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Welcome to Big Brother Oniranu: My wish Is Their Command! (Episode 9)[18+]

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Welcome to Big Brother Oniranu: My wish Is Their Command! (Episode 9)[18+]

Bisi as the opposite was hairy everywhere. Legs, armpits and crotch, though the crotch seemed like she had trimmed it down slightly, a blessing for anyone planning oral sex on her.

Kola’s cock and balls were shaved clean, and his chest had clearly been waxed before coming into the hotel room. His only hair was under his arms and on his head.

They turned around when they saw us come out of the bathroom.

“What?” said Ezinne. “You told us to amuse ourselves. It amused us to be naked. Since you were amusing yourselves together in the bathroom.”

“No” I replied sternly. “We weren’t ‘amusing’ ourselves. We were talking. God, we were only gone for a minute! Right, sit back down again.”

The three all sat on the sofas quickly, like school children caught misbehaving. Natasha sat furthest away from the others.

“Last question, for the moment. What would you do, or let me do to you, to try and convince me to choose you?”

Kola was first “I know you’ve never been with a guy. So I would change that. I would fuck your arse, if you wanted. Gently…or hard. Or let you fuck me, if you prefer to be a top. There’s a world of difference between a guy’s arse and a girl’s.”

“Interesting. Bisi?”

“We will spend our next twelve hours in tantric sex, we will spill your seed in worship and I will paint body lines with it. I know secrets to let a man go for hours in the worship of life. You’ll plant your seed in the other women, and I will lick it from their pussies and weep tears of joy as I do so.”

“Wow. Vivid. Ezinne?”

She just pointed up and down at herself, in a nonchalant way. “This. What you want. Ass, pussy, mouth. What you will.”

“OK then, I said. I think…”

Natasha coughed to interrupt. I hadn’t asked her. I didn’t think she would want to say anything.

“um…” she said “I’ll let you take my virginity”.

The room fell silent at her offer.

“Well, that is not fair” said Ezinne, breaking the silence. “How can I compete with that?”

“Natasha,” I said, “She’s right. And…look. I’m going to take them up on their offers, probably. I’m still not sure about Kola, but I’m certainly going to fuck Bisi and Ezinne.

But that doesn’t mean I’m going to choose them. But if you let me take your virginity, I would kinda have to choose you, wouldn’t I?”

“No,” she replied calmly. “I’ve been thinking about it. I want to…you know…with you. You wouldn’t have to choose me after. I’ll just be happy, you know. It’ll be something special, forever.”

“Hmm, OK. But only if this is your choice.”

“um…it is. But…um, could we do it…now? Before I get too nervous?”

My brain was racing at the thought. I couldn’t lie, the idea of taking her virginity was a huge turn-on. And being around 3 topless women for the past hour or so had really made me horny. But I also knew she wouldn’t really want the whole world watching her losing her virginity.

I suddenly remembered something I saw from my housemates’ 5 TVs. There were no cameras in the bathroom!

“OK. I’m going to go into the bathroom with Natasha for a while. ALONE. You guys…watch a movie or something. Play video games. Have a nap. Whatever. I just think she needs some privacy for this special moment.”

Natasha stood up and started walking towards the bathroom with me. Bisi grabbed her and hugged her. “I wish I could watch you. You’ll find such purity in your union. And afterwards, we will discuss everything together.”

She kissed Natasha gently on the forehead. Then on both cheeks. Then she bent down and kissed her on each breast, just above the nipple. Before Natasha could stop her, Bisi knelt down and kissed her lightly on her panties, where her pubic hair would be.

“OK Bisi, that’s enough. That’s my job!” I said, making a joke of it. I pulled Natasha into the bathroom and locked the door.

I grabbed a few of the biggest towels and laid them down on the tiled floor. I moved Natasha to be lying on the towels. And slowly removed her panties, revealing a shaved pussy. I then removed my own boxers.

“Wow,” she said in almost a whisper. “It’s big.”

I didn’t answer her. I just knelt down, and spread her dainty legs open, revealing her petite vulva. I put my head down and began to lick and play with her pussy lips, moving my tongue around the edges of her hole. She tasted of sex and adrenaline hormones, and I could feel her body shake with tingling excitement, every time I touched her somewhere nobody had ever touched her before. I moved my tongue up to find her clit, easing it out from within the hood. Meanwhile, I moved my index finger slowly into her wet pussy, it’s tightness both welcoming and fighting my finger.

She let out a moan of pleasure as I inserted a second finger inside her. I could feel the barrier now. It wasn’t fully intact, but it was still there. It was true, she was a virgin.

I knew it was time.

I moved my face away from her cunt, and instead moved up her body, kissing her breasts as I slowly moved my body into position. I wasn’t going to kiss her, knowing I had her pussy juices on my lips, but she practically attacked my mouth as soon as it came near hers, kissing me with a ferocity I hadn’t been expecting from such a timid girl.

I broke our kiss away, and moved my right hand down between us, angling my cock to her tight entrance. I locked eyes with her, and saw silent agreement in them. I slowly but forcefully pushed myself in, my left arm above her head, stopping her from sliding away, forcing her to take my cock inside her. I saw a wince of pain as I pushed into her hymen, breaking it with my manhood.

“Ow” she winced, before seeing the concern in my eyes. “Don’t stop. It hurts, but feels good too.”

I slowly and carefully began thrusting. Not too hard, just enough to feel it moving in and out of her. She was so tight, and it made me feel like we were one person for that moment, truly joined at the hip. I kept watching her face as I made love to her. There was pain, and deep pleasure at the same time. She moved her head up, and bit down hard on my neck, allowing me to feel some of the pleasure-pain that she was feeling. It encouraged me to thrust faster, but she stopped me.

“Stop, that’s too much”

I pulled out of her. “OK. I’ve stopped. Take as much time as you need.”

She just smiled. I could see she was slightly out of breath.

“You’re not a virgin anymore,” I told her playfully.

“You’re right,” she said smiling. “Can we try a different position?”

I looked around the room. I had an idea. I stood up and moved to the toilet, sitting on the closed toilet lid. My erect cock sitting like a flagpole.

She stood up and moved over to me. She didn’t need to ask what I was suggesting. I could see red marks around her pussy, blood from where I had pushed through her hymen. This time she lowered herself onto me, using her left hand to guide my cock inside her. I could see her forcing herself down, her tightness not making it easy to mount me. Still, after a few seconds, I was fully inside her, the blood actually being a lubricant for our lovemaking.

Now she chose the pace. At first, each rise and fall was deliberate, carefully thought through by her brain. But eventually, I saw the pleasure and the primal nature of sex taking over, and she adopted a more natural rhythm, her eyes closed in agony and ecstasy. Her small boobs rising and falling ever so slightly, as her body rose and fell.

“Natasha,” I said, breaking our primal tension. “You’re beautiful.”

She smiled one of the greatest smiles I’ve ever witnessed. It was the smile of someone truly happy. “Thank you. You’re amazing. I never imagined it would feel so good.”

“Natasha, I’m going to cum soon. Is that OK?”

I hoped to show her a few more positions, but the tightness of her pussy felt like it was milking me for my cum, and I could only hold out for so long.

“It’s OK. They put us all on the pill before we came in.”

Another minute later and I couldn’t hold it back anymore. In my own ecstasy, I shot my cum into her virgin pussy, truly making it mine. She stayed on me as squirt after squirt filled her until I finally finished, and she lifted herself off my shrinking cock, our combined juices falling onto the white toilet lid. They stained it orange, the white cum mixing with her virginal blood.

I kissed her, and then we got into the shower cubicle. It was large, enough for two or three people, and we cleaned ourselves off.

“Is it OK?” I asked, as she carefully sponged her pussy.

“Yes, it’s just sore.”

“We should have called Bisi in when I was ready to cum. She would have killed to drink that, or put it on her face as warpaint!”

We laughed and finished showering. Luckily the room had lots of towels because at least three of them had some blood on them now.

“You had shaved before coming here?” It was more of a statement, but I asked it as a question.

“Yes,” she replied. “I knew this might happen. I mean, I hoped it would, so, I, um, made sure I was prepared. For sex, I mean.”

I kissed her innocence on the forehead, wondering if I had ever been like her.

I decided to stay naked, but Natasha wrapped a large towel around herself. We opened the door to the bathroom to find the others relaxing and talking in the living room. Bisi quickly rose to hug Natasha, as if they had been close friends for years.

“Tell me, where did he cum? And did you cum? Oh, my sweet goddess you are so lucky.”

“Um…” said Natasha, though not as nervously as she had been before “he came in me. My pussy, I mean. And it felt good, but I don’t think I came.”

“Beautiful!” exclaimed Bisi. “A true baptism of life! If only I had been there to taste that sacred fluid!” (Natasha and I both giggled together under our breath.)

“It’s normal,” said Ezinne noisily from the other side of the room. She seemed a bit angry, annoyed that she hadn’t been the first to sleep with me. “Most girls do not cum on the first time.”

I grabbed some water from the minibar fridge, while the others used the bathroom. We had been there a while! Kola shook Natasha’s hand and kissed her on both cheeks. “Welcome to the club!”

Once everyone was out of the bathroom and refreshed, Ezinne and Kola suddenly grabbed me by each arm and pulled me over to the bed! Bisi followed quickly behind, but Natasha stayed in the living room.

In the middle of the bed, all three of them began kissing and touching my body. It was an exquisite pleasure, the three of them obsessing over my body. I had cum twice already over the space of an hour or two, and my cock wasn’t rising, but both girls put my flaccid cock into their mouths, trying to wake it from its sleep, before playing and sucking on my balls.

Kola respected my earlier call and didn’t touch my privates, but he planted small kisses on other places on my body, and even sucked on my toes for a while, something I found unexpectedly enjoyable.

Finally, I pushed them off me.

“That’s enough for now. Bisi, show me what you mean by ‘worship’.”

Fully understanding what I wanted, the young lady turned her body to the older woman and began planting gentle kisses on her large breasts. She climbed her body over, so she was between her legs, and kissed her passionately, their breasts colliding against each other.

I rolled onto my side to get a better look. Kola rolled behind me, being a big spoon to my little spoon. I could feel his excited cock pushing against my back, and remembered doing the same to Hadiza on one of our first days in the Big Brother house.

Whereas Bisi used sex as a form of religion, something special and holy, Ezinne seemed to treat sex as something natural, like breathing or walking. Even as Bisi turned her body around, and began 69ing Ezinne, moaning holy pleasures, Bisi just got on with licking the pussy that was now in her face.

She was clearly enjoying it, they both were. It was just strange to watch their different mental viewpoints on the most primal of behaviours.

I felt an odd pleasure and realised Kola had wrapped his hand around my cock, now finally stirring back into life.

“No, Kola.” I retorted.

He seemed disappointed. “What can I do to win your vote? What would please you.”

I pointed to the girls. My cock was ready now. “Let’s join in.”

I climbed over to the ladies in their sexual pile and grabbed Bisi’s subtle body. I playfully pulled her off Ezinne and pushed her over to Kola’s waiting cock. As I did so, I spotted Natasha, watching from the doorway. I smiled, and playfully cocked my head to suggest she joined us. She shook her head, suggesting she was happy just to watch. I nodded, and turned my attention back to Ezinne, waiting naked and spread legged on the bed.

I kissed her forcefully, passionately, and without being asked, pushed my manhood into her. She moaned in pleasure. She wasn’t at all tight, especially compared to Natasha from earlier, but she still felt good to be inside, and her moans of “Yes, Yes, Yes” were certainly a turn on.

I looked to my right, to find Kola thrusting hard into Bisi’s moist pussy while the henna covered lady (and she was covered in henna tattoos EVERYWHERE) seemed to be chanting a pagan prayer of pleasure.

“Swap?” He said when he saw me looking at them.

I nodded and pulled out of Ezinne. Kola climbed over me while I moved to Bisi’s waiting cunt. For a moment he seemed to linger over me, with his cock brushing against my bum, before continuing to climb to Ezinne.

“Let’s worship together” she whispered sensually into my ear, as we rolled over together, and she climbed on top of me. With one fluid motion, she slid my penis into her, and arched her back, giving a full view of her spread vagina, filled with my engorged manhood. She rested her hands on my legs behind her, lifting up and down with her knees while revolving her hips in a slow circle.

Every rise of her body was heavenly, and I had to concentrate not to cum right then. I moved my hands over and squeezed her breasts slowly, kneading them round in my hands. She closed her eyes and put her head to the heavens, her hair flowing over her shoulders.

An accidental elbow to my face distracted me, as Kola and Ezinne changed positions to doggy style. In my passion, I had forgotten just how small it really was, fitting four of us onto the king-sized bed. It would have been even worse if Natasha was as sex-mad as the rest of them. I glanced at the doorway, but I couldn’t see her.

“Take me from the side, so we can watch them fuck” Bisi told me, pulling herself off me.

I didn’t quite understand what she meant until she laid down next to me, and raised one leg. I curled into her body and slid my dick into her pussy from behind, both of our heads turned to watch Kola pounding into Ezinne’s ass. Both of them clearly loved ass fucking more than pussy fucking. Ezinne let out a long moan of pleasure at a particularly deep thrust.

“That could be you, you know?” Said Kola to me with a playful smile. “Or that could be me. Whichever you prefer.”

His constant hints were starting to get on my nerves, but I understood why he was doing it. He wanted to win my affections.

“You’re close.” said Bisi.

She was right. I hadn’t realized until she said it, but I was very close to cumming.

“What do you want?” I asked her, my dick still thrusting in and out of her wet pussy.

“Cum on my face. Anoint me.”

I pulled out of her and quickly knelt over her face. A few strokes of my cock and I squirted my cum all over her face. Considering it was my third time within hours, I was amazed at how much came out. With two fingers, she wiped it over her breasts like war paint. She reached her hand up to my sweating face, and drew one long line down my face, along my nose and mouth before finishing at the bottom of my neck.

I could smell the cum, and a tiny amount went onto my lips. Then she moved over to Kola and Ezinne, his cock still fucking her bubble ass. Without asking or speaking, she drew the same lines on each of them. Kola paused in surprise, but Ezinne just turned her head around and asked

“Why did you stop? Do you cum?”

Bisi climbed off the bed and ran into the living room, saying something about anointing Natasha. I just sat on the bed and watched Kola and Ezinne continue fucking until finally, Kola shot deep into her ass.

Ezinne called out to Bisi. I couldn’t tell if it was mockery or genuine. “Kola just cum into my ass. Do you want to eat it, or can I flush it into the toilet?”

Bisi returned with Natasha behind her. She had put her underwear back on, but only her underwear. It was hard to see (as they were on the other side of the room) but there could have been a thin white line down Natasha’s face too.

“All sexual fluid is holy…but sometimes hygiene must come before holiness. Please flush. I am just pleased you had such a sacred time together.”

Ezinne walked (bowlegged) into the bathroom, and Kola collapsed onto the bed, looking very pleased with himself. Bisi and Natasha both sat on the edge of the bed.

“Wow.” I said, “That was fun!” I didn’t quite know what to say after a foursome. I was feeling pretty tired now. “What time is it?”

“It’s just after midnight” replied Natasha.

I yawned. “That would explain why I’m feeling a bit tired. That and the orgy. When Ezinne gets out of the bathroom, I’m going to have a shower, clean my teeth and then go to bed. Do you want to squeeze onto the bed with us, Natasha? I think we can fit all 5 of us if we’re careful.”

She shook her head, but was smiling. “I’ll sleep on the couch. If you don’t mind?”

I smiled back. “Do whatever makes you feel comfortable.”

I went into the now-empty bathroom and refreshed myself, before returning to lie down naked on the large bed. It was too hot for a sheet, so I kicked it off the bed. A few minutes later, Bisi, Ezinne and Kola all rejoined me, still naked from our earlier excitement.

Ezinne laid down to my right. Bisi to my left. Kola was on the other side of Bisi, already kissing her neck and curling his body into hers. I didn’t care. They could fuck all night if they wanted, as long as it didn’t wake me. I didn’t have the energy for any more tonight. My eyes closed and sleep took me.




I dreamt of the old Big Brother house, and my old housemates, from before were separated and I was put into the hotel room. All twelve of the originals were there, as well as Rita, who had been added later. We were in the very large old living room, the one with chairs lining the walls.

Most of them were standing in a circle, walking around and making comments. I walked closer and saw my hotel roommates were in the circle centre, but just standing still like shop mannequins.

“Where’s Ahmed, Sandra and Anayo?” I asked. I dreamt of Binta, the eliminated busty lady, wearing her blue panties and bra. In the dream her already large breasts were now enormous, like watermelons defying gravity.

“Oh, they’re in the corner. They’re busy.” She replied with her usual innocent smile.

I looked over and saw the three of them. They were indeed busy. Dream Sandra was lying on one of the sofas, her legs in the air while Ahmed was on top of her, fucking her. But Anayo was on top of them both, his dick inside Ahmed! Ahmed didn’t seem to know or care, as all his attention was focused on pounding Ahmed.

In the dream, Rita touched my shoulder, drawing my eyes away from the threesome. “They’re busy. Let’s talk about these four instead” she said, pointing at the four hotel guests.

Mike pointed at Natasha. “She’s my kinda girl.”

First, the evicted Biodun, in his iconic red underwear, pointed at Kola. “Don’t trust this one.”

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