushion. “We can’t do any more than this. This is so wrong. I shouldn’t even be allowing this. You are just so good with your fingers.”

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