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September 17, 2021

Welcome to Africa's Largest Indigenous Stories Platform

We produce the most original content about life, love, sex and everyday relations for young, dynamic and pleasure chasing Africans. I feel like we can battle Better Lover magazine (just kidding)

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All Rise, Let Us Sing Hymn 233 (18+)

“Would you please rise, as we sing hymn number 233,” the choirmaster said to the congregation. The nearly three hundred member church stood as many turned the pages of their hymn books.  A moment later the choirmaster held his arms up...

Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S02E12] (18+)

Fatimah started to clean the board from the lower parts where she had no trouble with and when that part was done, she looked up, here’s where her trouble would start she thought to herself as she crouched a bit and jumped to clean the higher...

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