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Welcome to Big Brother Oniranu: The Winner Is … (Finale)[18+]

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Welcome to Big Brother Oniranu: The Winner Is … (Finale)[18+]

“Wow,” we say, trying to encourage her. “That’s a very… interesting story.” I didn’t have the heart to tell her it sounded like a thirteen-year old’s first try at erotic fan-fiction.

“I guess it is turn,” said Ezinne.

“It’s not a funny story. It’s a true story. It is a sad story. His name was Kungawo. He was my tutor at university. He was twenty years older than me. I was 21, he was 41. I loved him the first time I saw him. I was no virgin when we met. I had had my lovers before.

But he was the best. He was so forceful, like a boss or teacher. It started at the university. I gave him my term paper. He said it wasn’t good enough. So I went away, and three days later, came back with a new copy. When I did, he told me it was much better, and that I was having dinner with him that night. He didn’t ask. He told me. So I met him at 8 pm, as he told me.

He chose the wine, he chose the food. And then he chose that I would come back to his home. I didn’t choose anything, and I loved it. He made love to me all night.

He didn’t have the biggest cock, or the longest stamina. But he had such authority. He took me like it was his god-given right to fuck me. If he was eating my pussy, it was because it was his right to eat my pussy. He didn’t ask. He took.

For the first time, in the morning, he asked if I was happy. I told him I was. So he told me to make him breakfast. I did. I went into his kitchen and cooked us both a breakfast. After breakfast, he drove me to the university and walked away as if nothing had happened between us.

At first, I thought it was a one-night thing. But three days later, he texted me to come to his house again. I did. He fucked me in his bedroom, then in the shower, then in his bedroom again. He told me to stay the night so he could fuck me in the morning.

Without hesitation, I agreed. Within two weeks, I had moved into his house.

Every morning he would wake me by fucking me. That’s when I learned to sleep on my legs open, so the moment he was ready, he could use me. When my period came, he taught me to take it in my arse.

Then, every day, He would drive me to university, and pretend like he didn’t know me. Most evenings we went to a restaurant (his choice) or stayed at his home watching TV. If I chose a show he wasn’t interested in, he would fuck me in the ass while I watched. Every night we would fuck until he fell asleep. I had no control, and I loved it.”

“What happened?” I asked her.

“We had a fight. Not about the sex. About university. He gave me a bad mark. I thought he should give me a good mark, since he didn’t give me time to write a better paper. He said he wouldn’t. I got angry, I left.”

“Did you ever get back together with him?” Natasha asked.

“Non.” she replied. I saw the hint of a tear in her eye. “Two days later, he was killed in the car accident. He was driving to the university. If we had not been fighting, I would have been killed with him. Such is life.”

“That’s sad”, said Natasha, feeling blue.

“That is life.” She replied in the way only a horny person could. “We live, we die. Life goes on. One day, I will find another man like him. Until then, I will fuck when I want, who I want.”

I smiled a devilish grin. “OK. You want to fuck, lets fuck. All three of you, on the bed. I’m going to fuck you, and if you haven’t got my cock inside you, you’re going to play with the other girls. Nobody stops until everyone orgasms. Got that?”

Ezinne smiled. “Yes.”

“Um..” said Natasha, with a cheeky smile on her face, like a child who just got given chocolate before her dinner “OK”.

“Very well,” said Bisi. “Let us worship once more.”

We walked into the bedroom, and I sat on the edge of the bed. Bisi and Ezinne sat on my right. Natasha sat slightly nervously on my left.

“Um…how do we start?” She said naively.

Bisi and Ezinne locked eyes and began to kiss, the passion growing quickly between them.

“We start like that,” I said with a chuckle.

Natasha smiled and moved down off the bed, and to between my legs. She slowly began sucking my cock, hardening it in her mouth. Her mouth was wonderfully warm, and she rolled her tongue around my shaft as if born to do it.

Meanwhile, the other two were fully on the bed, legs folded over each other, rubbing into one another as they kissed. I watched with joy as their passion for sex overtook them. I could feel so turned on that I had to make a change before I came there and then.

I picked up Natasha, and tossed her onto the bed playfully, right next to the other two. I climbed on top of her and thrust my cock inside her wet pussy. She seemed embarrassed for a moment at the squelching noises it made. As I built up a playful rhythm, the two women (now in a 69) looked over at us.

I expected Bisi to say something spiritual, but Ezinne got her words in first.

“Sex makes noises,” she said to reassure Natasha. “Its smelly and noisy and makes lots of mess. But its worth it.”

And with that, she put her head back down between Bisi’s legs, fighting the hairs away from her mouth as she licked the Bisi’s hairy cunt.

Natasha seemed to find the french woman’s words comforting, and she focused more on our moment, practically biting my lip off playfully as we kissed, our lips locked just as our most private areas were too.

To my horror I realised – I was becoming bored! Somehow, her almost-virgin pussy wasn’t keeping my attention.

But, hey, I had two more sexy ladies waiting for me. The advantage of an orgy.

I climbed off Natasha, and tried to decide who to fuck next. Both women were beautiful in different ways. Ezinne was basically a model, her legs and breasts like something from a catalogue. But Bisi exuded pure sex, in a tribal, hormonal way.

I was the boss. It was my orgy. Like a good boss, I instructed my ’employees’.

“Natasha, go look in that drawer over there, and pull out some of the sex toys. Dildos especially. Ezinne, show her how to use them. A practical demonstration.”

Ezinne seemed upset for a moment she wasn’t getting my dick, but after a moment climbed off Bisi’s naked body, and went to help Natasha choosing which dildos to try out.

Bisi sat up, rubbing her breast absentmindedly. “Will we worship?” she asked me.

“That depends,” I said slyly. “Can I worship in your asshole?”

By way of an answer, she moved her body around and pushed her naked ass towards me.

I stood behind her and lined my dick up with her tightest hole. I pushed gently, putting pressure down and waiting for her body to accept me. Ezinne and Natasha were already sitting back on the bed, cross-legged and facing each other, smooth glass dildos in their hands. They were warming and moistening them, rubbing them between their wet pussy lips.

I finally felt a moment of relaxation from Bisi’s ass, and I thrust my cock deep inside her asshole. I watched her reach up and grab a nearby pillow, pulling it close to bite down on.

Maybe I should have been concerned that I was hurting her, but it was a huge turn-on to see her biting that pillow with every thrust. Besides, she was clearly the type of girl who both loved all forms of sex, and wasn’t afraid to say if something wasn’t right.

Instead, I took it as an invitation and fucked her ass as hard as I could, our hips practically slamming together. She kept one hand near her head, holding the pillow close to her mouth. The other hand went between her legs, fingering her pussy as my dick used her asshole.

As I continued to fuck Bisi’s beautiful ass, I looked over at the two ladies. Natasha was still playing with the glass dildo, her eyes closed as she focused on the feeling of it sliding in and out of her tight young pussy.

Ezinne on the other hand had put her glass dildo down and had something pink and vibrating going rapidly in and out her bare pussy. Her eyes were wide open, and she blew me a kiss as she continued to play with the buzzing machine.

Something distracted me. I looked down at Bisi to see her body was shaking under me. For a moment I thought it was a seizure, till I realised she was having an orgasm, her mouth still biting down on the pillow, stopping her from crying out in pleasure or pain.

I stopped thrusting for a moment to enjoy watching her orgasm, then fully pulled my cock out of her ass. Bisi was the first to orgasm (that I had seen) but I was going to make sure she wasn’t the last.

Ezinne saw I had pulled out of Bisi, and moved closer to me, kneeling with her ass towards me.

“My turn”. She moved a finger to her pussy, the dildo still inside, and moved some of her juices around her asshole. She was thinking exactly what I was, and I quickly pushed my cock into her waiting ass.

It slid in easily, and I began thrusting into her as hard as I’d been pushing into Bisi moments before. But she didn’t need a pillow. Instead, she started talking in french, filling the room with “oui, oui” and other french phrases I guessed meant “harder” or “just like that” or possibly “fill my ass with your cum”.

I looked round to see how the other two ladies were doing. Bisi had jumped off the bed to grab a drink, and I asked her to bring me water too, slowing my thrusts as she brought a glass to my lips.

Natasha seemed to be struggling though, too long without a partner, she seemed to be becoming shy and reserved again. She still had the glass dildo, but she was only playing with it absentmindedly, like something to keep her from getting bored.

I couldn’t hold back, and with one final hard thrust, I shot my cum deep into Ezinne’s ass, something that brought deep pleasure to both of us. Slowly, I pulled my rapidly shrinking dick out of her, and the woman walked bow-legged to the bathroom. I grabbed a nearby tissue and wiped my penis down.

“Natasha” I said once I’d caught my breath “please get off the bed for a minute.”

Hesitantly, she did so, leaving the glass dildo where it was.

“I promised that everyone would cum. And I’m a man of my word.”

Natasha looked very puzzled. But I just smiled.

The bed was now empty, but not for long. I moved myself to the very middle of the bed. I looked up at the hotel ceiling.

“Sit on my face.”

Slowly, I felt another body climb onto the bed, and then a pink shadow obscured my vision. Before her pink pussy lips got close to my face, I could smell her, the hormones of a horny female filled my nostrils. She knelt down gently, resting her pussy over my face. My tongue went up, and I began to lick and lap at the soft flesh above me. I began to hear moans of pleasure from somewhere above me.

I felt the shaking of one, then two more people climbing onto the bed. I couldn’t see anything, only hear and feel. I felt the two women climb towards Natasha and me. I heard them kissing. I heard Natasha gasp at something, and mutter how good it felt.

I heard Bisi compliment Natasha’s breasts, and the sucking noise that comes from nipple-play. I heard the young Italian say loudly “don’t stop” but couldn’t tell if it was addressed to me or one of the ladies.

I could feel Natasha’s pussy change somehow, her body moving to my tongue’s gentle movements. She moaned loudly above me, and a small jet of liquid covered my face! As I recoiled in shock, I heard Ezinne declare loudly “she is a squirter!”

I tried to clear my eyes as the young lady climbed off me quickly in embarrassment. But I wasn’t going to let her run away from this. I grabbed her leg and pulled her down onto the bed before she could get to the bathroom. I climbed my body onto her, holding her down with my weight.

I kissed her passionately on the lips, the taste of her squirt still covering my face. She hesitated, then kissed me back with a fiery passion. Finally, I pulled out

“You were amazing” was all I said.


We showered and relaxed together on the couches until a strange beeping noise filled the hotel room.

After it finally stopped, I asked the ladies (now back in their underwear) what the noise was.

“Um..” started Natasha, “that was the warning buzzer. we have 30 minutes left. to decide.”

I moved away from the women and walked to the TV monitors in the room. I looked at my Big Brother housemates, seeing what they were doing.

Sarah was sitting on her sofa, surrounded by her hotel guests. It looked like she was talking to them, possibly making her decision.

Shuko was nowhere to be seen in her suite. The whole place looked empty. I guessed that either meant she was in the bathroom with her group, or had made her decision and left the hotel room.

Hadiza was towards the end of an orgy it seemed, with a muscular looking guy in her mouth, another guy in her pussy and someone with a tattoo masturbating furiously over Hadiza’s face.

A woman was licking her breasts. This Fulani woman, who had seemed so shy when she first came to the house, and had only ever slept with one man, had quickly become quite the slut. I wasn’t very surprised. She had made it clear from the start that she was willing to do anything to get the 100 million Naira reward at the end.

What did surprise me, was what I saw in Chris’s room. The three women were sitting fully clothed on the couches, while Chris and the guy were naked on the bed. Chris had his huge black cock going in and out of the skinny guy’s arse. The guy under him was clearing, finding the huge black cock almost more than he could handle!

I didn’t think Chris was interested in guys, but I guess Big Brother changes things. It has certainly changed me. Maybe Chris was being fair to the guy – he had fucked all the girls, maybe he felt it was right to fuck the guy too, at least once, before deciding.

I wondered if I would have done the same had Kola still been in the hotel room. I probably would have.

I looked over at Anayo’s screen. They were all clothed and hugging each other, the kind of hug that means goodbye. He had made his decision. It was time for me to make mine.

“Ladies,” I said to the whole room, not meeting anyone’s eyes, “it’s time for my decision. I’ will like you all to get dressed. It will make things easier I think.”

We all found the clothes we had taken off and carefully put them back on. The girls sat back on the sofas, a distance between each of them. I stood in the middle, addressing them all.

“This is a crazy hard decision,” I told them. “You are all amazing.”

I turned to Ezinne. “I love your no-nonsense approach to sex and life in general. You’ve got the body of a supermodel, and I would love to spend a morning waking up to you.” I took a deep breath. “But…that’s nothing special in the Big Brother house. If I want to choose tactically, to try and help my own chances of winning, I’m not sure you are the right tactical choice.”

I turned to Bisi. “I find your attitude to sex, as an act of worship, strange but interesting. I think I could learn a lot from spending more time with you.”

I paused. “But choosing you wouldn’t help me win Big Brother either I think. You have no loyalty to me, or to anyone but yourself, or possibly to your religion. But the public would love you, and that might help me by proxy.”

I turned to sweet Natasha. “It’s been an amazing journey with you. I can’t believe how much you’ve grown and changed in just 24 hours. You’ve lost your virginity, but there is so much more I can show you. And in the nicest way, I’m disappointed I never got to try your virgin asshole.” Again, I paused. “But I worry, almost like a big brother myself, that taking you into the house wouldn’t be good for you. Your mental health more than anything. You’re still sweet and (mainly) innocent, and neither of those qualities will last long in the Big Brother house.”

I took a few long, deep breaths. The room was full of tense silence.

“OK.” I finally said. “I’ve chosen. Joining me in the Big Brother house is…”

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