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September 2, 2020

Adventures with Nneka, the Housewife II (18+)

Adventures with Nneka, the Housewife II (18+)


He is home alone, after arriving from a long awaited vacation, there is something else on the horizon when he looks out of his window to find this seductive wife.

My eyes made contact with Nneka’s and she knew I was looking at her ass. My eyes opened a little wider as I realized she knew. She gave me a little grin.

I apologized and smiled but then my eyes could not help but pivot down to her breasts. Her shirt was tight, and her boobs were large. Her nipples were hard and poking out at me. Between the colder air in the house and the cold air of the refrigerator, her nipples were poking out of her shirt.

“Whoops,” Nneka said as she covered her breasts with her hands.

Nneka looked around the room as though she were looking for something to cover her up.

“Cold air will do that.” I joked.

“Yes, it does,” Nneka said nodding and still looking around.

“It’s not noticeable,” I told her pretending like her nipples weren’t poking out at me. “Seriously, it’s all good. You can’t tell anything.”

“I should probably put another shirt on or something,” Nneka said as she was still covering her breasts.

“I shouldn’t have come over unannounced,” I said still trying to make her feel better. “Don’t worry about it though. It happens to everyone.”

“I know, it’s just I don’t know you that well,‚Äô‚Äô Nneka said.

“What a great way to get to know each other better,” I said smiling.

“Yes, sure, the perfect way to get to know your neighbor better.”

“You realize you are still holding your breasts with an egg in each hand?” I said with a smile.

“Yes, I realize that.” Nneka said smiling and starting to be less nervous. “I guess I shouldn’t be worrying about it. We are both adults.”

“I have seen women without a bra before,” I said flirting. “As beautiful as you are, I can still handle myself. I promise not to stare.”

Nneka lowered her hands from her breasts. Her nipples were still very hard and poking out of her shirt. I couldn’t help but stare.

“Excuse me!!” Nneka said.

My eyes left her breasts and made eye contact with Nneka.

“Uhm…what happened to not staring?” Nneka asked smiling.

“I just, uhm, it’s just. Well, you have perfect breasts.” I blurted out.

“What?” Nneka asked with a confused look on her face.

“They are amazingly perfect. I mean, wow”. I replied.

There was a pause as Nneka looked at me. Nneka asked “you really think so?”

“Yes, I do!” I replied.

“No, they are not perfect.” Nneka said as she was now looking down at her breasts.

“You can so pull off this look. You should go braless all the time.” I said confidently.

“Whatever.” Nneka smirked back.

“Really, you should. It’s a sexy look. You are probably one of the only a few women who can pull it off. Your beasts just have that build that looks good in clothes without a bra.” I stated.

“Why don’t we keep this conversation about my breasts to ourselves. I really don’t want my husband to know we were talking about this. Much less me standing in front of you like this.” Nneka said.

“I understand. This stays with us.” I replied.

“Here are your eggs,” Nneka said as she handed me the eggs.

Nneka started walking towards the door and I followed.

“Thank you for the eggs!” I said as I walked out the front door.

“Thank you for the compliments!” Nneka said with a big smile as she closed the door behind me.

I rushed home and ran upstairs to my bedroom to look out the window. Thirty minutes went by and Nneka had not returned to the backyard. I waited patiently and soon she walked back out on her deck.

Nneka had on a swimsuit. It was a very skimpy swimsuit. The tops barely covered her breasts. The bottoms were such little material I had to look hard to see any off it. The back of the bottoms covered only a small portion of her ass. The front of her bottoms covered her pussy and nothing more. It was the lowest cut bikini I had ever seen. She also had on a pair of sunglasses.

Nneka walked over and got a lounge recliner and positioned it flat but facing me. She then sat down on the recliner facing in my direction. I stepped back from the window. I was worried she could see me.

She propped her head up on a towel and looked right at my window. With the sunglasses, I couldn’t tell if she was looking at me or if her eyes were closed.

I waited a few moments and moved back up closer to the window. She laid there on the chair with her legs slightly spread. I was so turned on. My dick was hard. I reached down and grabbed myself. I slowly stroked my dick as I watched her. She has such an amazing body. Except for the tiny piece of material, she was wearing, she was basically naked.

I wanted to go down and talk to her again but I wasn’t sure what to do. I couldn’t figure out if she was out there wanting me to look at her or if she had no clue, I was watching her.

I pulled my shorts down and pulled out my dick. I stepped closer to the window. She was looking right at me. I still couldn’t tell if she knew I was watching her or if her eyes were closed with those sunglasses.

As I was stroking my dick in the window, Nneka sat up. She undid her swimsuit top and took it off. I almost came watching her take off her top. Her breasts were amazing. She grabbed some lotion and started rubbing it seductively on her breasts.

Nneka was looking my direction and suddenly stopped putting lotion on and put her top back on. She then reached down and grabbed her phone.

My phone started ringing. It was Nneka. I was nervous. I thought I had been caught.

“Hello,” I answered in a nervous voice.

“Hi, this is Nneka.” She said calmly.

“Yes, hi. Everything ok?” I asked.

“I’m sorry to bother you, I’m sure you are in the middle of cooking your eggs, but I wanted to see if you could help me out with something?” Nneka asked.

“Sure, what do you need?” I said more confidently after realizing she wasn’t calling because I got caught watching her.

“Could you come over? It will only take two minutes of your time and that’s all I need.” Nneka said in a flirty voice.

“Sure, I’ll be right there.” I said as I was pulling up my shorts.

“I’m in the backyard and the side gate is unlocked. Come in on the side of the house.” Nneka explained.

“Yes, see you in a second.” I said.

I ran down the stairs and out the front door. I hurried through the side gate and walked into her backyard. I slowed down when I saw her in the swimsuit.

“Hey,” I said as I walked up.

“Thanks for coming over.” Nneka said with a huge smile.

“No problem. How can I help?” I said.

“Ok, I was hoping you could help with putting lotion on my back. I hate to ask but I don’t want to get charred and I knew you were home. I hope you don’t think it’s to forward of me to ask.” Nneka said.

“Sure. I’d love to help. I’m glad you asked.” I replied.

“I was just thinking since you already saw me earlier, maybe you would be ok with putting lotion on me???” Nneka questioned.

“No problem. Where’s the bottle?” I answered.

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