June 9, 2023

Welcome to Big Brother Oniranu: My wish Is Their Command! Part 2 (Episode 9)[18+]
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Welcome to Big Brother Oniranu: My wish Is Their Command! Part 2 (Episode 9)[18+]

I woke up sleepily and looked around the room. Someone must have turned the light on at some point. I looked to my right. Ezinne was naked, sleeping on her front, her legs and arms spread wide out, her arse and pussy exposed for the entire world.

To my left was Kola. He was on his side, his back turned towards me so I couldn’t see his face or body. I couldn’t tell if he was asleep or awake. But Bisi was not there in the bed where she had been earlier.

I crept slowly off the bed and saw the door to the living room area was closed. I slowly opened and crept through, closing it silently behind me.

I’d expected to see Natasha sleeping peacefully on a couch, and maybe Bisi sleeping on the other. Instead, I saw both girls were awake, naked, with Natasha’s head planted firmly between Bisi’s legs, licking at her pussy. Bisi’s hands were holding the young woman’s head in place while her eyes were closed and her mouth was silently saying words of pleasure.

I tried to quietly back away and back out to the bedroom, but Natasha must have heard me, as she turned her head and let out a startled “OH!” She moved her arms to cover her small dangling boobs, not realizing I could still see between her legs.

Bisi opened her eyes and looked at me. “Good morning,” she said with a smile.

“I’m sorry,” I said, honestly. “I didn’t mean to disturb you. I didn’t know you were both awake.”

Both women sat up and gestured for me to sit down on the sofa with them. Natasha now had one hand guarding her breasts, and the other covering her pussy. Bisi on the other hand was sitting relaxed on the sofa, allowing everything to be seen.

“We’re both early risers,” said Bisi. “We were talking together.”

“That didn’t look like talking,” I said, as I sat between them.

Natasha spoke before Bisi could. “We were, um, talking about sex. I was telling her about what we…um…did yesterday. And, um, I told her it had felt nice when you’d, you know, licked me there. And she asked if I’d ever licked a woman because that feels good too. To lick, not to be licked. I mean, both feel good, I mean…”

“It’s OK,” I said, interrupting her rambling, embarrassing speech. “I’m happy if you’re happy. How…sore…are you today? I mean, how do you feel?”

“It’s OK,” she replied. “There’s no blood or anything.”

She changed the subject. “It’s about 9 am now. There will be breakfast brought to the room at 10 am. We’ve got 9 hours left until you need to make your decision. Do you have any ideas of what you want to do until then?”

I thought for a second. I looked at the two beautiful women sitting naked beside me. I knew what I wanted.

“I want you to go back to what you were doing. Exactly the same. The same act, same position.”

Bisi moved instantly back to the couch she was on and laid down with her legs spread wide open, displaying her hairy pussy again. Natasha was awkward with a live audience, though she probably had millions of people over the internet watching her first try at ‘rug munching’. Carefully, she lined up and, after looking at me for approval, returned her head to between Bisi’s legs. It took her a couple of minutes before she was relaxed again and put her focus back on Bisi, rather than me.

In the meantime, I started slowly stroking my cock at the sight of the two girls. I moved over to Bisi’s head and offered her my cock. She took it into her mouth without hesitation, giving me a pretty good blowjob. It wasn’t as good as the one she gave me yesterday, but she was quite distracted right now.

I gave Bisi a wink as I pulled my cock away from her. She realised what I was planning. We both looked at Natasha, busy working her tongue around Bisi’s clit. Her head was down, and her bum was up in the air, nice and exposed.

I walked around and kneeled on the sofa behind Natasha. I wiped my dick up and down her exposed cunt. It was nice and wet. Clearly, licking Bisi was a turn on for her. I put the very tip of my cock at her pussy entrance and applied a little pressure, making sure she knew exactly what I was planning. After three seconds without resistance or shouts of protest, I pushed my dick into her wet pussy, taking her doggy style.

Her pussy was almost as tight as it had been the night before when I took her virginity. Luckily for me, doggy style let me grab her hips and get better leverage, pushing in and out much harder than I had the night before.

She raised her head up. “oh, oh, oh!”

Bisi was the first to check on her. “OK sweetie?”

Natasha answered out of breath. “Oh, it just, oh, feels so, oh god, so good”

Bisi encouraged her. “That’s it sweetie. Let in the pleasure. Focus on the feelings around your pussy. Take it all in.”

“Oh, I’m cumming!” she cried out. I felt her body spasm and shake. It drove me wild, and without planning it, I shot my load deep inside her. My cum seemed to trigger a second wave of pleasure in her, and she shook again, her face almost crying with the unexpected pleasure.

I pulled my now-shrinking cock out of Natasha. True to her word, Bisi moved like a panther to get behind Natasha and began to lap and lick at her pussy as my cum and her juices leaked out. It was extremely hot, and if I hadn’t just cum, I would have been erect again from seeing it.


The shout came from the bedroom, and I rushed to see what was happening, with the two ladies close behind.

Ezinne was still laying exactly where and how she had been before, on her front with her arms and legs spread wide. But now Kola was on top of her, his dick going in and out of her at an alarming speed.

“Kola!” I shouted, and I pushed him violently off her when he seemed to make no move to stop.

He stood up from the bed, his erect cock staring straight at me. Ezinne curled up in shock, with Bisi and Natasha both running to comfort her.

“What?” he asked incredulously. “It was OK last night. Who sleeps like that unless they want to be fucked?”

“Yes!” she replied in anger. “I wanted HIM (pointing at me) to fuck me. Not you, asshole!”

I stepped in between them. “Kola. That was unacceptable. You cLeslieed the line. I want you to leave this room immediately.”

He started walking towards the living room, but I blocked his exit.

“No. The other door. The main door. Leave this hotel suite right now. I’m not going to ask twice.”

He looked hard at me, went to argue, then stopped himself. “FUCK YOU” he spat in my face, and stormed out the main door, slamming it behind himself.

Silence filled the room, replacing the testosterone hormones that had flooded it moments before when for a second I wondered if Kola and I would come to blows. I tried to concentrate on my breathing, to bring my anger down.

Natasha broke the silence. “I’m so turned on right now. Is that weird?”

We all just burst into laughter, the tension of the room disappearing entirely.


A smart looking bellboy entered the room about fifteen minutes later, bringing a large breakfast selection in on the trolley. He professionally didn’t look at the three naked women sitting on the bed chatting to the naked man.

We couldn’t be bothered to move off the comfortable bed. So we sat on the edge and wolfed down the food, talking about our favourite dishes from our respective states. As we cleared the plates away, Ezinne spoke up.

“Tobi, I want to fuck.”

I was speechless at her forthrightness.

“What? I am ‘orny. I want to fuck. You are the only cock.” She moved her hand to my dick and slowly began playing with it, stirring it to life. She kissed me on the neck, begging me gently.

What’s a guy to do? I grabbed her and threw her roughly onto the right side of the bed where she had been sleeping earlier, though this time she was facing upwards. I climbed onto her, putting each breast into my mouth and enjoying their taste as I sucked and played. I looked over at the two other girls, still sitting on the bed. “Do you want to get in on this?”

They both shook their heads. “We’re OK for now” replied Bisi. Instead, they both just lied next to us, watching with smiling faces.

I pushed my dick roughly into Ezinne and fucked her missionary for a few minutes, our lips locked almost the entire time. Then she squeezed me with her legs and rolled me over without ever taking my cock out of her. Now she was on top, and I watched in deep pleasure as her large breasts bounced up and down. She moaned deeply and I felt her waves of pleasure with each rise and fall.

To my left, I could hear muttering, and I looked over at Bisi and Natasha. Bisi was pointing at us, teaching and explaining to Natasha the best way to be on top, how to get the best penetration, chakra alignment and how Jupiter’s position to Saturn affected the length of men’s penises.

“Do you mind?” I said to them, “That’s very distracting!”

Ezinne climbed off me, clearly also distracted, though probably more by me than the girls. She knelt on all fours next to me. “Tobi, get ze lube and fuck my ass.”

There was a bedside cabinet, and I rummaged inside the draws full of vibrators and other sex toys. Eventually, I found some lube and hastily applied some to my cock. I moved back behind her and put pressure on her asshole. It didn’t take much, and I slid inside. Instantly I felt her tighten around me, the foreign object in a place it should never be.

“Yes, Yes, Yes” she called out in deep ecstasy, her body already practically shaking with pleasure each time I pushed in and out.

I turned my eyes to the ladies watching. They were still there, watching carefully, although Bisi’s hand had moved gently between Natasha’s legs, playing with her almost absentmindedly. It was incredibly sexy to watch, and I flashed them a gleeful smile, before returning my attention to Ezinne. We fucked for a couple more minutes until I was very close to cumming.

I pulled my dick out and roughly turned Ezinne over. I knelt over her body and jacked it in my hand until I shot my white cum all over her breasts and stomach.

As the droplets of cum landed, Bisi was already at her side, licking them off the woman’s sweaty body. To my great shock, Natasha joined in from the other side, until Ezinne’s beautiful skin was free of any sperm.

Exhausted, I climbed off the bed and staggered into the shower.


We showered separately, and while the ladies were washing, I reloaded up the video game and continued playing. They watched with me, though they didn’t play, and instead gave me guidance about how to play and generally just relaxed.

At 2 pm, more food arrived via the bellboy, and we all enjoyed slices of pizza and some salad.

When the food was gone, I turned my attention to my housemates, watching them on their little TVs.

To my great disappointment, most of them were just sitting in their living room, talking to their housemates. Sandra gave me a wave when she saw I was watching. Though Mirabel was sitting on an armchair and talking with her housemates, one of them was kneeling between her legs giving her oral. I couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman though. I couldn’t see Hadiza, and I guessed she was having a shower or bath.

Anayo was having a nap, sleeping next to a couple of his housemates, while the other two played computer games quietly. Chris was the only one having sex, pounding a young lady who seemed exhausted by the man’s endless stamina. The other girls in his suite seemed just as exhausted, though the guy just seemed bored.

“Tobi, my lover?” Bisi called me. I turned around to join her, Natasha and Ezinne.

“Tobi, we have about three hours left until you need to decide which of us goes with you to the big brother house. Is there anything you want to do or want to know about us before then?”

I knew I was going to fuck them all again before I made my decision, but I wasn’t quite ready after the morning’s games. We all grabbed water or fruit juices from the minibar.

“OK. You told me about your first time having sex. Tell me another story. About the best sex you ever had, or a fantasy of great sex, or just something interesting. Or funny. Something to let me know more about you.”

Bisi decided to go first this time. “OK. Maybe this is more interesting than anything else. But it’s true. This was really recently, maybe only a month ago. I don’t do ‘relationships’. I have friendships. Some are sexual, some are not. A new guy transferred into my department.

We were friends for a while, and over time he learned about my situation, and how my love life operates. So one day, I got a group over at my place, and I invited him to join us. He turns up, thinking it was a study group. Well, we were all in the same department together, so it’s kinda my fault for not explaining.

Anyway, he’s the second to last to arrive, and we always wait for everyone to arrive before things start. So we’re talking about our lecturers and the papers we’re writing etc. Finally, the last guy arrives, so it’s three girls and three guys.

So the last guy arrives, and as soon as he’s locked the door, we start taking our clothes off. But the new guy, he’s just sitting there shocked. Eventually, I just have to coach him to take off too. You can see it in his eyes, he’s not sure if he should stay or leave. The others start noticing his awkwardness, so I pull him into my bedroom to ask what’s wrong. It turns out he’s 25 and still a virgin! So I pass him a condom and invite him to change that.

He hesitates but eventually pulls down his trousers. And this guy has the biggest dick I’ve ever seen in my life. No offence, but this made Chris look tiny. What’s the expression? ‘A baby’s arm holding an apple’. It was honestly enormous. He was a skinny guy, and I swear it was thicker than his arm in places.

He tried to put on the condom, but it ripped. And he started getting embarrassed, so I just put him on the bed and tried to put it inside me. But I couldn’t even fit in more than the tip!”

“What did you do?” Asked Natasha, engLeslieed by the story.

“I’m about to give up when he tells me that he’s fancied me since I first met him, and he’s so glad to be losing his virginity to me!”

Ezinne laughed out loud so unexpectedly that the water she was sipping came out of her nose!

“Well, I couldn’t exactly claim he wasn’t a virgin anymore, and I couldn’t hurt his feelings by refusing him at this point. So I made a plan. I told him to lie back and close his eyes, and I started trying to give him a blowjob. I could just about fit him in my mouth. While doing that, I was frantically texting my friend, begging her to come to the rescue. Blessing, she’s in the other room with the other guys. She sees the text and comes in.

Now Blessing is the queen of being fisted. She’s stretched her pussy so wide over the years, she masturbates with coke cans. She creeps in, closing the door and turning off the lights. Now, I tell the guy that I want him to focus on the pleasure, so put a blindfold over him. He still thinks we’re alone in the room. Blessing mounts him, and even she’s having a hard time fitting it all in. Meanwhile, I sit next to her, making moaning noises.

As I said, it’s his first time, and within a minute he shoots his load inside Blessing. I have to cover her mouth to stop her gasping in shock at the sheer amount of it! Eventually, it stops, and I have to race to keep him from raising his blindfold. Blessing scoops some of the cum out of her and wipes it around my cunt, before quietly leaving the room.

Finally, I let him lift his blindfold, and he thanks me for helping him lose his virginity. Then he asked if we could do it again, with the lights on, after he’s had a few minutes to recover!”

We all laughed out loud at the sheer craziness of the situation.

“And…” asked Ezinne.

“I told him I was too worn out after our first time, and instead I would introduce him to my friend who might be interested – a woman called Blessing!”

Again, our laughter filled the living room of the hotel suite.

“OK, who is next?” asked Bisi, keen to let someone else do the talking now.

Natasha was the next to speak.

“Um..well, you know I don’t really have any true stories. But I’ll…um..tell you about this dream I once had. I was on that TV show…um…from the mid-2000s…Secret. Do you know it?”

We all assured her that yes, we (and the rest of the entire world) had seen Secret.

“Oh, OK. So…um… in my dream, I’m in the bedroom with Bassey, and he’s fucking me. And it feels really good. But then Leslie walks into the room, complaining that he should be the one to fuck me. But I want Bassey to keep going, so I take Leslie in my mouth, and Bassey keeps fucking me. And it’s feeling really great. But then King comes in, completely naked, with a bright orange condom on, and he’s like

“Could I be any hornier?” And I think it’s funny, so I let King fuck me for a while, while Bassey plays with my boobs. But I think Leslie is boring, so I don’t let him fuck me. And eventually, King cums into the condom, and he makes a joke about me keeping it for later.

And then Leslie cums in my mouth, and it tastes just like my ex-boyfriend’s cum (because up to then, I had only ever given one blowjob before). And I can’t remember if Bassey came or not.”

We just sat in shock at this sweet girl telling us this crazy sex dream.

“Oh,” I finally managed. “That’s a crazy dream.”

“It’s not over,” she replies. “Then the four of us (me, Bassey, Leslie and King) go to the girl’s apartment next door. And Bassey starts telling the girls about how amazing I am in bed, and the girls start getting jealous, and take off their clothes, and insist they fuck them.

Except Susan changes her mind, because she’s angry with Leslie, and she leaves. So I sat with a naked Adanna and Bimpe. So King starts fucking Bimpe over the living room table, and Adanna starts fucking Bassey in the kitchen. And I feel sorry for Leslie, cause he’s standing there without anyone. So I let him fuck me on their couch. And finally, all the guys cum over Adanna’s face.”

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