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17 Awosika : Episode 2 [Abuja Connect]

3 months down the line, everything had gone according to BK’s plan. Seye relocated, BK’s dad paid up his blackmail promise, he bought his 2008 tokunbo Honda civic.





Vivian woke up late today, but Eno (the house-help) had everything in motion. She had prepared cereal for the kids and toasts in their lunch pack, she made tea and kept it warm in the jug.

Knowing Nnamdi wasn’t big on breakfast had eased off Eno’s cooking troubles in the morning but for Madam Vivian, everything depended on what side of bed she woke up from. This morning she wasn’t up yet which was actually unlike her, she was always up by 5:30am.

Vivian struggled out of bed at 7am and started her panic attack while Nnamdi knotted his red tie over his white shirt.

Vivian asked “Babe, why didn’t you wake me up as soon as you were up?”

Nnamdi replied “Honey, you snored half the night, if I were you, I wouldn’t be surprised if BK, Martins and Kemi greet you strangely this morning, it got so loud that it sounded like there was a train passing behind the house, what did you do yesterday?”

“Nnamdi, you exaggerate a lot, you were also snoring because I woke up in the night to pee and you were making so much noise I felt like suffocating you with the pillow but then again, who would take care of me and my kids. Moreover,I am way too young and sexy to be a widow”

“Okay, I was the one snoring; you can’t imagine how much paper work Femi made me do, at times I wonder if that’s all what investment banking is about, so much documentation, way too much documentation, what happened to all the high-cleaa dinners. By the way, are you in the mood for some early morning fooling around?” Nnamdi giggled

Vivian replied ”If you really wanted to fool around, you would have woken me up 5am, you know I am a big fan of early morning sex”

Nnamdi moved in for a booty spank, he was rudely interrupted by Rita and Ify who came screaming into the room, Rita ran to the bed directly beside her mother, and buried herself under the duvet.

Ify started “Daddy, Rita broke my doll’s hand, I was dressing her up for school this morning”

Ify intensified her cry, “Rita, is it true what you did to your sister’s toy?” Nnamdi replied

Vivian tapped the duvet where Rita was hiding, “Rita, your daddy is talking to you”

“Daddy, I didn’t know, she brought it to me that the doll’s hand was twisted, I was helping her twist it back when it broke off. Moreover, she isn’t a baby anymore!”

“Rita, you should have apologized to your sister, okay?”

“She wouldn’t allow me, she ran into your room”

“Rita, Ify is your baby sister and will always be, okay? It is how you treat her that everyone around you will treat her, is that clear?” Nnamdi said gently

Rita apologized while Eno approached the bedroom, “The school bus is here, Oga”

Vivian pulled out Rita from the duvet and instructed them to go with Eno and put on their school sandals.

Vivian told the girls “Be good at school, be obedient and always remember I love you, I don’t know about your father.”

Nnamdi cut in, “Girls come and give daddy a big fat hug, the girls ran to him and hugged his thighs, okay girls, I love you more than your mother loves you!

The girls screamed in unison “We love you too, daddy” and ran to Eno.

Eno helped them put on their sandals, and their backpacks and she carried their lunch packs and headed to the door to take them to the school bus.

Nnamdi rushed in for a kiss but Vivian stopped him, “Nnamdi, please you need to leave the house now, you’re almost late for work jare, naughty man.

She smacked his ass as he grabbed his jacket from the wardrobe to head out.

Nnamdi stepped out to the staircase, he met Martins & Kemi as they approached their car heading to work, they both worked on the island, Martins usually dropped Kemi off at her office somewhere along Awolowo road before going to his own office at Ligali Ayorinde.

Martins had a 10AM meeting with the senior associates and their clients, an oil servicing firm, He arrived at the office some minutes after 9 rushing through the elevators with a handkerchief in hand.

Wole, a close office friend of Martins screamed at him “Dude, you’re late again and I know you’re one of the Dr. Okoro’s favorites, one day this attitude of yours will come back and bite you in the ass”

Martins smiled and replied ”Good morning to you too, Wole. How’s our wife and the pregnancy? “

Wole replied “Mehn, its crazy o, this madam is almost in her 3rd trimester, have been paying hospital bills and she’s been watching some crazy series, she’s saying she might have CS instead of labor, Faith City is about to give me heart attack with their bills”

Martins replied “Ogbeni, I don’t envy you at all, I and Kemi aren’t ready for children yet; so who are these people we’re expecting from the oil servicing firm?”

Wole replied “they’re a new firm, they’re from the States and we need to set up some legal structure and guide them about how the Nigerian oil industry works…upstream and downstream”

Martins replied “blah blah blah, spare me all the grammar abeg, how many of them are coming in”

Wole replied “Dude, what’s your problem sef, your eye just dey chook anyhow, meanwhile they’re 3 coming in, 2 white guys and one African American lady, I don’t think she’s Nigerian”

Martins replied “Now, you’re talking jare, what’s the name of the babe?”

Wole interjected “How am I supposed to know? I get winch?”

“Let me go and see my Doctor Okoro”.

Dr. Okoro S.A.N was a man in his late fifties, bald, short, skinny but randy as hell, he made sure that all new female lawyers went through him during the interview stage. He even had accommodation somewhere in Lekki Phase 1 where he called the slaughterhouse, a fully serviced mini-flat, Dr. Okoro, an experienced lawyer with expertise in litigation, Energy sector and Corporate Finance, his reputation earned being a partner at the firm, he bagged his Doctorate from Harvard in 1998, he was made S.A.N in 2004, blessed with 3 kids and a hot socialite woman.

Doctor’s office had an expansive space with a view of Lagos from the 13th floor, Doctor loved gadgetry, iPads’, Android phones, Bluetooth receivers and all on a huge mahogany table.

“Good morning, Doctor” Martins greeted

“Good morning Martins, how’s the family, I hope you’re prepared for this morning’s meeting, they will be in by 10am” Dr. Okoro replied as he checked his wristwatch for the time.

“Yes Doctor, Conference room C has been set up for the meeting” Martins confirmed

“Good Martins, very good! Let me know when they come in, okay? Good work on that Mergers and Acquisition Paper for the International Law Office, we’re proud of you”

“Thank you, sir”

Martins settled in at his desk, he opened up his P.C, logged onto the company’s desktop, everything looked fine.

A call came through the intercom, its Wole “Martins, the Oil servicing firm people are here o, call Doctor and meet me at Conference room C, okay? Nkem and I are already there.”

Martins rushed down to Doctor’s office to inform him and they made their way down to the conference room C.

A big fat white man stood up to introduce his people to everyone, he proceeded by saying

“Hello everyone, I am Ryan Lloyds, the Chief Operating Officer, this is Carl Daniels, Senior Analyst” pointing to a tall good looking man, looking like he just stepped out of GQ, martins sent wole an IM saying

“Carl is definitely gay, his dressing is too on point, Nkem hasn’t stopped looking at him since”

Wole replied “Ahan see bad belle o, he’s married with kids in Seattle from my small investigation into them, na beef go kill you“

Ryan continued, as he introduced the female on their entourage, he continued, “This is Miss Tinuke Ajayi, she’s our HR person, may we meet your team?”

Martins began to wonder, I have heard Tinuke Ajayi before, I know one Tinuke Ajayi, his mind running around places trying to figure out where he knew her from.

Doctor introduced his team of Wole, Martins, Nkem and himself, the meeting proceeded and everyone exchanged card’s with Tinuke who promised to make a call later on today to confirm other details.

The day was fast spent, Martins closed and drove to Awolowo road to pick his wife to head home, they both talked about how their day went, with Kemi complaining about how her boss was breathing down her neck and Martins said he couldn’t remember where he knew a client from. They zoomed away and just as they were home trying to get some sleep when a call came into Martins’ phone.

“Hello, good evening, who am I speaking with” Martins said

”Hello stranger, this is Tinuke Ajayi” The voice said

“Hello Tinuke, please can you call me tomorrow, it’s already after 9, have a good night rest”

“Martins, you don’t remember me?”

“Tinuke,I am sorry but I don’t, can you help me”

“Wow, this is so sad, this is Tinuke from your secondary school, we dated when we were in S.S.2″

“Oh my Goodness, Tinuke, I am so sorry I dint remember you, you were dark, your boobs were small, you had fat nose”

“I know, I had a beauty make-over, and this is the new me “ Tinuke cuts in

“I am still trying to recover from this shock, Tinuke, I am so happy you’re back, but I’m married now”

“We need to talk, let me know when you’re free, okay ?”

Martins “I am sure we have a lot to catch up on”

“Yes, and remember before my father took me out of school, I missed my period and my father whisked me away to America”

“Yes, its all coming back to me, yes, I remember, the period later came back right?”

“Nope, I did a miniature abortion, but got married to a Canadian, then divorced him 3 years down the line and got the custody of my boy, he really loved me but he wasn’t a good bedmate , I hear you’re married”

“You have a son? That’s nice and you aborted my baby? I can’t complain now, we were just 17 years old then, I am married to someone else now”

“So, how come you weren’t wearing a wedding ring then”

“If my wife doesn’t complain, who are you to complain?” Martins laughed

They both laughed together and then Tinuke asked “Do you wanna hook up, remember how we used to make out everywhere in my father’s house”

“Yes, I do. Can I call you tomorrow to talk more”? Memories start to flood into Martins’ head; he replied from oblivion

“That’s fine, have a good night rest”

“Good night, sleep tight”.

“So, how is it that, that you were both discussing who’s married, and who’s not and periods and all that; so you actually impregnated someone in secondary school?” Kemi threw a harmless question at Martins

“An old acquaintance and also a client at the office” Martins replied

“Ok o!!!” Kemi replied with a long sigh.

Martins ignored her and slept off.

Next morning, BK ran to Nnamdi’s car as he was about to leave for work, and he called out

“Nnamdi! Nnamdi!!” screaming as loud as he could

Nnamdi looked up and saw BK running down from the BQ to the parking lot in front of the house, he asked Nnamdi,

“I need to set up a corporate account, my father thinks he can help me secure a small contract in abuja to supply 30-50 pieces of Blackberry for the Ministry of Information, I need your help”

“Well, good for you, come by my office later on today and I can introduce you to someone who can settle it for you, have you incorporated the company yet”? Nnamdi replied

“No, not yet, but I can do an express one, I have a solid connect”

“Alright then, let me know when you’re on your way to my office”

“Thanks Bruv, by the way, that’s a nice wristwatch, looks like a Rolex”

“Oh yes, it is, a vintage one at that”

“This definitely wasn’t bought in Naija , this is a vintage western piece of engineering”

“I bought it in the U.K while I was doing my Masters before we gave birth to Rita”

“Nice, your wife also told me about your globetrotting”

“Yes, I travelled to some places even in the middle east but not a gist for now, I have to run along now”

“Have a good day” BK replied

Morris Chukwu walks out of the office of the Vice President, picked up his cell phones and other things he was holding before he stepped in to meet the vice president, walked out of the building into his black 2010 Mercedes Benz C‑class, and ordered his driver to take him back to Sheraton hotels at Zone 4.

He stepped out and headed to his hotel room, he changed into a dark blue suit with a white shirt; Morris is dark, with athletic build, 6’4 in height, very intimidating stature and a brutally serious look. He went back to his car.

Morris drove out to the outskirt of Abuja, Kubwa to be precise. He drove to what looked like an abandoned warehouse, with a huge expanse of land. The warehouse alone sat on 3 acres of land out of the 6 acres, built towards the end of the land; the whole land was totally shielded from sunlight, with thick roofing.

Morris stepped out of his car, with the classic 3pm Abuja sun, positioned right in front of the imposing gate of the warehouse, he picked out a strange key and moved towards a little gate, flipped over a little compartment and puts in the key, and rotated it clockwise twice and anti-clockwise once and pushed it in, the steel door made a strange creak sound; this facility hasn’t been used in years, he pushed the door and all he could see was darkness despite the time of the day.

He picked out his torch and moved to the left to the change-over point and pulled it down. The fluorescent bulbs began to come alive from the beginning of the space to down the hall, coming up in sequence from the left to the right and the center, he walks forward for a few seconds again, he still could not get into the main facility, so he dusted the security door access panel and inputs, the systems were still booting up.

Morris looked around the building, gigantic space, sealed with high security glass, they had been shut down years before they could start their operations, the systems were fairly new, their first mission was to assassinate everyone that worked on building this place and equipped it with gadgets and advanced security system, the President had always said this department was a waste of money, now Morris has gotten his chance to prove they’re worthy of been funded, EFCC, ICPC, JTF and the Army were jokers compared to them.

The security had finished booting, it beeped 5 times, and more lights came up but this time around, they were all sorts of lights, green, blue, racks of servers coming back to life, Morris moved to the keypad and types in 788376289, the system accredited him and the screen displayed

“Welcome Morris Chukwu” and underneath his name, it read “Nigeria S.S.S Special Ops“.

Morris entered and walked around the facility and then to his office and picked up his Iridium 9505A Satphone and called a certain contact on the phone called “Bernard Ejiofor”.

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