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YeyeGist: Evening with Keke guy (Chapter 1) [18+]


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YeyeGist: Evening with Keke guy (Chapter 1) [18+]

I look time again for my phone, remain small 10pm go knack, I don rotate round the whole town, I no see passenger, everywhere just dry, na why I say I go reduce the way I dey fuck ashawo, just one wrong toto fit spoil person whole week, only God sabi the kind spirit some of this girls carry for body.

I for just go house jeje and everything wey happen for no happen…….. I tell myself say if I drop this set of passengers wey I carry reach where dem dey go, I go just go house, make I fit use the fuel rotate the following day. Three thick women like that, I no even look their face when dey enter, I just know say dem fat full the whole keke, me sef bin dey pity dem as dey squeeze themselves, only God know where dem dey come from because the kind different scent of perfume wey dey comot from their body just full the whole keke—I nearly choke. Dem no even talk sef, dem just dey chop chewing gum they press phone.

After about 20min ride I carry dem reach the junction, na eim one say make I enter the street, normally me I no dey too like to enter street for night o, especially this kind time but as another one talk say she go top the money, if you see the speed I take enter the street, besides the street sef get street light so everywhere clear well.

Small time dem say make I stop for the front of one bungalow, the house no get gate, As the women begin comot na that time I use the street light look dem well, omo see nyansh everywhere ,nyansh wey dem fit share give 6 people na wetin only one person carry for back. The other one nyansh big too but you see her breast, dem fit take am hide 5yrs old child. I no too see the third one sha, because that one just waka fast enter the apartment.

E reach to pay me my money, one come ask if I go still follow that junction if I dey go, I say ehnn, she say make I follow her enter inside house carry something, say she go like follow me go back with the load reach junction, she talk say she go find me something, me wey dey para for money, I bill am sharp sharp, I no trust ladies with promise. She say no wahala.

I come reason am again say I no go fit leave my keke, enter the house for this kind quiet place for night, say make she go bring am or make her second go bring am, but she say the thing heavy say she no go fit lift am, the third one come talk say she go standa say make I follow her sister go bring the load come. 

As I dey waka for that one back dey enter the apartment, I just dey imagine things with the kind nyansh wey gather dey shake for my front. The thing be like shell, e wide, big come fat. Me wey get long preek, I imagine how I fit position for her behind dey jam her nyansh, only if to say I know wetin I dey enter, na dat time I come remember my money, I just hope say e dey safe inside my keke locker.

I follow the woman enter one large room inside the house wey be like the parlour, I just dey use my eyes inspect the room like person wey wan buy land.  the room sef empty, only one big bed dey one corner for the room, the light sef na red bulb, e get as body do me but I shun am, I no see any bag or load, the lady I follow enter say make I wait, she waka enter inside one of the rooms. Na this kind thing I no dey like. Na dat time e hit me say why all of dem no join hand bring the load come outside, as I still dey think am the main door open for my back, the third lady waka enter. Haaaa who come dey with my keke!!!

I never begin talk when I look wetin she hold for hand dey point for my belle. Omo! See gun! I see gun, small piss leak comot from my penis, me wey get home train, if you see as I organize mysef begin beg, the two other women comot from one of the rooms, one just wear pant and bra but the other one still wear gown, that one sef too hold gun for hand. I no even know when I kneel down.

I just know say I begin beg like pikin wey no wan go school. The one wey hold gun say make I climb the bed, my preek wey bin dey rise don fall like wall of Jericho , as I dey beg one na so I dey turn beg the next one, even from the red light I see the one wey just wear bra and pant, the breast be like waterfall with multicolored stretch marks. 

I think of to fight, how I wan take fight this three mighty women, even the John Wick inside me sef weak. I tell them say make dem go my keke safe pocket go collect all the money. The third one wey I bin leave outside with my keke laugh say make I no worry say she don clear that side. I nearly run mad. 

The other one wey still wear gown just jack my trouser drag me fling ontop the bed wey dey the parlor, tiny me wey no get stamina I no get weight, na so I fall ontop the bed. Before I go fit standup she jump sit down ontop my leg use her whole weight pin me down begin unzip my trouser. Na that time I know say my own don finish.

The other one wey get gigantic bress use her hand hold my two hands wide, e get as she take dey ontop me from my head side wey her whole bress just fall ontop my face, she don already comot the bra, remain small I no fit breathe, the bress cover my whole face. I no know wetin the third one bin dey do as I no dey see anything, bress don cover my whole face. I just know say person bring my preek out—preek wey don shrink humble.

Small time I begin feel this kind unsual wetness for my preek, no be toto……omo my preek dey inside her mouth, make I no lie that moment the thing sweet me ehnn, I no even reason the whole situation again, I no know if she put ice inside her mouth or na her saliva just cold like that. The woman sabi suck preek die! Remain small I begin make sound sef, my mind tell me make I use tongue find the nipple of the bress wey cover my face, but as I remember say gun dey involved, I behave myself.

Like play like play my foolish penis begin grow inside her mouth, e reach when her mouth no fit even swallow everything. The next thing she stop to dey suck me come adjust herself put my penis inside her toto. As her mouth be na so her toto be. The thing wet come cold like say she get freezer inside. Wetin shock me be say her pussy still tight well well. She no even mercy for me, as she start na so she begin bounce ontop me. 

The riding come be like say na wickedness, I wan talk but bress don plaster my face, I wan ease her but person don pin my hand, I no fit move my leg, with the force she use dey fuck me dey land ontop me, I begin fear say my penis fit break, she no even send me, she just dey bounce dey go with speed. Fear make me bite the bress wey cover my face, but e come be like say I dey arouse her because as I dey bite her bress she begin make sound.

The weight of the two of them no even gree me – na me force mysef release, if you see as my body shake as I dey release, my preek sef begin pain me as she climb comot, the thing shrink back with immediate effect.

As I wan raise my leg make blood flow pass, person sit on my leg again, I know say no be the same person because the one wey sitdown  no get weight reach the first one, e no fit be the one with big bress because the bress still dey ontop my face, e go be the third one, she just begin dey stroke my penis small small, for where?

The thing no gree hard, after that rough knack dem no born am well to stand again, she try stroke am dey rub the tip till the next thing my penis enter mouth again, this one sef too dey aggressive, she just dey do my penis like say na gear, she just dey use force suck the thing.

Penis wey dey pain me already na eim she dey handle with para, 2 seconds the stupid wicked penis begin hard, she no even stop infact she increase speed dey suck am fast, the whole saliva reach wey she pour ontop me reach 5litres.

E reach when my body no fit hold am again BOOM! I explode inside her mouth, as I release na so I weak, I think say she go pity me allow me rest, this wicked woman begin use my penis wey don shrink dey rub her toto ah! She still wan fuck! Make dem kukuma kill me. as she dey rub my dick for her pussy me sef dey battle with my preek make the nonsense no stand again. Power don finish for my body.

The breast ontop me don sweat tire full my face join with my own sweat, I no fit even see anything again, the one wey carry bress cover my face come free my hand comot her bress I don weak already but I still struggle say make I get up, the one wey dey rub my penis for her toto sef tire as she see say my penis no gree stand, the other one leave my leg, na this time small breeze begin enter my body.

As I dey struggle to get up the third one with mighty bress climb ontop me, she don already comot pant she just position begin use my preek rub her toto as the other one take do, this women no wan give up, small few seconds rest wey I rest my penis begin rise again!

My Preek no even pity me, this wan no even waste time, she just push my thing inside her pussy, the thing wide come be like where dey flood, this one na perfect rider, I nearly burst with her full weight ontop me, na this one get weight pass, the way she position hersef her bress still full my whole face, I try push her up but I just too weak for her weight, make dem just kill me abeg…

To be continued…

Written by D.N.D

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