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17 Awosika : Season 2 Episode 5

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The rally was in full swing, the state chairman of the party was on the stage, dancing and gesticulating, singing high praises of the governor even before he came on stage, this was the kick off of his second term bid as the governor of the state, Borno state has been in serious turmoil but with pressure mounting on him from different angles, he was sure the emergency rule won’t be executed to the full extent, he would still maintain his seat as the governor of the state.

The city square was filled to the brim with sea of heads waving the party flag, also bomb squad vehicles littered all over the venue, JTF and DSS officers armed to the teeth parading the scene looking for what is to be the slightest manifestation of terror. The anti-terror agents roamed freely within the crowd with vigour especially when the dj played dorobucci, the crowd went ecstatic as the chairman of the party on the stage dug to the floor to do justice to the music been played.

Nnamdi was on top of a hill, laying on the ground surrounded by leaves with his sniper gun, looking through the rifle scope, adjusting to see better and further, he could see the stage visibly now, he almost chuckled as he saw the state party chairman dancing on the stage. He surveyed around more and saw the loads of security operatives, some driving around in sport bikes, armored vehicles, also horses.

The task is herculean, the issue won’t be carrying out the assignment, the issue will be escaping from the scene unarmed, Nnamdi knew he wasn’t meant to escape this, no extraction plan was discussed with him prior to him been dropped here, no one was coming to get him. Nnamdi was giving this whole thing a lot of thought but then he remembered they had his family under surveillance, it will be wise to just do as they ask.

He didn’t mind dying if it meant his family will be safe. His thought was brought back to the present time when he saw a familiar face behind the governor walking closely with him, with full special forces gear, he wasn’t wearing facial gear like the rest behind him. The person looked round, surveying the mountain surrounding the venue. The mission just became impossible, What is Seye doing here?

He should be in Lagos or Abuja, what is he doing in Maiduguri, Nnamdi began to rethink his strategies of execution, crossing all his t’s and dotting all the i’s. This could entirely mar all of this plans here and the punishment for failure outweighs everything now.

The governor climbed the podium, the crowd cheer increased as he danced on stage like he had won the re-election already, he was been hailed by his people, the love and attention he was getting was huge.

Seye was standing at the back of the stage flanked by 3 guys left and right, and with another set of guys 10 feet away from the crowd. As the governor read his speech to the cheering crowd, Seye had an uneasy feeling about all of this, staring ahead into the mountains facing the stage.

He grabbed his walkie-talkie by his side and mumbled somethings into it, and put it back by his side. Nnamdi could see 2 security operatives get on their bike and head towards the mountain.

Its now or never, Nnamdi told himself, with his hand on the trigger, he calculated the wind speed and his angle, as the governor got to the high point of his address, raising his hand to wave to the crowd, Nnamdi squeezed the triggered hard, the bullet pierced the forehead of the governor, he went downward as he stood, in slow motion.

The other security operatives swooped in on the podium, trying to protect other high value targets at the event, the crowd went into frenzy screaming and running in different directions, the stampede began. Seye called the rest of the security operatives to his side and pointed to the mountains, 4 more guys got on their bikes and headed towards him. He looked at the time, they would get to him in another 8 times due to the rocky terrain.

In the meantime, the two that were sent few minutes ago will be here anytime soon. He got up from where he laid on his belly, hid behind a tree, the bike riders began speeding up to the mountain as they heard the update that there is a shooter on the mountain, Nnamdi squatted behind the tree, with the butt of the gun in between his thighs. When he sensed they were very close to him, he got up and with the strength he could muster, hit the first rider in the nose with the butt of the gun in one swift motion, shot the second rider in the head, looking closely at which one was more of his physique, the passed out operative was more of his height, he quickly changed into his outfit and dragged their bodies into a ditch and covered it with dirt, he pushed one of the bike off the other side of mountain into a what seems to be a huge ditch. He wiped the face mask to wipe off blood stain and put it on and sped down the mountain on a bike, he saw them coming and started firing shots up the mountain, they got to him, he pointed up the mountain to them, they fired their engines and race up the mountain.

Nnamdi rode the bike down the mountain,the rest of the agents helping the injured, Seye stood there co-ordinating the surrounding, waiting on the ambulance to take the governor to the hospital. As he continued the conversations on the phone, a particular bike caught his attention, as he was leaving the area without his permission, he put the phone on hold and screamed stop to the agent but the agent didn’t stop, he noticed blood stain on him. He jumped on his bike and sped off after him with the other agents wondering what the hell was happening.

Nnamdi paid no attention to Seye’s warning, Seye brought out his gun and shot at Nnamdi’s tyre derailing him and sent him tumbling a couple of times. It looked really bad, Seye parked his bike and walked up to the body spread on the ground, he tried to sneak a peek at the guy under the mask, as he was about to remove the face mask. Nnamdi sent a right hook into Seye’s neck, jumping up on his feet, left leg injured, blood stained. Seye got up and threw a punch to Nnamdi face which he blocked, and then punched in the rib then sent another punch to his face, all Nnamdi’s punches landed at the place he intended them to.

Seye down and groaning, rubbing his face, as Nnamdi moved closer to him, Seye rolled around, and held his injured leg, and moved to his back, holding him a choke hold, Seye’s muscles expanded as he struggled him to hold him down. Nnamdi struggling to get out of Seye’s hold, rubbed him hands all around the floor, around Seye’s back, he found his handgun and pointed it against Seye’s temple, Seye removed his hands from his neck, but as he let go, he grabbed the mask off Nnamdi’s face to reveal his greatest surprise.

Nnamdi pointed the gun at Seye as he picked up Seye’s bike and rode off.

Hassan was loved by all at the prisons, he was the lifeline of the prison, the inmates wanted to be him, he always hosted parties almost every saturday night, brought activity that kept up the activities up high. That saturday, he was just subbed on to the field, for the final of the prisons cup which he organised, the winning team of the tournament will get 2.5million naira. In the prison, it seemed like no one remembered the horrific things he did that got him into prison, he was on deathrow but that never matter to him, it almost seem like he wanted to do something to change his fate.

It seemed like everyone forgot about the bomb explosion at the secondary school he orchestrated, the prison was an island void of interactions from the rest of the world, but the irony was that Hassan Bakko’s phone was always ringing off the hook. Hassan got substituted with a midfielder, to play supporting striker role, as soon as he got in, he ran down through the left flank, and a through ball came to him, chasing it down, and excellently dribbling the last defender, Hassan slotted the ball into the far right corner of the post.

The field erupted with GOOAALLL!!!!!!!!!

His teammates ran behind him as he celebrated running down to the prisons warden’s seat with arms stretched out, the onlookers gave him a sounding ovations, as the referee was about to blow the whistle for the continuation of the game, Hassan’s right hand man, Aliyu ran onto the pitch and whispered to him.

Hassan made the substitution hand gesture to the coach, and left the pitch,he went straight to his cell, where he picked up the phone,

“Hello Baba” He said

“Hassan! How are you, my boy” The voice asked

“I haven’t been executed yet, Baba” Hassan replied laughing, also trying to catch his breath.
“Its happening soon, the President has been briefed about your circumstance. They will do the needful” The voice continued
“I’m happy to hear that, Sir” Hassan said

“We will talk very soon” The voice ended the call.

BK drove through all the craziness in lagos to get to the JTF office, if not for the trip he had to go for tomorrow, he doesn’t even want to be around here, the explosion has everything but there is the very important package he needs to pick up from Seye who for some strange reason left town yesterday and asked that he picked it up from his assistant.

All Seye told him was that he was visiting a northern town on work basis and couldn’t stay to give it to him in person, meet Niyi he told him.

BK got to the office and everywhere was busy and bustling, the ground floor was the busiest, he met the receptionist and was directed to the 5th floor where Seye’s office was. The same fifth floor was where Frank was waiting to be questioned.

Frank who willingly came into the JTF office after he visited the bomb blast site was waiting to see Eric or Niyi who were looking for him earlier on.

Eric had already started questioning him, before Niyi rushed into the office to give BK the parcel that Seye asked him to give him.

“Frank, I’m sorry about your loss” Niyi said

“Thank you. I was there that night that some men were under the third mainland bridge” Frank dint want to be patronised, he just wanted whoever was responsible to be caught and made to pay.

“What did you see exactly?” Niyi asked

“It was in the middle of the night, all i saw were silhouettes of people, they were on 3 or 4 boats or more, all with masks except one, but the one with the mask I couldn’t see” Frank explained.

“What were they doing” Niyi quizzed further

“They were putting things at the foot of the bridge, they had divers, Its all fuzzy in my head, I was high” Frank began to stammer.

“What can you say about their leader? You have to remember something about him” Niyi asked

“He was a big guy, no mask but he was too far away for me to see anything, I saw him from the back” Frank kept looking around, trying to remember then he saw an image on the wall, a picture of the former office of the back view of a guy who stood around rubbles from the explosion at the former office. He stood up and moved closer to the pictures pinned to the wall on Seye’s office.

“I’m very sure of what I’m about to say but its strange.” Frank began

Frank began examining the back view of a guy more closely on the wall, “I was high that night, but the back view of the person inside the picture is almost identical to the one I saw that night.” Frank said squinting his eyes on the picture.

Eric and BK walked into the office, to introduce Niyi to BK whom he left the package with.

“How is it going? ” Eric asked Niyi

“He can’t seem to remember them very well, it was really dark and he was high” Niyi briefed Eric

“So, why is he staring at the picture?” Eric asked.

“He said the guy beside Seye in this picture is the one who orchestrated that attack on the third mainland bridge” Niyi said.

“Really?” Eric asked

“How sure are you” Eric faced Frank… “They look identical, sir” Frank replied.

“Ermmm…. excuse me. I know how that person is, its Nnamdi” BK said

“Nnamdi??” Niyi asked. “Seye will explain this better” BK told Eric and Niyi.

Niyi called Seye immediately, “Sir, I think we have a suspect on the bomb blast, we think its Nnamdi”

“You guys might be onto something but he just assassinated the governor of Borno state” Seye said, spitting out blood.

6 Armoured SUVs drove into Babakura’s compound, the dignitaries got out and headed into his library with the door locked behind them, they all sat down in a circle with Babakura at the end of the table, the guest on the table include, The Minster of Defence, The Senate President, The Speaker of the House, Majority leaders of the house.

“Welcome my friends” Babakura started

“We’re almost at the end of our journey, and the last parts are the interesting parts.” Babakura continued.

“I smell victory already, lets have updates from all over you” Babakura said

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